Blizzard Shares Diablo 3 Ladder-Only Legendary Items Info

Blizzard Shares Diablo 3 Ladder-Only Legendary Items Info

Blizzard shares diablo 3 Ladder-Only Legendary items info today. This new system is supposed to commence with PTR testing and then go live in Patch 2.1.0 at some point in the distant soon™iverse.

Nevalistis: Just to confirm our current plans with Seasons, as we’ve stated in earlier interviews/livestreams (though bear in mind that as with any current plans, this is subject to change):

  • Seasons will be optional. Similar to how you flag a character as Hardcore, when you create a character, you have the option to also make them Seasonal.
  • There will be Seasonal Legendaries.
  • At the end of a Season, Seasonal Legendaries will roll over into the non-Season loot pool.
  • New Seasonal Legendaries will be available for Seasonal characters once the new Season begins.

We’re not quite ready to share the finer details on 2.1 or Seasons just yet, but as we get nearer the 2.1 PTR, you can be sure we’ll have more info to share. 😉

To be very clear here, that means that we’ll be able to find Seasonal Legendaries on regular (softcore/hardcore) characters after that season has expired, correct?


Not just that we’ll be able to keep the Seasonal Legendaries we found during the season.
That too!

The DiabloWikiDiablo 3 ladders are basically identical to the Diablo 2 ladders in terms of opting in with new character creation, seasons of limited duration, special legendaries only on the ladder, characters returning to the general character population after the season ends, etc. The main differences come from Diablo 3’s shared stash and Paragon Points, since ladder characters will not benefit from those account-wide bonuses that all of your characters now enjoy. And (as best I recall) Diablo 2 ladder-only legendaries (and Runewords) did not become droppable for normal chars post-ladder.

This is a cool feature for everyone who plays the ladder or not, since it means the devs will need to create a regular stream of new legendary items, which everyone will get to hunt for after each ladder season ends.

Has excite? In most of our previous posts about Diablo 3 ladder stuff, there are numerous comments from people saying they want to ladder and can’t wait. We’ve never yet run a vote to get a more official measurement of planned ladder participation, but next time we get some real details about the ladders I’ll post one, since I’m curious to see the opinions of thousands of fans, rather than just the few dozens who are highly motivated enough to post a comment. Where do you fall on the “will play ladder” spectrum? And do you think a lot of other people will, or is it only a tiny percent of players who have the time/energy to start fresh in ladderville?

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    32 thoughts on “Blizzard Shares Diablo 3 Ladder-Only Legendary Items Info

    1. I think it's a neat idea that ladder only items will be droppable after the season is over appeasing those who don't want to ladder, yet don't want to miss out on new item drops in the long run. People might get to the point where they just don't want to start over and can just get to enjoy the rewards of their hard work after a season ends.

    2. I think it's a good idea and I wonder if it's spurred by everything BoA in D3. In D2 people could theoretically bring ladder-only items into the general population and sell/trade them after a season ended.

    3. I'm still not a fan–as a HC player ladders are not really for me. I just hope for short (~1 month) seasons. A 6 month season would encourage me to take a break until the new legs were available in normal HC play.

    4. I wouldn't be surprised if they relaxed the trading rules in the ladder season. Possibly not completely open-slather, but perhaps lengthen the timer to trade legendaries, or open it up to clan-wide trading or something?

    5. I don't understand

      what's the point of taking a break ?

      if you took your current HC char and continued playing it only one hour a day for the 6 months while the season was going on you'd easily out level any season only legendary that would drop once the season is over

      I'm not sure what you mean by "out level a season only legendary". But my general dislike of ladders/seasons is as follows.

      You have a main character 1. A new season opens with shiny new legs available in it. You have most of what you want on character 1 and those new legs sure are shiny, so you make a new character for the season (character 2). You play for the six month season on character 2 and then the season ends. Technically you could transfer all the legs you found on char 2 to char 1 and play char 1 again. But there's a problem. The next season is open and there are new legs again. So you make char 3 to hunt for those. You might as well delete chars 1 & 2. The ladder system basically eliminates all caring about existing characters. Keeping characters alive for long periods is part of the challenge of hardcore.

