Blizzard used their Diablo account on FaceBook to reveal some interesting details about last year’s April Fool’s joke, the DiabloWikiArchivist.

    Remember the Archivist? One of our 2009 April Fool’s jokes as a new character class in Diablo III. Some things you may not know about this joke:

    • It’s journal entry “0041” or 4/1, also known as April 1st.
    • The Archivist was originally called The Lorekeeper.
    • In the “Shush” skill video a piece of wood falls right as the Archivist explodes, but it wasn’t a planned part of the explosion.
    • The original concept of the joke was to create a Deckard Cain class, a frail old man more concerned with reading books than fighting, and so the existing Deckard Cain model was used for all of the website assets. Including an animated version sporting dyed hair and an eyepatch.

    It was pretty clear that the in-game model (seen in the spell animations on the official page) is DiabloWikiDeckard Cain, from his sound effects and hobbled walking motion, but I hadn’t exactly realized that the animated model on the page was also Cain… with brown hair and a pirate-eye. (It’s obvious if you compare the in-game animation to this Cain concept art; identical outfit.) It’s a good look for him! Well, it’s a better look than his own look, anyway. *shudder*

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