Blizzard Reveals More about Adventure Mode

As you would have read earlier in Flux’s Hands-On Report, DiabloWikiAdventure Mode is one of the hot topics this weekend at BlizzCon. Blizzard have this afternoon also put an introduction to the new game mode on the official site. As well as hard facts, there are lots of images and even a sneak peek video and that’s all after the break.

Flux has another hands on report going up in a little while so check back for that.   He’s also sent me audio of him chatting to guys from our podcast and IncGamers visitors which I’ve to make into a podcast apparently as he’s busy at dinner with some other site members tonight.  Poor love, all that socialising, such a drag.

Introducing: Adventure Mode

In Diablo® III’s upcoming expansion, Reaper of Souls™, players will have the opportunity to choose between two different modes whenever creating a new game: Campaign Mode and Adventure Mode.

Campaign Mode

In Campaign Mode, players reprise their pivotal roles as the heroes of Sanctuary. With a greater focus on story, all of the quests, cut-scenes, and in-game movies will remain available to you in this mode. Progression through the game’s five thrilling Acts is intentionally linear. Campaign Mode is very similar to the current Diablo III experience.

Adventure Mode

In Adventure Mode, the majority of these story-driven elements have been removed and all waypoints have been unlocked, allowing players the freedom to explore and play the game however they like. The world itself is your battlefield. Go anywhere, slay anything!

These modes can be accessed at any time, and you’re welcome to switch between them whenever you please. In addition, we’ve unlocked all difficulty levels, giving you even more control over your in-game experience. Don’t want to play through the story four times on each of your characters? Done. Looking to farm in Adventure Mode at one difficulty, then switch over to Campaign Mode at a different difficulty? You’ve got it.


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Adventure Mode also includes two brand new, incredibly entertaining gameplay features: Bounties and Nephalem Rifts.


Having the ability to go wherever you want whenever you want is certainly compelling. But, what if you’re not in the mood to choose your own adventure and would instead prefer a little direction? Enter Bounties.

Bounties are optional, randomized objectives available only in Adventure Mode. In addition to providing players with a guided experience within a specific Act, Bounties are also intended to showcase all the different content Diablo III has to offer. Some example of Bounties you can pick up include slaying a unique monster (like Mira Eamon), killing a boss (like Queen Aranae), clearing a dungeon (like the Khazra Den), and completing an event (like Last Stand of the Ancients).

Each Act will have its own set of randomized Bounties for players to explore and conquer, and you’ll receive new Bounties each time you start a new Adventure Mode game.


For completing a set of Bounties, players will receive gold and experience. We also want Bounties to provide access to powerful Legendary items unique to the system, but we’re still experimenting with how that reward mechanic will work. Definitely stay tuned!


Bounty hunters are also rewarded with a new item, Rift Keystones. Rift Keystones grant access to another feature we’re introducing in Adventure Mode: Nephalem Rifts.

Nephalem Rifts:

Nephalem Rifts (previously called “Loot Runs”) are randomized dungeons that are designed to be completed within 10-15 minutes. The goal of Nephalem Rifts is to provide players with a rewarding, endlessly replayable experience, one that continually offers new and exciting moment-to-moment gameplay. . .as well as heaps of loot. They’re also what senior level designer Jesse McCree likes to describe as an opportunity to “break all the rules.”

So, what does this mean in terms of actual gameplay?

First off, it means that Nephalem Rifts are completely randomized—random interior and exterior tile sets, random layouts, random lighting and weather, random monsters, and (of course) a random boss encounter to cap it all off.  Each Nephalem Rift dungeon can be up to 10 levels deep, but even that’s random too!

Here’s just a peek at some of the crazy combinations you can experience as a result of this design:


In the spirit of breaking all the rules, Nephalem Rifts also include new shrines that will provide players with some pretty insane temporary buffs when activated, things like invulnerability, massive movement speed boosts, and a lightning aura that will one-shot any enemies who get within range. While these shrines would be overpowered in the campaign, they fit well within the self-contained environment of Nephalem Rifts.

We’ve had fun experimenting with monster density as well, which means there’s always a chance your Nephalem Rift (or even one of the levels within a specific Rift you’ve opened) might suddenly get a little. . .crowded. For example, what would happen if we paired Skeleton Summoners from Act I and Morlu Incinerators from Act IV? Well, it’d look a little something like this:

(Pretty cool, right?)

