During Gamestop’s financial earning call today, Gamestop’s CEO J. Paul Raines announced they have signed a digital distribution deal with Blizzard for upcoming titles. The first game to be released under this new deal will be Diablo 3 on 15 may.

    Gamers can head into a Gamestop store and purchase a code which they will receive on their receipt which can the be used to download a digital copy of the game once they get home to their PC. Gamestop will also be setting up dedicated display areas for Blizzard digital products in stores.

    I am not sure how this will really benefit gamers, surely you would just go online anyway and order a copy and download right away? What could happen is special DLC or other virtual items could be offered exclusively to  Gamestop for certain products to drive gamers into their stores. That is of course speculation but it would make sense.

    Thanks IncGamers.com

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