If you are in the least interested in what system specs StarCraft II or Diablo III will have when they arrive, it’s a really good idea to follow Kalos’ Chronicles over at StarCraftWire.net, as his column touches on the inner workings of the actual technology, and explains WHY some hardware work and why others don’t. It’s less speculation and more analysis of the current required hardware for Blizzard games in development (primarily StarCraft II which we know significantly more about).

    His latest instalment explains one of the few officially mentioned system specs for StarCraft 2, namely “Pixel shader 2.0” (which we know from the Blizzard Tech Sheet will be heavily used), and the pros and cons of DirectX 10 in relation to the shader. You can find it here:

    [LIST][*]Starcraft II, Shaders and DirectX 10[/LIST]

    Slightly technical, but with lots of humour to lighten it up!

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