Blizzard Release Time

So, midnight local or midnight Blizzard’s time? A question lots of us are asking. Who gets the jump here? Blizzard have issued clarification that clarification will be forthcoming once they have… um… clarified it amongst themselves.

We will be releasing information regarding this once it is confirmed internally. I know you all want this confirmed so once I know; I will most definitely be posting the info in this forum.

This is a priority to get this info out to you guys before we launch.

32 days and counting guys, chop chop with that clarification.

Has anyone heard of any launch events in their local area yet?

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    31 thoughts on “Blizzard Release Time

    1. Link to source please?  It would be interesting to see if there’s any further context, or helpful comments on the originating site.

      • So all the previous conjecture on this topic was just that?! I had people (serious people) responding to my previous inquiries on this topic like they knew.  Wow, I shouldn’t trust the internet should I?  Anyway, I hope they clarify this soonish so I/we can plan.  

        If they go midnight blizz time I will have time to go and get my CE at the shop (if they have a midnight event) and then come home to load up.  However, I may just got to bed and get up early to do a marathon with some actual rest under my belt.

    2. Sad story here, my gamestop which always does the midnight events told me they have not received enough pre-orders to do a midnight launch for D3. So I went back this last weekend to try and cancel my order and go to another store but before I did I thought I would ask again about the midnight release to which they said “well we don’t have enough diablo 3 pre-orders but we have more than enough max payne pre-orders so we are going to do a midnight launch for both. I assume this means it will all be about max payne and not so much about diablo. Maybe they will split it in 2 lines and my line will be much shorter?

      • Where do you live? That is very strange since the Video Game Charts site shows that in USA D3 has about 550 000 preorders while Max Payne 3 has only about 200 000 on all three platfroms put together (XBOX and PS3 – PC is so low that its not even displayed)!

        • If he lives in an area where broadband access is very slim, then maybe it’s a bunch of gamers who want to play an offline game and Max Payne provides just that.

        • Gamestop sell games for all platform so most likely this is pre-order for all version of Max Payne combined… that’s quite likely to surpass Diablo 3 alone

          • MP3 has about 110 000 on XBOX and 90 000 on PS3 and the number for PC is so low that its not on the list at all while D3 has 550 000 on PC only! The point is that D3 has almost 3 times as many preorders on PC only than MP3 on all platforms combined! Its important to note though that D3 preorders have taken a hit from more than 1 million of WoW annual passes!

            P.S. Man PC game sales suck! In top 20 there is only 2 PC games. Guild Wars 2 at number 18 with 58 000 and good old D3 on number 1 with more than twice the number of preorders compared to the game on the second position :)!

            • It’s not that PC pre-order is depressing, but the fact that today’s most PC owners prefer to buy digital instead, through Steam etc. or in this case…

        • I live in Atlanta GA where shooting people in the face is more fun than killing monsters lol. seriously though I think it’s the fact that anyone not wanting ce is probably going straight through bliz. On top of that so many of the wow players are already getting it from the annual pass. I think the online sales of D3 is limiting the pre-orders for stores like gamestop. At least that’s  what I am thinking. Then again maybe its just that people here like shooting people in faces more

      • Really surprised to hear that about d3 orders.

        I have never been to a midnight launch because standing in line for hours!  I might seek out one for this however as it seems appropriate after such a long wait. 

        My closest hope would be Bristol I imagine.

        • I have been to several midnight launches elly, and each time I have enjoyed it. I know I could play D3 earlier if I download but really I am willing to lose 30min (based on install) game time just to go to the midnight launch. The store owners usually do different things and have some form of give aways, though not always. The skyrim one all they did was set up a system for everyone to play til midnight hit. Then ended up setting up a second system just for my 2 sons and let us stay inside the store even after kicking everyone else out. this got us to the front of the line also lol

      • You should probably cast disintegrate at the Max Payne fans.  I mean, sure, MP is awesome, but it’s a D3 event dammit!  Where do you live where people are making such poor gaming choices?

        • Isn’t it amazing that Max Payne 1-3 all comes out in the space between Diablo 2 and 3? 😛

      • Uh…because your local Gamestop wasn’t having a midnight release, and because of that, you can’t play the game at 12:01, you wanted to cancel your pre-order?!?! Jeez…grow up.

        Maybe I should cancel my order because they won’t deliver it at 0001 on May 15th. *rolls eyes 

    3. So if it is released 00:00 AM in the US, can I change my IP address so I can play it sooner? 🙂

    4. The Champs-Elysees Fnac in Paris has a midnight launch for all Blizzard releases, won’t be different for D3.

    5. I’ve heard that Blizzard has planned a pretty elaborate opening at large retailers in Germany, so I assume it is at local midnight time (CET).

    6. I went to the store that did midnight events for WoW expansions in the past. They dont have the details yet. It’s always been midnight local time for WoW releases. I think it will be the same for Diablo. I live in The Netherlands. 

    7. it has GOT to be local time.  Why this is even a question internally is amazing.   There are midnight openings.  Obviously you can’t go to a midnight opening on the east coast and then wait until 4am, let alone the rest of the world time difference.  That would just be crazy stupid. 

      • the U.S. has multiple (more than one) timezones and there will not be a server for each timezone.  Therefore some people will not be able to play at midnight their time.  Which part do you not understand?

    8. How has blizzard done this with past games?  In Starcraft 2 did the servers go live at midnight PST, or did the east coast get to play 3 hours before the west coast?

    9. My local EB Games (Sydney Australia) store are planning on having a midnight launch. The manager said they’ve had good numbers when it comes to preorders.

    10. Luckily my time IS Blizz time, so I guess I get it at midnight regardless… assuming that is that they don’t decide to do midnight GMT or something idiotic like that 😉
      And I dunno if my local EB is doing a launch event or not, I only do electronic games these days 🙂

    11. There’s probably zero chance that there’ll be coming anyone by this place, that’ll be able to use this info, but: Gamestop, Odense, Denmark will launch D3 at midnight.

      Not that I’ll attend, as I’ve got work in the morning.

    12. so far the eb / gamestop near me and as of now Bestbuy are not doing midnights release event because they dont think they will make enough money. making well, the digital release only thing viable for me if i want to play (which i do and will) at release, hopefully its Eastern first instead of waiting for central like they made us wait on cata release.

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