Blizzard on Season Two and Ramaladni Non-Gifting

Adding some late night Blue posts to the mega-post from yesterday morning. Reminder; PTR isn’t Season Two, and there’s a bug importing Gift of Ramaladni onto the PTR.

Ramaladni’s Gifts missing after Character Copy

Ramaladni's Gift

It’s the thought that counts?

I have three Ramaladni’s Gifts on live server in my stash but they didn’t get copied over to the PTR. Would be nice if this can be fixed so we can try out the full power of the new ancient weapons 🙂

Tsarnis: We are aware that unidentified Ramaladni’s Gift items you have will not survive the trip to the PTR. This isn’t a bug, strictly speaking, but it is rather unfortunate.

For now, the best workaround is to make sure all of your Gifts are ID’d on retail servers and to try recopying your characters after 24 hours. Thanks for all the reports!

Other Blue posts have informed that DiabloWikiGift of Ramaladni has been changed to display as a “consumable” in the new patch, and one assumes that’s the source of the importing problem. Or perhaps not. Who really knows, with the magic of software (non) bugs?

SEASON 2 Exclusive Legendaries.

Are they dropping on PTR yet?

Season two has not started on PTR. You are playing season one still.
Nevalistis: This is correct, which means the Season 2 legendaries are not yet dropping. Hopefully we’ll have information shortly on when Season 2 will be beginning for the PTR. As soon as that information is available, we’ll create a new sticky in this forum. 🙂

The confusion about Seasons is understandable, since the last PTR was Season One testing + the patch, while this one is just the patch, with Season Two start time still TBD.

Why the devs are making such a big secrecy thing about it, I don’t know, but they’ve avoided every opportunity to just say something simple and generic, like: “Seasons will last 3-4 months, and the start/end will coincide with patches when possible. Kthxbye.”


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  1. Hadn't a user here spoken with a dev @ gamescom, who's said that the first season will be a short one and last three months? Give or take Blizzards accuracy on hitting selfset deadlines here, I am pretty sure remembering something like that down the line…

  2. Ah, the fun dance of trying to define whether observed software behaviour is a bug or not!

    The first test to apply is “what is the intended behaviour?”. The intended behaviour here is that you should be able to import these items over to the PTR. The software is not meeting that intended behaviour, therefore the deviation is a bug.

    This is a pretty cut-and-dried case.

    • It may not be necessarily the intended behavior, but it's definitely the expected one. That doesn't make it a bug though, only a missing feature. It could very well be that importing unID'd Gifts could be problematic due to some technical reason we're simply not aware of and so the devs elected not doing it, hence the current one is the intended behavior.

      • In which case the bug is in their patch notes where they didn’t mention this, or in the blue post where they again didn’t state that it is intended that these items would not be imported.

  3. Dont really know if its the right place tp put this comment but will do it anyway.

    Ramaladni gift I dont dig it cuz here it says to put a socket in a unsocket item I have loads of them but only to make socket in a unsocket weapon ?????????

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