We recently reported that the French consumer group UFC-Que Choisir were on Blizzard’s case regarding Diablo 3 connectivity issues in France. The sought a response from Blizzard within 15 days at that time and asked that gamers be awarded compensation of some sort for the problems. The fifteen days are now up and Blizzard has responded to the UFC-Que Choisir.

    Blizzard has stated to the consumer group that players knew they needed an online connection to Battle.Net and that it was clearly mentioned on the labeling and Diablo 3 box. Blizzard conceded that they were not prepared for the influx of users at launch but worked hard to add new servers and that connectivity issues had been resolved by 2nd June. Blizzard added they had been listening to players and that there is a 24/7 customer support in place. The UFC-Que Choisir appear to be satisfied with these responses.

    According to UFC-Que Choisir’s Edouard Barreiro, they have not yet decided what action, if any, to take due to the main sticking point, the inability for players to resell their game due to the online-only requirement which acts as DRM. In other words, the DRM prevents players from selling the game on if a player can not connect to the game due to technical issues.

    Many consider the online-only mode is really there to protect the money making aspect of the game, the RMAH, a topic that Blizzard will probably like to steer well clear of with the UFC-Que Choisir.

    Remember, Blizzard’s official line has changed quite a few times. A couple of the reasons being they thought players would be confused that they could not take their single player characters online (yes, apparently this was a big problem in D2) and also to prevent hacks which were rampant in its predecessor. Jay commented about the online only requirement back in August last year and also in May just before release.

    We shall probably hear more about this in the coming weeks.

    Thanks PCInpact.

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