Blizzard shares diablo 3 Ladder-Only Legendary items info today. This new system is supposed to commence with PTR testing and then go live in Patch 2.1.0 at some point in the distant soon™iverse.

    Nevalistis: Just to confirm our current plans with Seasons, as we’ve stated in earlier interviews/livestreams (though bear in mind that as with any current plans, this is subject to change):

    • Seasons will be optional. Similar to how you flag a character as Hardcore, when you create a character, you have the option to also make them Seasonal.
    • There will be Seasonal Legendaries.
    • At the end of a Season, Seasonal Legendaries will roll over into the non-Season loot pool.
    • New Seasonal Legendaries will be available for Seasonal characters once the new Season begins.

    We’re not quite ready to share the finer details on 2.1 or Seasons just yet, but as we get nearer the 2.1 PTR, you can be sure we’ll have more info to share. 😉

    To be very clear here, that means that we’ll be able to find Seasonal Legendaries on regular (softcore/hardcore) characters after that season has expired, correct?


    Not just that we’ll be able to keep the Seasonal Legendaries we found during the season.
    That too!

    The DiabloWikiDiablo 3 ladders are basically identical to the Diablo 2 ladders in terms of opting in with new character creation, seasons of limited duration, special legendaries only on the ladder, characters returning to the general character population after the season ends, etc. The main differences come from Diablo 3’s shared stash and Paragon Points, since ladder characters will not benefit from those account-wide bonuses that all of your characters now enjoy. And (as best I recall) Diablo 2 ladder-only legendaries (and Runewords) did not become droppable for normal chars post-ladder.

    This is a cool feature for everyone who plays the ladder or not, since it means the devs will need to create a regular stream of new legendary items, which everyone will get to hunt for after each ladder season ends.

    Has excite? In most of our previous posts about Diablo 3 ladder stuff, there are numerous comments from people saying they want to ladder and can’t wait. We’ve never yet run a vote to get a more official measurement of planned ladder participation, but next time we get some real details about the ladders I’ll post one, since I’m curious to see the opinions of thousands of fans, rather than just the few dozens who are highly motivated enough to post a comment. Where do you fall on the “will play ladder” spectrum? And do you think a lot of other people will, or is it only a tiny percent of players who have the time/energy to start fresh in ladderville?

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