Blizzard share their future plans for Reaper of Souls

While Flux dashes around BlizzCon and preps to quiz the devs, there the panel which looks at Blizzard’s future plans for Diablo 3 has taken place. Flux has already covered much of this in the earlier posts but these slides highlight the the main features that will be added to the game.


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  1. Man, those new legendary gems are looking pretty tasty.

    • Indeed. But the "Ancient Legendaries" look like a rather cheap and unimaginative method, to keep up the carrot of the item hunt.

      Well, it does satisfy the need to delve into ever tougher difficulty regions. So it may buy enough time to polish out the real creative idea gems in the background, that are naturally harder to actually bring into the game.

      Though Shallow, as it is, it also turns the item hunt into less a game and more like work again, which also increases the chances of the players burning out on the gameplay alltogether, before the devteam can finish polishing the aces in their sleeves.

    • Love to see my 1.75 Krider getting more and more garbage-ish as time goes by. 🙂

      I like the idea of a previosly useless weapon becoming surprisingly decent, thanks to a 1k-ish dps increase. More endgame goals and higher GR. Maybe it would even reduce the class efficiency gap on rifts (one can dream).

    • I'm /HOPING/ that they make it so you can upgrade normal legendaries into ancient legendaries. They kept hinting they would provide more uses for gems, so perhaps you'd be able to spend a bunch of royal gems and a ton of gold to upgrade any legendary into an ancient? That's how I'd like to see it work if they're married to the idea of adding these ancient things to the game.

      • I really hope they make it an upgrade and not a "spend another 1000 hours to farm that item you already farmed!" Sweet Christ….

  2. Wow, did not expect that Artisan Location change, but I freaken love it. Massive QoL improvement. Finally I don't have to port from Act I to Act 5 just to unsocket a gem!

    • i was hoping for a location change in a1.
      plus, there's still a door in the hut next to the uber-entrance.
      i wonder where that may lead to (one day?).

  3. The town square looks ugly as a sin, imo, but I just love quality of life changes.

    Flavor stuff like conqueror transmog is also welcome (yes, the helm is ugly).

    Imo, defensive gems are just "I don't know", no matter what they do, really. That lps will get higher and etc., but getting 1-shoted by jailer will still be there, unless imortality…

    And I'm drunk. I tried 2 drinks today and 1 beer. Still, I feel there's something def. wrong with those goblins art…

    • lol, it does look horribly ugly, but definitely a good change.

      And yeah, agreed, as interesting as those gems look I'm not sure defensive gems will get much use with the current implementation of an infinite scaling rift…

  4. My gut tells me that the path they are taking with the Ancient Legendaries leads to a dark place…but what do I know…

    Also, to the Rat King: dude, do you even emo?

  5. Need some information on ancient legendary items. Are they drops, or upgrades to existing items? If drops carrot on stick, if it is similiar to the socket upgrade with an item, I feel that is more warranted.

    • From PCGamer:

      "A new item rarity was announced: Ancient. These items are just like the legendaries in the game right now, but the stats on them are up to 30% better. This new rarity is for players who are lucky enough to have obtained decently rolled legendaries, and are still wanting a way to progress."

      I dunno…would rather have same lvl weapons but with more build options. This way current stuff becomes obsolete in a way…

    • We talkd about them a fair amount on the podcast posted last night. I'll put up another post specifically about them later today. Note that we've got 8 more examples in the image post from yesterday.

  6. If Ancient Legs have the same sound/icon as regular Legs, then the annoyance will melt the forum servers.

    • They look exactly the same until you ID them. I asked Travis a few follow up questions about them in my interview yesterday.

  7. Really sad to see they are doing more 6 piece sets. No one will be using the nice looking resource spenders like zombie bears, acid cloud, seismic slam etc. You are forced to go with a 6p set and that’s it.

  8. No expansion?!?
    Just a summer patch…

  9. The only thing I'm not too happy about are Ancient items. I mean really? This is literally just a bandaid (and a really uninspired one at that) for people who already have the best gear. I guess it's much easier and faster to implement than tons of new Legendary affixes, so there's that. I wonder how much further these could push people on the GR ladder.

    The rest though sounds pretty good for a couple of free patches. The new Wormwood is already my new favorite Legendary.

    • And surely it's gonna multiply the complaints about legs and RNG completely determining your build. You're gonna be stuck using the first Ancient weapon that drops for ages, regardless of whether you like it's effect or not.

      • On that note, have fun finding a decent (not like LOH + Vit) Ancient Furnace.
        If there’d be an obscene way of upgrading your existing gear at least. Something like, let’s say, 3 max level gems of every sort + 100 mil gold + 250 forgotten souls. Ya know, a way you could take steps toward the carrot while playing.

        A pity this negatively overshadows the whole stuff from blizzcon. Well not that the barb set will be of any use in the world of one-twohit KO but that’s on another page.

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