Blizzard Reveals More Skill Videos

Thanks to DiabloIIIChris for alerting us that Blizzard has added a few more new skill videos to the class active skills pages. Collating the skill videos with the previous two updates, here are the newly added skill movies or watch it in one nice single video:

  • Barbarian: Whirlwind.
  • Demon Hunter: Fan of Knives, Sentry.
  • Monk: Tempest Rush, Way of the Hundred Fists.
  • Witch Doctor: Locust Swarm, Mass Confusion, Wall of Zombies, Fetish Army.
  • Wizard: Explosive Blast.

As in the previous updates, the environments and monsters are often more interesting than the skills themselves, most of which we’ve seen previously, though several of these are notably improved in graphics since the early versions we saw in previous movies or Blizzcon panels, etc. Also note that these are all just the base skills, which you’ll never use past the few levels when the skill is enabled, but no rune effects are yet available.

My personal favorite from this batch is Mass Confusion, since it’s fun to watch the Fallen kill each other. Kind of disappointed in Fetish Army, though. Not enough of them, and they’re way too slow of footspeed since they don’t at all recapture the “OMG swarming me!” vibe of the Fetish from D2. Looking at the rune effects, none increase their movement speed, though you can up the number, or add Shaman as well.

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86 thoughts on “Blizzard Reveals More Skill Videos

  1. I get this message:
    You are not allowed to view this page at this time.
    I can’t see nothing about Barbarian nor about other characters, maybe it is just temporally.

  2. That’s Sentry?! It’s the most underwhelming skill so far. I just lost all interest in using it.
    Locust Swarm’s new animation is really cool.
    Finally we know, that fetishes are real summons, since they can be hit. This is an important detail for summoner builds.

    • They are no more real summons than corpse spiders are.  If it has an expiration date, it’s not a minion that qualifies for a “real” summon build.

      • I see your point, but with the Fetish Sycophants passive it should be possible to keep a handful of fetishes with you at all times. Before we saw Fetish Army in action we didn’t know, if they can be used as distractions for enemies. The fact that they can do make them more useful, even for pure summoners.

    • The base version of Sentry should probably come with a pop up, “This is the clearest demonstration we can make of how basic skill effects are bland and unimpressive, to leave room for the rune effects to be much more impressive/functional.”


      • I don’t follow D3 development too much, but are basic skills supposed not to be used at all?

        • They are not meant to be used after all runes are activated. Runes are supposed to be (more or less) strict upgrades, making base skills obsolete.

    • I suppose you’ve seen the WoZ rune effect, right? What do you think about this one:

      Up to 3 zombies will emerge from the ground and attack nearby enemies for 25% of your weapon damage as Physical per attack.

      Per attack makes them sound kind of like summons, too. I wonder if they can be targeted, if they’re on a timer, etc. 

      • I agree, Creepers could be potential summons as well. There so many WD rune effects that I would like to see in action.

    • Sentry pretty much looks how I expected it to based on the icon. It’s an automated crossbow turret, how fancy do you want it to be? I’m sure the runed versions look much more flashy… I’m still curious if it only allows one out or not, since the tooltip doesn’t say it does. As far as the fetishes, that one looks cool, but also underwhelming in the number of fetishes summoned. It’s not so much an army as much as a small pack.

  3. Amid the confusion, a giant spirit rampages through enemies, dealing 22% weapon damage per second as Physical to enemies it passes through.

    Hahah.  Awesome.

  4. It looks as though the initial AoE for Locust Swarm has been reduced since the last time we saw it, so you can’t hit as many targets initially, but it seems to spread really quickly and reliably anyway :P.

    I’m loving the visuals for Fetish Army – it’s like the WD opens a portal from the Unformed Land :D.  

    Mass Confusion seems to be centered on the WD now, instead of being able to target a specific area – is this the case?


    • “Mass Confusion seems to be centered on the WD now, instead of being able to target a specific area”
      If that’s true, then relatively speaking, Horrify just became a much better CC option.

    • Fetish Army does look cool, but I’ll have to agree with Flux since this is the Witch Doctors big ass level 30 spell.  5 slow little dudes isn’t an army.

