Blizzard release recruitment video

Blizzard are always on the look out for new staffers and today they released a new recruitment promotional video to entice you to the Blizzard campus. The video features many of the big players at Blizzard and it’s apparently the place “where dreams are made”.

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  1. If it's all sunshine and roses, why do talents like Rob Pardo leave?

    • Well no job is all sunshine and roses. I know quite a few people who have been at Blizzard and left because it isn't to their taste.

      • Working in a market garden to grow and sell roses to florists might be…

      • Also, even if game development is your dream job, if you feel that you achieved everything you signed up for then it's time to find something else that you're passionate about, be it another game (like Star Citizen for Alex Mayberry) or something else entirely.

    • There doesn't HAVE to be drama in everything.

      Maybe he just wanted a job with less responsibilities.
      Maybe he wanted more time with the family.
      Maybe his wife supported him for all this time, and now he wanted to support her in a new chapter in her life.

      It might just be that he has been there for so long that he felt like trying something else.

      Its not like the first time a person working at great places that has chosen to leave. 🙂

      A good indicator of Blizzard being a good place to be , is that they seem to have people staying there for 5, 10 or even more years. I don't think that is the norm in either the game dev industry, or the cinematics industry.

  2. It's really bizarre they don't have the names or titles of the people speaking to the camera.

    • I liked it based on my own assumption that the point is every opinion matters.

      • Yeah, but if you're wanting to do position X at Blizzard, then you're going to be most interested in what people who are already in position X are doing.

        There were a few roles that looked recognisable, like the sound effects people, cinematics and probably artists, but there was no telling who was a designer, who was a programmer, who was a producer or anything else.

  3. It's funny, I hadn't looked at the Bliz Jobs site in months, but did last night while writing that post about Waterfiend as the new CM. And I had to click past this vid going into their jobs section and wondered how long it had been there and whether Bliz really needed a video to promote their job openings.

    And now I find out it was brand new and I saw it (well, the first 10 seconds of it) before anyone else!

  4. I find it a matter of concern that so many positions are open. I know they're a big company, but still. That's a lot.

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