Blizzard on Season 3 Length and New Item Sets

news-seasons-featureA couple of useful Blue replies in the same thread, confirming that DiabloWikiSeason Two should be months shorter than DiabloWikiSeason One, and that the three new sets coming in DiabloWikiPatch 2.2.0 are not planned to be Seasonal legendary items. Blizzard on Season 3 Length and New Item Sets:

Will the new sets be available in season only?
Tyvalir: We don’t have plans right now to make the three new Sets (DiabloWikiDelsere’s Magnum Opus, DiabloWikiWrath of the Wastes, and DiabloWikiUnhallowed Essence) coming in patch 2.2.0 exclusive to Season 3. That said, we’re still determining which of the new Legendary items will be Seasonal to start.

Assuming the above is still the case when patch 2.2.0 goes live (which we’re aiming to do between Season 2 and Season 3), then you’ll be able to find the new Set items regardless of whether you’re playing a Seasonal character.

I was getting so hyped reading this preview… Then I see this and other blue posts like it about how this isn’t happening until, at the very least, this season that just began a few days ago ends. So 5+ months from now.

Hype insta-gone.
Tyvalir: We mentioned during our recent Tavern Talk that we’d like for Season 2 to be shorter than our inaugural Season, and Nevalistis confirmed our intent here as well as on Reddit Diablo. You’ll definitely have a shorter wait this time before the Season ends.

On the plus side, you’ll have the advantage of being able to dig into what’s included in patch 2.2.0 on the PTR, figure out what you like (and don’t), and determine what build and gear you’ll be running once Season 3 starts. When it does, you’ll already have a mental list of what gear you need, and be ahead of the game fresh out of the gate.

Just my .02. Hope it helps, Hartagon![/source

If you’ve already blocked it from your memory, Season One began 29 August, 2014 and ran until February 3, 2015. That’s 158 days, or just over five months. From what the devs have said lately, it seems like 3-4 months is more their target duration, assuming the new Patch content is ready to roll by then. And I guess the PTR will inform us about that soon enough?


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  1. 3 months is ideal season length.

  2. Jesus, I hope they wont run a 3-month long season. 2 months is enough to end a season then they will need around 1 month more to end the season n run PTR patches for next season. That way ppl dont have to wait too long for a new season n more likely to participate in seasonal playing. Surely you will have less motivation to play seasons when you already have an around 800-1k paragon level account ?

    • id say 3 months for one season is enough but 2 months into the current season the PTR goes live for testing but on the case of paragon points, it doesnt matter what i have and most people too you could always A keep playing seasons for the season only stuff or B switch to Hardcore which is what ill do once i go past 1k para points, progression on the leader boards are dictated by the p-points of someone since they can stack more vit or main stat from p-points, im just surprised they didnt add more categories or more options to choose from in the paragon system like add bonus exp for training noob chars (example only) or let other points stack higher like in gold find (example) because once u hit 800 u can max everything out with the exception of vit/main stat

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