This has probably gone completely unnoticed by everyone in the Diablo community (sorry, it’s not something massive like Blizzard sneaking out the Diablo 3 release date), but some time not too long ago, the DiabloWikiTimeline and Deckard Cain’s Journal were updated.

    Yes, we know they were revised completely compared to the DiabloWikiDiablo I Manual, I meant they have been DiabloWikiretconned AFTER they went online! See the difference on the archive pages for the journal and timeline.

    It’s by no means a massive change but it does mean there is more going on behind the scenes than we know of. It seems unlikely they would keep changing the information on many different public places every time they come up with a new idea so, this is hopefully more of a “polishing touch” on the story line.

    If you’re interested in what has changed, check below the break:
    The main thing is that the time period between just before Diablo I and the end of Diablo II has been pushed back one year, making sources like Elder Aust of Harrogath completely invalid for dates. They also increased the timeframe of Diablo II to be spread over two years rather than 1. Due to this, the Cain’s Journal has also been updated a lot with new dates, including a “new” month: Lycanum. Most likely we’re still missing 2 months of the Sanctuary calendar.

    Full unofficial changelog:

    • Stretched out the timeline by a year, adding one year to the Diablo II events.
    • Putting the starting point of the events leading up to Diablo I on 1262 rather than 1264.
    • Moving the ending point of the Diablo II events to 1265 rather than 1266
    • Moved around days and months in Cain’s journal:
      • 1st entry moved forward 14 days (and 2 years backwards).
      • 2nd entry unchanged.*
      • 3rd-11th entry unchanged.*
      • 12th entry changed from 28th Day of Kathon to 15th day of Solmaneth.*
      • 13th entry changed month from Solmaneth to Lycanum (new, never before heard of month).*
      • 14th entry changed from Montath to Ratham.*
      • 15th entry changed from 4th Day of Ostara 1266 to 4th Day of Kathon, 1265.
      • 16th entry changed from 1266 to 1265.
      • 17th entry changed from 1266 to 1265.

    * Besides the 2 year push backwards.

    Perhaps the next update on the site is relating to events that took place during Diablo I or Diablo II?

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