Blizzard titles tend to fly off the shelves due to a long history of quality releases, so do they need the retailers any more? Some might think that Blizzard can simply sell everything via their own store due to the brand recognition, but according Blizzard’s international VP and MD Michael Ryder, retail sales still play an important part in making a Blizzard game a success. When asked whether Blizzard needs the retailers he stated:

    “We rely on retail a great deal,” he said. “We have a strong partnership with retail, and a strong relationship with the Activision Blizzard sales force in Europe and North America. The retail component of our business is important because we aren’t doing this by ourselves. You are probably also aware of the midnight launches last year with our products. And we are always open to new ways where both parties can benefit.”

    “We don’t take anything for granted,” he added. “If we want people to appreciate the game, then we need to make a great game.”

    Blizzard has all bases covered when a game is released, the digital downloads and releases in traditional retailers. With all these factors in place a Blizzard game has a high chance of success.

    Thanks MCV

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