Blizzard Relies on Retailers

Blizzard titles tend to fly off the shelves due to a long history of quality releases, so do they need the retailers any more? Some might think that Blizzard can simply sell everything via their own store due to the brand recognition, but according Blizzard’s international VP and MD Michael Ryder, retail sales still play an important part in making a Blizzard game a success. When asked whether Blizzard needs the retailers he stated:

“We rely on retail a great deal,” he said. “We have a strong partnership with retail, and a strong relationship with the Activision Blizzard sales force in Europe and North America. The retail component of our business is important because we aren’t doing this by ourselves. You are probably also aware of the midnight launches last year with our products. And we are always open to new ways where both parties can benefit.”

“We don’t take anything for granted,” he added. “If we want people to appreciate the game, then we need to make a great game.”

Blizzard has all bases covered when a game is released, the digital downloads and releases in traditional retailers. With all these factors in place a Blizzard game has a high chance of success.

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  1. “If we want people to appreciate the game, then we need to make a great game.”
    Now just tell us when is this great game coming out!

  2. Call me a fanboy, but I will buy the digital version not just because it’s comfortable but because 100% of the money goes directly to Blizzard and that’s where it belongs. They made the game, they deserve the “reward”, why should a good part of what I pay get sliced off by middlemen if I can prevent it?

    • As a matter of fact about 50% of a game going to publisher which then pay developer. In this case they are both Blizzard. The other 50% goes to retailer(15%), transport, packaging, etc.

  3. A great game is never finished

  4. Don’t know why they bother, except for a marked-up CE with tangible stuff, when the game is always-online anyhow.

    • Because a game sold by retail which won’t be bought digitally by a person is 1 more game sold.
      Do that times 1-3 million and well… you do earn a bit more.

  5. This is hardly news. ALL game companies rely on retailers. This isn’t new information. Even with the ability to download games digitally, Most of the sales will come from stores like Gamestop. That’s just how it is. In this day and age at least.

  6. Would be nice if the digital download was offered at discount prices though. Things like cdwow etc generally have them greatly discounted but requires waiting a week or so for delivery.
    Though direct download would be a lot more profitable for blizzard, yet they just charge full price on their website making them the more expensive option

    • If they offered a discount for direct download, while the retailers were stuck at full price, the retailers would (rightfully) be pissed off. They’d probably pull the game off the shelves, out of spite (it’s happened before). Blizzard are big, but I don’t think they’re big enough to fight against Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc.

      • Yes, this is exactly why. Good will between retailer and publisher is very important to publishers. Retailer have much more power than you might think. To the retailers, banning your game is just one out of a thousand product. To the publisher, this is between life and death.

  7. Nonsense.   I work at a big box store and have not heard one word about Diablo3.  If they cared about retail stores they may want to try some things like Microsoft, Bethesda, and Sony do and give training, info and reps that actually come in the store.  So I’m calling shenanigans.

  8. For years Blizzard and other big game companies haveused retailers souly for the promotion. They don’t need it at all, in fact I think the revenue is marginal at best. They just like to sound like they need the retailers so they keep buying their games.
    They know this and you should know this.

    These new popup ads are driving me insane. I tend to visit other Diablo3 resource sites more now because of this greedy, super annoying way to rack revenue. Please reconsider this terrible idea and run with other ad-formats.

  9. The news value of this and many other recent items is so dubious and frankly it’s reflecting bad on the whole website. I came here because was the best. I’m not sure it still is anymore.

    • You know, its better to read at least SOME news related to D3 every day than seeing 1 month old posts.

    • vinniepooh

      Scroll past it then and move onto a news story you find of interest.  That’s the beauty of offering up a fair amount of news, you get to choose.

      And, as in this case, you’re not interested in what Blizzard had to say on the importance of traditional sales methods to make Diablo 3 a success you can scroll on by. Some others are interested, as are MCV who also reported the story.


  10. Going down to my local Wal-Mart at midnight on release day is the only way I have a chance to get a CE (have with the last 3 WOW xps and SC2, will with D3 as well) – pre-ordering a CE online even months in advance has only been met with a “sorry, we’re out” email from Amazon and Best Buy once the game ships.  Getting the game online doesn’t help at all when you want a collectors’ edition.

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