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  1. I don’t like the white box at all. 🙁

    • Wow, the legendary edition blows…

      The only good thing is the skull which I presume is cheap. I could care less about the D2 flash drive, I already have the game and can download it for any computer I wish off of


      • lol… everyone wanted a usb stick and one of the first posts here whines about it… would hate to be blizzard, alsways getting flamed …
        I think the collector edition is huge in what it offers… I wont buy it though because I think its wasted money like with every collectors edition 🙂

  2. Don’t care. Want it. Where’s the Pre-Order link?

  3. I like the white box. Another mostly-black box would’ve just been boring.

    • Wouldn’t want a mostly black on either. I was hoping for a sculpted meteor-styled box or soulstone-styled box. This ivory-styled seems out of place.

      • mmmm it might not be out of place once u play the game? i mean, we are not really sure where the story goes do we? looks heavenly to me. 🙂

  4. White box looks nice. Can’t say I’m very tempted to get it though, it’s just the usual soundtrack, artbook, game etc.

  5. I’m getting a Quake III vibe.

    Anyway, here’s my money. Any time you’re readly, B.

  6. What are the 4 disks though: Game Disk, Behind the Scenes Disk, Soundtrack Disk and “?”

  7. It kinda looks like you can store the usb soulstone in the diablo skull…..that is pimp!

    Want to know price!!!

  8. love the diablo skull

  9. Hmmm something interesting though is that the skull looks like the old school masculine diablo……….

    You would think that since this is diablo 3 it would be the female skull, unless maybe we get to fight him twice once as a possessed female and once as his male demonic self?

  10. *Droool…..* I nearly pissed myself when I saw this reveal. HOLY FUKN SHIT!!

  11. Love the white box.

    My first CE I guess

  12. 4GB? When did they decide on that? When they started working on the game?

  13. blizzard isn’t accepting pre-orders for this yet, right?

  14. I think it’s great! What else do you want for a collector’s edition. I already preordered mine today!!

  15. I was really hoping for a large cloth map of sanctuary 😉 ..pre-ordered it months ago

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