StarCraft Remastered Revealed – Classic Games team focusing on SC for now

Rumours about a StarCraft Remaster have been circulating for some time and Blizzard has revealed it’s coming with a complete overhaul of visuals and more. So is there hope for a Diablo 2 remaster?

We’ve been gagging to see if Blizzard would Remaster Diablo 2, I mean that would be fantastic right? It seems that the Classic Games team have been a bit busy remastering the original StarCraft. This new version will come with 4k support, LAN Play, proper matchmaking, improved audio and more. It’s bringing the RTS right up to speed.

Blizzard’s  Classic Games senior producer Pete Stilwell told PC Gamer that StarCraft is currently the focus of their attention but there could still be hope for Diablo 2.

“Now that StarCraft: Remastered is announced, we want to think about classic Blizzard games as a service, and to that end we’re primarily focused on StarCraft for now. We don’t have announcements to make about other classic games at this time.”

Perhaps in the future, if Blizzard has access to all the code, Diablo 2 will be revisited, but based on Stilwell’s comments it’s not going to happen any time soon.

This video shows StarCraft Remastered in action. Now just think what they could do with Diablo 2.

For more on StarCraft Remastered check the official website.

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  1. I hope they remaster D2, I miss my diverse itemization, and Amazon action.

    • It’d be easy to do a more detailed graphical release of D2. When they originally released it they compressed all of the textures quite a lot so they could fit on 2 CDs at the time – the early Act 1 wilderness textures in particular are quite muddy/blurry, and Act 3 generally doesn’t look very crisp. Since everything is digitally distributed now (and for physical they can use cheap-as-chips DVDs) they could easily re-release a ‘high def’ version of D2 with the uncompressed graphics. They could charge $5-10 for it and they’d make a lot of money for very little effort and support.

      I got this from talking to the lead programmer on D2:LOD in the chatrooms over the course of several months in the lead up to the 1.10 patch for LoD. There’s an Act 5 mercenary called Lanth in my honour (I contributed a fair few ideas for the v1.10 patch, including a lot of the rebalancing of uniques that was done in that patch). Pity it wasn’t Act 2 merc, the ones that people actually use.

    • I dunno what game you played but it wasn’t Diablo 2 if you remember diverse itemization.

      Way less viable skillbuilds then Diablo 3, only specific runewords that were good the builds (and often insane grinding required to get them) and stat builds that consisted of X str, dump rest in vital.

      Diablo 2 has to many flaws for me now to still play it, remaster or not.

      • ha ha ha
        that was funny
        tell us another one

      • None of these fanboys understand what you’re talking about. They’re too adamant that D2 is the single greatest game in existence while completely ignoring all of the flaws it had even on release.

        • Not sure why we’d care about the state of D2 on release? We don’t play release D2 (well a few people play D2C, but even that isn’t “release” D2).

          We’re comparing D2 as it is today with its expansion pack and patches, against D3 as it is today with its expansion pack and patches. D3 fares poorly in this comparison for many people.

        • “None of these fanboys understand what you’re talking about. They’re too adamant that is the single greatest game in existence while completely ignoring all of the flaws it had There we go. Sounds much more pertinent.

          • Blah this dumb site edited out my corrections. Anyway, nobody is comparing RELEASE D2 to CURRENT D3 or much less Starcraft. Stop making that stupid, irrelevant comparison

  2. It would be nice for a D2 remaster, but if this “classic games team” is made up of WOW devs they should just leave D2 alone.

    • Looks like they are not changing the gameplay in SC at all, eg still only able to select a maximum of 12 units at a time. A D2 remaster would likely be the same. Personally I would like some quality of life improvements like shared stash though.

      • D2 Remaster is very possible after this announcement. I will play Sc1 lol when this goes live, as most likely the patch that will launch along that remastered version will allow for widescreen mode for the classic game without the remastered version as well. SC1 is my most played game ever, the memories are one of the best in gaming history for me. Hopefully SC1 will be integrated into the Blizzard Launcher, and we get to chat with folks on other current Blizzard games.

        As for D2 “Remastered”, I would absolutely love it. Apart from higher definition textures, they could create a bigger and “shared stash” as fmulder said, and that would already make a huge difference. Everything else could stay the way it is and I would play for sure at least until D4 launches (assuming D4 is a real diablo game and nothing like D3).