  5. So what exactly is the different between Explosive Blast and (pick any from a large number of other Sorceress skills)?

    • yeah it seemed pretty redundant with Wave of Force. I guess you could use both to make much death from your location?

      • The rune where it hits multiple times is actually pretty fun to use, because they “pop” while you’re running.

  6. 5 Fetish is not bad, but I agree completely on the speed part. The D2 breed was much more agile. Maybe that will change before release.

    • It seems pretty redundant with Spiders now too. Both summon several things that hit quickly for limited damage. Very useful when stacked on a single target; less so when they’re all nibbling on one thing against a group of enemies.

      • Spiders can’t be attacked though and that’s a pretty big difference. Apparently, Fetish Army has defensive uses as well.

  7. Apparently, later in the game there are pterodactyls that fly around and firebomb you. That’s so cool.

    • Those would be those flying demons you see in the Black Soulstone and are also used as the “shadow beasts” for the Rain of Vengeance runes.

    • That’s an oasis. The Dahlgur Oasis to be specific, not really a jungle, but I can see why you’d think that.

  8. Like most wasn’t impressed with the fetish army skill. Of course we have to really play the game to really understand it’s intent. So far it’s underwhelming. You get 5 or more guys depending on rune etc that basically attacks anything.
    Although I’m looking forward to the WD, I want a pure summoning build. I know there’s gargantuan and zombie dogs but it really isn’t as exciting as seeing skellies. Also doesn’t help considering some of the more interesting runes are available when you are close to max level. (Big Stinker)
    I really hope the necro is in the Xpack. Miss my pure minion builds.

  9. I still think Tempest Rush looks lackluster. Shouldn’t it just be called “Baton Twirl” ?

    And for Fetish Army, the initial summoning effect looks cooler than the five tiny fetishes it spawns. Still pretty cool, though.

    • I completely disagree with you. Tempest Rush is really a novel look and feel for a skill. And fetish army looks highly underwhelming, initial green summon effect notwithstanding.

      Just goes to show, you can never please everybody. 

      • i like what it looks like ; though its functionality is very questionable. dmg is very medicore ; ae is medicore ; debuff is medicore ; the hobbing effect is no help at all.

    • I guess I should have added a disclaimer.  I’m actually quite pleased with the game and just about every aspect of it.  I commented on two minor things.
      Of course you can’t please everybody, derp.

  10. I like explosive blast for the wizard, as I have included it in every build I have made to have some physical damage other than with a weapon.

  11. Come’on guys. A lot of you complaining about Fetish Army is saddening. We haven’t even gotten to use it yet with the runes. Give it a chance, should be happy they are still releasing stuff at all. These videos gave me a hard on! Lmao =P But I really can’t wait to jump in and try all the runes and skills just to see how they feel for myself! It will be awesome! =D

  12. I like how all of the Sentry’s runes are based off the various perks you could get for the Soldier’s sentry in Borderlands. It’s a tip of the hat, or blatant plagiarism, depending on who you’re asking. Not that it bothers me, they’re still awesome runes. Though the chain rune is new and actually the coolest sounding of them all.

  13. Don’t understand why Wall of Zombies or explosive blast have the CDs they do.
    On Fetish Army, I like it but the fetish need to be much more aggressive. The video keeps showing them holding back which is lame. 
    Also, the video for 100 fists is awful at showing off the skill. The 1st one is covered up, the next 2 miss their hits.

  14. Amid all the “my opinions are important” whines, no one seems to have notice how awesome some of the spells and monsters sound.

    They reminded me of D1 with all that screaming and roars, Jay and his team has truly captured the essence of what was the Diablo franchise.

    Move over Blizzard North, oh wait…

  15. Is it just me or did the Barbs final kill show off the massive monster hitbox/targeting issue? He didnt even hit him.

  16. Hand it over, I spent my money going on a date to watch pop culture take a dump on George Orwell’s 1984…

    • I was just thinking the other day. “It’s like Hot Topic got a hold of 1984.” Though I can’t really comment since I haven’t read, but from the gist of it, it’s like…cheap dystopia. Blech.
      But, You do know that, when it comes to dystopia, We by Yevgeny Zamyatin is the real deal, right? /pretentious
      As far as modern day dystopia done right, I’d highly recommend Oryx and Crake.