To access Nephalem Rifts, simply bring a Rift Keystone to any town hub and click on the nearest Nephalem Obelisk. Step through the portal and get ready to kill ALL the things. As noted above, Rift Keystones can be earned by completing Bounties; however, they can also drop randomly anywhere in the world while in Adventure Mode.

Happy hunting!

BlizzCon 2013 Sneak Peek:

As a special treat, we’ve put together a short video featuring Nephalem Rifts in all their random, chaotic glory. Please enjoy this first look at Diablo III: Reaper of Souls!

So, the 64 million dollar question is guys…… now that you’ve had a chance to hear the low-down from Blizzard as well as from a player’s point of view (Flux’s report) do you think that Adventure Mode is going to breath new life into Diablo? If so do you envision yourself sticking pretty exclusively to Adventure Mode, all but abandoning regular Campaign Mode?

Keep an eye on the BlizzCon Coverage Section for the full transcripts (not bullet point lists) of the Diablo 3 Panels, videos, hands-on reports, photos, screenshots and more.

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    20 thoughts on “Blizzard Reveals More about Adventure Mode

      • In the Heroes of the Storm gameplay trailer, they show off the heroes running out on their out-of-combat mounts. Big D, Diablo, Lord of Terror, was riding out on a unicorn.

    1. Adventure mode looks amazing. Does the moratorium on dialogue in that mode include the babbling and cutscenes throughout the Diablo battle? Cuz boy oh boy, do I hate that stuff!

    2. Is it that hard to press the frigging Esc button?

      Next to that, I love the adventure mode as it is described above. I’m going to gear up, get a couple of bounties til I get a riftkey, than I’m going to eradicate the population on Sanctuary.

      BTW:Invulnerability shrine…. I’m going IDDQD all over you a$$es 😉

      • Glad to know there are still doom fans out there!

        .oremoR nhoJ ,em llik tsum uoy emag eht niw oT

      • It can certainly be annoying – remember all the Act 3 runs we all did? Where midway through crater 2 Azmodan’s head would pop in the way. It was pretty annoying to hit escape while trying to fight.

    3. QUOTE

      Is it that hard to press the frigging Esc button?

      Yes!!!! Twice!! Easy for a righthander, pain in the arse for a lefthander having to either leave the mouse or move the right hand from the numberpad. Besides if I wanted to be exposed to amateur fan-fiction I’d find it

    4. “In addition, we’ve unlocked all difficulty levels, giving you even more control over your in-game experience. Don’t want to play through the story four times on each of your characters? Done. Looking to farm in Adventure Mode at one difficulty, then switch over to Campaign Mode at a different difficulty? You’ve got it.”

      I don’t quite understand how this works. So by increasing the difficulty, you’d get enough XP to hit 60 after one playthrough? Or is it more a matter of getting there in 3 playthroughs rather than 4?

      • The way it sounds, it looks like it’ll take around 1 one playthrough to reach lvl 70, more or less, depending on difficulty. Maybe you reach 70 right after killing Malthael on a single pass, full clear on normal.

        So maybe you won’t, if you did so on normal (ending at 67-ish). Def., if you did on master. (I think).

    5. “do you think that Adventure Mode is going to breath new life into Diablo?”

      F, yes I do, this is what I’ve been wanting since week #2 but more!

    6. It will…for about 2 months. Then some asshat will write a 16 page essay about the shortcomings of the “endgame”.

      • And I will ignore said asshat and go back to having fun killing whatever and however I feel like, much like I do today.

    7. I love the whole concept of random monsters and random maps, it’s really appropriate for the Diablo game.

    8. If the Rift Keystones work as a ‘map’ item just like in PoE and Torchlight 2, it would be awesome if they could come with different rarities and properties, just like on the other games.

      I think it would spice up things even more.

    9. QUOTE

      "Campaign Mode" and "The Only Way You'll Ever Want to Play this Game Mode"

      When (if) I get the expansion it’s going to be the other way around for me. I sometimes play some of the end game content, but I usually find it incredibly boring. The game usually ends with the end of the campaign.

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