      The only way to avoid this is going to be to ignore ladders and get the new legs 2-6 months after ladder players have access to them. I might do this but I also might wait until the 1st season is over so that at least I get a shot at new legs. Other than a Wand of Woh and Hex pants, I've found pretty much everything I want from the current pool of legs.

    6. People may remember me as someone who was VERY critical of vanilla / classic D3 in several ways. I hated the auction house from the start because I felt this was a game about killing lots of monsters, not playing an auction house. I said I wanted all items soulbound.

      But I also said I felt the game designers would eventually get it right because Blizzard always does. Just takes a while.

      I look at the state of the game in 2.1. No auction house, soulbound items, now a ladder system. Look, the game is becoming excellent. I can't wait for 2.1!

      What the game needs next is some PvP and some more robust social tools and it'll be looking sweet!

    7. "People may remember me as someone who was VERY critical of vanilla / classic D3 in several ways."
      Don't flatter yourself.

    8. When a season ends, does your ladder character dump into the pool w/ your regular characters? So you go around farming for seasonal legs, get a few you like, then move them to your "main" and delete the ladder characters. And if that's the system they want, they need to give us a hell of a lot more character slots, for free, w/o buying the damn Ultra Mega Deluxe Hyper Edition (w/ Blanka).

    9. I guess you didn't get what he said, but here it is in 2 words, Season 3. It is a never ending cycle and he wants no part of a "no" main situation. I am not sure I am interested in that either.

    10. I wonder if the seasonal legendaries from previous seasons will exist also in new season. That would make finding of specific item more and more harder as the seasons passed.

      If basic loot pool would be frozen to include let's say 2.0 items + seasonal items from only the current season we might eventually be in a situation where players don't see new seasonal gear worth starting from 0 once more. It will be interesting to see what decisions people make.

    11. I wonder is paragon points will transfer from season pool to normal pool. Gold and mats spent leveling the artisans will probably be lost.

      To solve the "main char" problem, I think they should make the all lvl70 chars main by allowing to use the same pieces of gear on more than one character and follower. This would lower the fact that one character is the "main".

    12. I agree with you 100% Timesink.

      Blizz doing that to D2 made it a hell of a lot easier for me to quit playing all together. It will probably do the same thing with D3 depending on the length of seasons.

      Not wanting to play ladder but having to put up with the ladder players betting new items SUCKS!

    13. "In D2 people could theoretically bring ladder-only items into the general population and sell/trade them after a season ended."

      Not if you were a solo/offline player like I was/am. This is much better!

    14. Doing a ladder is nowonly for people to ladderrace basicly.
      I guess you could get ladder items quicker then waiting but you are in a sense losing exp (exp transfers but it takes time to level and your geared worse so less killingspeed general).
      I wonder if they will give ladder items a higher chance to drop relative to others.

    15. Hey guys,

      Listen to every podcast and love what I hear. I had to sign up to comment on this because this is a conversation that has really bothered me. I am an above average casual player but still casual as I can only play 1-3 hours per day if I'm lucky and stay up til midnight. So let me get this right…the struggle to get even one of the "highly sought after legends" is real and I am lucky if someone in my game gets one so I might have a chance at it. Blizzard wants me to start new characters to have a chance at getting even more of these "sought after legends". As fun as this sounds, leveling new characters is for HC players or those who enjoy starting from zero. However, us casual players do not have time to start new characters to try and get more gear we already cant get to drop.

      I will not be playing ladders and I think its a terrible idea for the whole of the community but not for the hardcore players and streamers. I don't mind waiting 6 months to have access to these new legendaries as most likely that will be about how long it will take me to get one of most of the hard to get ones as it is. What does bother me is the friends I may lose or the many others that I find myself in a game with will be long gone on these worthless seasons, farming for legends in hopes of getting lucky.