  3. Would love a remastered D2, provided they do not change any of the core mechanics.

    QOL enhancements are fine, such as shared stash, automatic gold pickup, etc (aka things D3 did better).

    LOL @ the people who think D2 did not have diverse itemization.

    D2 did a great job giving me parallel paths to gear my characters for end game. I could use uniques,runeword items, and set items. I could use a cruel magical weapon with 6 sockets or even a crafted item! Not to mention the fact that a rare item could roll godly stats!

    In D3 the devs have decided how I gear up instead of me. I can only chase one item class (legendary) and many of the legendary sets only buff certain skills which again the devs picked what skills will become powerfull or end game. True diversity is an illusion in D3.

    In summary, the D3 devs did not advance what made D2 great (diverse itemization system) instead they regressed and actually went backwards (limited itemization system).

  4. I thought this was April Fools, but It’s a week too early. Needless to say, I have huge hype for this. I don’t even count my Brood War play time in hours, it’s more like 98-02 was BW play time. lol. Peak play time, I still played after those years, but not as much. Maybe D2 will be next, that will be sweet. So is this remaster a SC2 add-on pack/DLC or a separate game they’re going to be selling?

    • SC 1 Remastered will be a “DLC” and apparently the standard version will be made free (not 100% sure on that one if true).

      The standard version and Remastered version will play together over battle.Net. The Remastered version will be using a 16:9 aspect ratio and HD “textures”. I think the standard version will receive a patch that will run the game in 16:9 aspect ratio as well. Probably 1024×576 or 1152×648 will be the “standard resolution” for the standard Sc with the patch that will roll out along the Remastered Edition for users that dont have the DLC. (both those resolutions are 16:9 aspect ratio, and the current standard resolution in SC1 is 800×600 which is 4:3 aspect ratio)

      The remastered version will allow you to “zoom out” but that might only be possible during “Replay watching” and not during game play. If the remastered version can zoom out during game play, it would be a very huge advantage for “Remastered Version DLC users” that play against standard version users (unless the standard version also allows “zoom out” but I dont think that will happen). But in any case, I think it’s very unlikely the game will be “zoomable” during game play as it would change the “gameplay mechanics” too much IMO.

      The DLC and patch that will roll out for the standard version will already show more “game world” because its 16:9 aspect ratio, which will show more screen real estate on the right and left-hand side of the screen. This is mostly done since today 16:9 is a standard for most PC monitors.

  5. Not gonna happen !!
    To much work to put in new and update graphics in the engine
    check the chat with David Brevik on rykers channel

  6. We still have Diablo 2 Expansion installed on our computer, still playing Single Player!
    Definitely would be interested in a HD-remastered Diablo 2, BUT only if it requires no internet connection.

    Hope Blizzard is listening, we have entirely skipped (did not buy or play) the Diablo 3 franchise, because it forces players to have internet connection even for Single Player play!
    Trips to foreign hotels, and other places where internet connection is scarce or even a luxury…

    • Hats off to you for sticking to your guns and not buying D3 because of online only. I had the same policy but I made an exception for D3. Wasn’t really worth it.

    • Let alone the kick in the balls that means having items nerfed or non-working and gameplay/game mechanics significantly altered (and not always for the good). That for me is the real face of blizzard’s online-only game DRM for d3. Maybe that’s a reason why people loathe the company: because it forces people to play how they want you to do it by pushing game-changing mechanics unto you automatically. If you refuse to accept them, they just don’t let you play the game that you’ve already paid for the right to use.

      Game PATCHES should be OPTIONAL for single player games like this one.

  7. This is actually very good news from blizz, for a change. If games were songs, SC1 would be part of the soundtrack of my life. This game has given me a lot of good memories. Holiday gatherings with college friends in ’98, showed the game to my cousins and we play it sometimes even as recently as past year. I’ve finished BW at least 3 times, and recently got the itch again. This news’ timing was perfect.

    Hope that Warcraft 1/2 and Diablo 1/2 are next. I would gladly pay for a graphics/engine update if they leave the original gameplay intact.

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