Blizzard Steps in for Aus/NZ GAME Diablo 3 Customers – Get Playing!

It’s not a been a great time for GAME over the past few months, it may be saved in the UK but it’s not fared so well down under. As you know from earlier, if you pre-ordered through GAME you thought you were going to be pretty much shafted, but as with most companies that go under, a solution usually appears. It looks like you will all be OK, this just in from Blizzard.

We’re aware that some Australian GAME customers have been left out in the cold on what should be the hottest night of the year — the launch of Diablo III. To help with this situation and get these players into the game as soon as possible, we’ve put the following process in place.

Australian GAME customers with a valid preorder/prepurchase receipt dated before May 15, 2012 can do the following:

1. Purchase the digital version of Diablo III from

now or anytime before May 21, 2012.

2. Download and start playing when the servers go live!

3. Submit your GAME Australia preorder/prepurchase receipt to us before June 30, 2012.

4. Receive a credit from Blizzard, for the amount you paid in advance to GAME Australia for Diablo III. This credit will be applied to the payment method used for the digital purchase.
We’ll post further details here on how to submit your GAME Australia receipt to our customer service team as soon as possible. Stay tuned, and we look forward to seeing you in the Burning Hells!

Thanks Azzure.

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    37 thoughts on “Blizzard Steps in for Aus/NZ GAME Diablo 3 Customers – Get Playing!

    1. I will admit, heavily impressed with blizzards move on this, finally showing some love to the community

      • Finally? Man come on when did they ever wrong the community? So they are slow big deal.

        Blizzard is one of very very very few game companies out there that actually give a flying fuck. Imagine if this was Bethesda…hell Todd would have made fun of poor auzies 🙂

    2. It wasn’t a charity move. Are you serious?  You really think they did this to be nice? Some of you are pretty dense.

      Lets say 10 people purchased it in advance, and on average they paid $40 out of $60 to make numbers easy.

      Blizzard makes much more money taking everybody’s $20, losing $40 yeilding a $20 loss. and giving them a CD key; (no physical product) they give you a code created by a logarithm. They are going direct by cutting out the middle man, and as a long term investment they hope and assume these people will use the RMAH which yields them more money in the long run.  Blizzard COULD EASILY make money handing out World of Warcraft FREE, and just taking your $15 a month.

      This was a profitable move that has the appearance of a charity case (Which also generates good PR and in turn, more money.)

      In all likelihood, it’s probably the opposite of what I’ve stated, many people putting $20 or less down on the game, they get refunded that by Blizz, then pay Blizzard the rest.

      Stop being Sheep.

      • Yes, yes… We know. It’s all PR but this is good PR as opposed to “restricting information/ shooting fan sites in the knee” bad PR.
        They didn’t have to do that. They just put out someone else’s fire to help some unlucky guys. Sure, they gained lots of future customers as well. Everybody wins.

      • Yes it is PR and a bit of politics too. But at the end of the day a 12 yo kid who had to beg his parents to give him 100 bucks for the game will get to enjoy it and forget the whole nasty GAME business altogether.

        This is not an evil conspiracy…it’s just good business sense.

        Blizzard is a business. Remember? 

        PS : lol capcha – that hurts


      • There’s a big difference between 15/month WoW subscription and an optional RMAH which takes 15% on cash-out plus a small flat fee per item. 
        You’d need to sell an lot of stuff or an awful lot of $ worth of stuff on the RMAH instead of the gold AH every month to get to $15.

      • Are people really so cynical that they believe when a company such as blizzard hears about gamers who wanted to purchase their product are being left out of pocket they go ‘Ding’ “Wow what a great PR boost this will be if we help them out”

      • Why not do nothing and get the full 60 bucks then these ppl were going to buy it anyway I think it goes both ways and everyone wins it’s not just greedy corporation here I think they care as well 

      • Sounds like you are just looking for a reason to criticize.  It is likely many of those people would have bought Diablo 3 at full price anyway.  They were excited enough about the game to pre-order it, and they are not likely to blame Blizzard for GAME’s incompetence.  So Blizzard was going to get more money from most of them anyway.
        By refunding the amount of the pre-order, Blizzard is taking less money in order to make some customers happy.  Those customers are more likely to be loyal Blizzard customers in the future.  So it is a good business move long term and good customer relations right now.  Win win.
        Not everything is a secret plot with evil intentions.

        • It was win win, and I do agree with a lot of you. Offering to take everybody’s $60, then later refunding each person X still yields very much money. I’m just pretty sure it wasn’t Jay Wilson or someone on the D3 Dev Team that said: “Hey! let’s help people!” More likely it was a decision made by Bobby Kotick (or somebody of a similar authority / mindset,) and I think we can all agree on what kind of person he is.

    3. I’m impressed. In the age when everything has a price tag this is quite rare.
      And it’s an excellent PR move too 😉

    4. Sure it’s PR, but you know, it’s also the decent thing to do.
      Heck, it’s practically impossible for any company this large to do something decent for this many people without it being plastered over the Internet, regardless of the company’s wishes.

      At least we can give them the benefit of the doubt for doing this without being heckled, and for doing it in relatively short order. 

    5. Nice PR move – they just keep all the money in balance system and people still kiss their ass as this thread shows 😉

      • If you read point 4:
         4. Receive a credit from Blizzard, for the amount you paid in advance to GAME Australia for Diablo III. This credit will be applied to the payment method used for the digital purchase.

        Sounds like it gets credited to your credit card.

    6. Sure they make money on this, but they didn’t have to do this. It will bring some administration work for them … .
      It’s a nice move 

    7. Good for them!
      I enjoyed creating my first CE char this morning and finding my Dyes and Wings in the char inventory. You can enable the wings and then slot them in your shared stash so you don’t need to carry them around! Played 20 min because I always got error 37 and then char creation issues, but once in the game, it was rock on! (Only made it to the blacksmith quest)
      CE Dyes can also be put in shared stash.

    8. I preordered Diablo III for Xbox360 3 Weeks ago, the Release date for both PC and XBOX360 is 15.5.2012 and now i read everywhere the Xbox360 Version is planned only?? I will go get my Version today in the next Hours, if this is really an Error on the Adds where both Version was mentioned with the same Releasedate or also an intentionally lie i will no buy it for either Plattform because then i feel me betrayed from Activision! I really hope i get it today or that it is only a minor Shipping Glitch if the Store really not got it today, because everything else would be a lie or a freaking Advertising Glitch, also the Store was able to preOrder the Xbox360 Version which is impossible if they not expected it too to be released today, so it would be really a freaking Advertising Glitch… And of course i’m not only one that preOrdered it for the XBOX360 Plattform….

      • WTF are you talking about. There is no console version Xbox360 nor PS3 and none was ever announced by Blizzard. Whatever a store told you, they are full of it.
        They are toying with it and developing for the console, but will it ever be released, no one knows.

      • Lol 360!

        And people have the balls to call Blizzard greedy 😀

        Man. Short answer you got screwed. Get your money back for the 360 preorder…if you can.

    9. I’m glad to see they did this. Sure it might be PR, but it will make a lot of gamers happy that they didn’t waste their money.

    10. World keeps getting smaller.  When I read about the GAME fiasco I felt bad for fellow gamers in AUS.  Glad to hear you are getting some help.

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