      This game needs better legendaries and more fun ways to obtain them, but starting new characters and segregating communities is a terrible idea. You want to add fun to the game, give players a way to challenge each other, with possibly in game quests and players who do them faster get better get rewards. Make the game competitive in ways other than who can start over and level faster.

    16. Can't wait for Blizzard's new ladder-only legendaries that are just 6-affix orange rares with +100 more to your primary stat than existing legendaries.

    17. I believe this has been confirmed previously. Your chars/account merge back together after the season ends, and all paragon exp you've earned in the season adds to your total account paragon.

      I need to update the wiki ladders page with all the infos, since as the OP in the bnet thread said, the official ladder comments have been scattered and various.

    18. I was really hoping they'd do something new and interesting with the ladders but this is the same old stuff. I have no idea what would be new or interesting but this is kind of weak. Ladder only legs are just another way for people to measure e-peens….which is okay as long as you admit that's what you're down for. Disappoint.

    19. Your mistake is that you're judging any new legendaries on stats alone. Chances are, the ladder only legs will have unique effects or procs that open up new builds, and so regardless of how much more powerful you can become playing and upgrading for 6 months you still won't have access to those legendary affixes.

    20. Your mistake is that you're comparing old and new legendaries on stats only, but chances are the ladder only ones will have unique effects and procs which open up new builds. However more powerful you can become in those 6 months waiting for the ladder to finish doesn't make up for the fact that you're missing out on items that could mix it up so to speak, and reduce the tedium of the grind.

    21. Argh, double posted because I got an error the first time. Feel free to delete this one mods.

    22. you'll have access to them after the season ends

      so the person who did the season will have the legendary and that's all they will have

      but when you find the legendary not only will you have it, but you'll also have the 50 extra paragon points you gained over the 6 month period playing your normal char

    23. >> but when you find the legendary not only will you have it, but you'll
      >> also have the 50 extra paragon points you gained over the 6 month period
      >> playing your normal char

      Paragon points gained in ladder transfer to your normal paragon pool when the ladder season ends. (At least that is what they have said so far.)

      The only thing you "lose" by playing a season is the time it take you to level to 70. And if you wait a week or so to start your friends and clanmates can power level you so you are talking a few hours lost, max.

      My problem with seasons is that you have absolutely no reason to stick with your main character if you play them. You will makes a new character each season and when the season ends there is zero reason to keep them. Characters (of the same class) are already interchangeable in D3 because of the zero cost respec system. With seasons they will also be disposable.

    24. I loved loved loved D2 ladders.

      But I don't see the point of D3 Seasons.

      I was going to write a huge post with bullet points etc, but it basically boils down to if you can be patient for 6 (?) months you can get all the legendaries that you would normally get by playing Ladder.

      I played ladder in D2, just to get those exclusive Ladder only runewords and it was FUN to try and collect them all before the season ended.

      With the D3 seasons…why would I do all that extra work? Character slots are also at an extreme premium for me, as I have 6 hardcore and 6 normal characters…who do I delete to just run temporary seasons?

      I'm kind of disappointed. I really see no reason to play these seasons (hey that rhymes!)

    25. PS: especially since then Season 2, you would have to do it all again by shelving your main and going after Season 2 stuff.

      I'll just sit one season behind the "curve" thank you and enjoy my gaming.

    26. And this is the perfect example why I hate seasons…

      At least half of my runs are with Dark pushing the torment level, trying new builds, etc. If he stops every playing his "regular" HC character because he's always making a new ladder character every season…well that sucks.

    27. Yeah Zappa–this is why I am hoping for short seasons. If you decide to wait and legs from the previous season become available in normal play, then you can easily just be one season behind.

      But if the 1st season is 6 months that is going to be a horrible wait and we will likely lose people on the fence like Dark, above.

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