One of the CMs shared the most detailed info we’ve yet heard about how the DiabloWikiTransmogrification system will (probably) work via the DiabloWikiMystic in Reaper of Souls.

    Is there any chance this could be a system of “vanity slots” though, instead of having to actually modify each piece of gear?
    Nevalistis: Transmogrifying items is attached to the individual item, and the current plan is to have it bind the item to your account. It’s part of the “cost,” so to speak. In addition, avoiding the use of vanity slots allows us to reduce player item management, as you don’t need to keep an item around for its appearance. Appearances will be unlocked either by leveling up the Mystic or, in the case of Legendaries, identifying the item. We feel this system is a bit more versatile as a result.

    Will this cost money? As in, dollars or gold.
    Nevalistis: Currently, the plan is that it will cost only gold (and using a Legendary appearance naturally costs a bit more). Of course, this is subject to change as development continues.

    I am wondering if you will be planning on take the route that was taken by wow to let you transmog an item to look like one in the same slot that is not the same type.
    Nevalistis: Within reasonable limitations. Items that share similar animations can be Transmogrified, such as a 1-handed sword to 1-handed axe (which both have a swinging animation), but you cannot change a javelin (which has an overhead thrusting animation) into either.

    The OP in the B.net thread had a selection of items he wanted to be able to see on his character. I do not share that desire. I’m kind of curious about unlocking new looks via leveling the Mystic, and I hope there are ultra-rare looks you can only find via Transmog recipes, but mostly I just want to change the look of some of the “I’ve been wearing that forever” items. Inna’s Chest on my Monk and Mempo on most of my chars, for instance. Vanishing Dye is the only current option for unwanted Legendary looks, and I’ve used it on Vile Ward, but in general I think naked chars look silly.

    So what are you guys interested in DiabloWikiTransmog for? Giving your chars a specific “love that one legendary item” look? Variety from the current look you’ve had forever? Unlocking new looks by leveling the Mystic or finding rare Transmog recipes? Or do you disdain fashion as a needless distraction for lesser mortals, while you concern yourself entirely with power leveling and gear acquisition. (Which will certainly change your look in RoS, since we’ll be upgrading into new armors and hats and such.)

    The basic mission statement for Diablo 3 Transmogrification came in her first post in the thread:

    Nevalistis: The current plan for transmogrification is to allow players both to change the look of their Legendaries, as well as to change the look of their gear to Legendaries they have previously identified.

    With Transmogrification, we want you to be able to make your character look the way you want without having to worry about sacrificing stats or unique affixes. There may be times you acquire a really awesome looking Legendary, but it doesn’t jive well with your build. If you managed to find it, we think you should be able to rock it while you slaughter demons in style.

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