We all know the problems Diablo 3 had at launch, remember the good old Error 37 message when the game launched? That caught Blizzard and the community off guard. We also know that early days of Diablo 3 were not great when it came to items and drops. Then there was the Auction House.

    An article on Kotaku looks at what happened with the game and how Blizzard wanted to turn it around with Josh Mosqueira and the Diablo 3 team.

    Diablo 3 was far from perfect when it launched but most games these days have issues when the button to go live is pushed. The launch was not the only problem that faced Diablo 3, the game was fundamentally flawed from the start.

    The article on Kotaku actually comes from an excerpt from Jason Schreier’s book called Blood Sweat and Pixels and this particular segment focuses on Diablo 3. There are plenty of quotes from Josh Mosqueira and a few from Wyatt Cheng and others on what went on following the launch. Apparently, Blizzard did not allow the author to talk to Jay Wilson.

    There are quite a few anecdotes included such as why they canned The Devil’s Hand, the killing of the Auction House, why Reaper of Souls was delayed and more.  Here’s a quick snip:

    After becoming director, one of Mosqueira’s first moves was to sit down with the rest of the staff on Diablo III, who had all once been his colleagues but now reported to him. He asked how they were feeling. What did they like about the game? Where did they see Diablo III going in the years to come? Usually, video game expansions were additive—they’d provide new content, new areas, new loot—but for Diablo III, Blizzard wanted to make something transformative. “It quickly became apparent that they really wanted to use the expansion to not just adjust and pivot from the launch, but really create this platform that will take Diablo into the future,” Mosqueira said. “That’s the kind of pressure that the team put on themselves. And they were thinking really big.”

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