Rumours about a StarCraft Remaster have been circulating for some time and Blizzard has revealed it’s coming with a complete overhaul of visuals and more. So is there hope for a Diablo 2 remaster?

    We’ve been gagging to see if Blizzard would Remaster Diablo 2, I mean that would be fantastic right? It seems that the Classic Games team have been a bit busy remastering the original StarCraft. This new version will come with 4k support, LAN Play, proper matchmaking, improved audio and more. It’s bringing the RTS right up to speed.

    Blizzard’s  Classic Games senior producer Pete Stilwell told PC Gamer that StarCraft is currently the focus of their attention but there could still be hope for Diablo 2.

    “Now that StarCraft: Remastered is announced, we want to think about classic Blizzard games as a service, and to that end we’re primarily focused on StarCraft for now. We don’t have announcements to make about other classic games at this time.”

    Perhaps in the future, if Blizzard has access to all the code, Diablo 2 will be revisited, but based on Stilwell’s comments it’s not going to happen any time soon.

    This video shows StarCraft Remastered in action. Now just think what they could do with Diablo 2.

    For more on StarCraft Remastered check the official website.

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