Blizzard Entertainment is looking forward to fill up two job openings for the Diablo III team which are critical for the development of quest content. If you got the skills, and wish to be part of the best gaming studios, know your share of Diablo lore, feel free to apply:

    • Quest Designer/Scripter
    • Senior Quest Designer/Scripter
    The Diablo 3 team is looking for a talented and experienced quest designer/scripter to join our crusade in developing top-quality computer games. Duties will include the creative design and technical implementation of quests and events. The ideal candidate will have proven experience in game design, a strong aptitude for critical thinking and analysis, outstanding people skills, boundless creativity, a strong visual aesthetic, and a longstanding passion for playing games.


    • A minimum of 3 years scripting/quest design experience on a shipped product
    • Implemented gameplay content using high-level scripting languages such as Lua or Python
    • Ability to understand and communicate with programmers, artists, and other designers
    • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
    • Absolute passion for playing and making computer games
    • Ability to work well in a team environment


    • Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent experience
    • Experienced in designing, playing online role playing games
    • Programming degree, or equivalent experience

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