  17. They sure use standard attack a lot. I don’t think I used a standard attack through the whole beta…

    • It’s just so that they don’t confused people on what skills are being displayed. It’s also really, really weird to watch.

  18. Festish Army…….yet another fail from whoever put this presentation together……tsk tsk tsk, you’d think that doublechecking the clip sequence is par for the course

  19. So no more black pixels swarming around us using their nipping sounds to *ouch* bite and *ouch* kill us lol. Its a far cry from D2 imo.

  20. There sure are a lot of comically muscular, bi-pedal monsters that limp around with oversized clubs in Diablo 3.  I hope we get more imaginative creatures than what we’ve seen so far.  Also, the death animations/sound effects are a little less satisfying than I’d like.  The physics-based deaths are fun sometimes, but I’d like to see more of the hand-crafted animations that they talked about in this 2008 Blizzcon panel: 

    The Skeleton Summoners and Grotesque are two examples they gave.  I want my enemies to split open and hear their guts splash on the ground — much more satisfying, IMO, than “Boom sound effect!” monster fly. 

  21. I really need to know, if you can have more then 1 sentry up at a time… It matters A LOT!!! I really hope you can, thought is certainly doesn’t look like it, judging from the video.

  22. if all skills look like that i would probably quit the game after 1 week 😀
    still there is no skill where i can say BAMIWANTITNOW it looks soooo cooool.
    Well i had that feeling back in Diablo2 with Lightnig Fury (just looks amazing and is the best skill ever, in my opinion)

  23. The more I see of DIII, the less interested I am in getting it. The wait has passed “long”, and gotten to the point where I really believe that I could have started school as a programmer and artist when DII came out, finished school, and written the entire game myself in the time it has taken them to do this.
    Every other day we hear yet another feature that is being shortstopped, removed entirely, or changed to something which sounds really dumb. Then we get these skill videos which are SUPPOSED to show off features of the game…you know, make the game look enticing? And they only make me yawn. They are terrible. There’s not a single thing they showed there that made me interested in playing any of those classes, or the game as a whole.
    Then you hear about their bizarre restrictions on hotkey binding, the RMAH, and my interest level is just gone. A year ago, I was uber excited. Now? I’ll save my money, thanks.

  24. Not too impressed by a lot of skill effects in these videos, but the thing that really surprises me is how amateurish these vids were put together. Most have a low framerate, don’t show off the skills in question very well at all, and there’s even a typo.

    I’m quite dissapointed that some skills aren’t going to be improved upon anymore graphically, especially Blizzard and Meteor. Right now, their counterparts from DII and Warcraft III look better.

  25. Whirlwind – Love it!
    Fan of Knives – Cool.
    Sentry – Very nice. Was afraid of some lame over-the-top machinegun. Happy to see that’s not the case. Gets my stamp of approval!
    Way of the Hundred Fists – Looks kind of lackluster given its name.
    Tempest Rush – Looks good I suppose. Though I think it would look cooler if there was a solid staff amidst the spinning.
    Fetish Army – They seem to move a bit slow for Fetishes. Also agree it’s not exactly an army. “Fetish Hunting Party,” “Fetish Attack” or something along those lines seems more suitable. Like the idea of the ability, though.
    Locust Army – Really cool. Some blood splatters on its targets might make it even cooler.
    Mass Confusion – Really an ability that lends itself to be more subtle, and for that it does just fine.
    Wall of Zombies – A truly awesome-looking ability with a lame fade-out when it runs out. I suggest having the zombies crawl back and close up the dirt after them instead of just fading out.

  26. So we can use our standard attack? I thought we couldnt do that unless we were out of mana or whatever. If we can map the standard attack to one of our mouse buttons i will be the happiest man alive.

    • You can map basic attack back for price of one skill slot. While it’s not 100% ideal, it’s great I can make true melee wizard, DH..or WD with bow..etc.. actually, WD bow animation is pretty cool 🙂

      • YES i wanted to make a summoner witch doctor with a bow, so i was really worried i wouldnt actually be able to use the bow i was holding.

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