Blizzard Seeks Focused Feedback on Season Two Conquests

Season Two on the PTR added numerous new DiabloWikiconquests, the seasons-only type of DiabloWikiAchievements, and Blizzard would like feedback on them from players who have completed them. Or attempted to complete them and failed, for whatever feedback-worthy reason.

Just a quick note that the Focused Feedback list has been updated to include the following request for testing:

New Seasonal Conquests

Season 2 Conquests have been added:


  • Reach Greater Rift Level 35 in Seasonal/Hardcore Seasonal.
  • Avarice/Avaritia

  • Complete a 50,000,000 gold streak while outside of The Vault and The Inner Sanctum in Seasonal/Hardcore Seasonal
  • Click through for the rest of the lengthy list of quick monster kills and lore book conquests…

    Boss Mode/Worlds Apart:
    Kill the following bosses at max level on Torment VI within 20 minutes of the start of the game in Seasonal/Hardcore Seasonal:

  • Skeleton King
  • Queen Aranea
  • The Butcher
  • Maghda
  • Zoltun Kulle
  • Belial
  • Ghom
  • Siegebreaker Assault Beast
  • Cydaea
  • Azmodan
  • Iskatu
  • Rakanoth
  • Izual
  • Diablo
  • Urzael
  • Adria
  • Malthael
  • Speed Demon/Need For Speed

  • Complete a Nephalem Rift at max level on Torment VI within 2 minutes in Seasonal/Hardcore Seasonal.
  • Language/Deadly Language:
    Complete the following Lore Book achievements in Seasonal/Hardcore Seasonal

  • Khanduras Corrupted
  • Legends of the Fall
  • Khanduras Expert
  • Tristram Biologist
  • Denizens of the Desert
  • The Sands of Time
  • Caldeum Historian
  • Caldeum Ecologist
  • For Those About to Die
  • Ale Drinkers and Hellraisers
  • Bastion’s Professor
  • Bastion’s Keep Preservationist
  • Soldiers of Heaven
  • Heaven Can’t Wait
  • Heaven’s Chronicler
  • Heaven’s Zoologist
  • City of Death
  • The West Marches On
  • Pandemonium Tour Guide
  • Westmarch Cryptozoologist
  • Please let us know if you’ve attempted any of the above Conquests, and if so, let us know how you did. How difficult were they to complete? Did you experience any issues completing them? Did you experience any bugs when attempting to complete them? Did you enjoy the challenge?

    Thank you, as always, for your dedication and constructive feedback!

    Of course this testing would be easier if players could create games without long wait times, and probably we’ll see more testing of this stuff after the current PTR community buff ends and PTR crowding dies down, along with the urge to just keep running wallowing in the endless rain of Legendaries.

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    1. I'm trying, but I can't get into the game!

      It's like launch day all over again. Except I was one of the lucky ones who got in no problem on launch day.

      • I'm imagine these sort of conquests will become doable once the PTR rush of slow game creation ends, probably after the current community buff ends. (Bliz has said it won't run for the entire PTR time.)

    2. I’m not sure I understand the bosses one. Is that killing 17 bosses in a single game less than 20 minutes after starting it? Or start a game, and within 20 minutes kill one of the designated bosses. Then start another game and do the same thing to a different boss until you’ve killed all 17?

      The first one probably isn’t possible (I’d say definitely but someone would claim you could do it).

      The second one isn’t possible on the PTR since you would spend 2 hours in queue for T6 between each kill and you’d give up after the first one.

      • Admittedly, I was not considering that you could do this in a well coordinated 4 player game as most other Conquests had been single player focused…

      • I would assume its the first where you have to kill all bosses in one game within 20 minutes.

        Remember, doing act 1-5 in one hour is possible in normal mode.

        I just did a test run on t3. (i don't smash t6) But assume that someone who can do gr35-40 could easily smash t6 like I just did t3.

        I did 9 bosses in 19 minutes and 30 seconds. solo. So imagine a 4 man group splitting into pairs. Each would easily be capable of doing 10 bosses each.

    3. The Bosses one would require four players able to smash T6 bosses solo. In order to achieve it.

    4. I don’t want to be that guy but….why are they wasting time on this? I appreciate some people enjoy this aspect of the game (conquests) but there are SO many other issues…


      • becoz these are the things that they dun need to spend hours of meetings deciding how to fix. so naturally they are more enthusiastic about these things.

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