Blizzard financials reiterate Reaper of Souls sales numbers

Blizzard financials reiterate Reaper of Souls sales numbers

Activision Blizzard Reaper of Souls

It’s that time of year again, another round of financial results for Activision Blizzard. Back on 3 April Blizzard revealed they had sold 2.7 million copies of Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls in the first week of release and according to the report pushed out today that number is still the number they’re using in their report.

Blizzard Entertainment announced that players the world over launched a crusade against Malthael, the angel of Death, with the release of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls for Windows and Mac. As of the first week of the expansion’s availability, more than 2.7 million copies had sold-through online and at retailers worldwide.

For the first quarter, Blizzard Entertainment had the #1 PC title in dollars in both North America and Europe with Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.

There will of course be more copies sold by this point because these numbers will only show what was sold in that financial quarter. We’ll get a much better idea on total sales when the next report appears in a few months time.

In other Blizzard related game sales news Hearthstone has 10 million registered users as of 11 March and World of Warcraft currently has 7.6 million subscribers which means another 200,000 have left the game again since the last numbers were published.


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    12 thoughts on “Blizzard financials reiterate Reaper of Souls sales numbers

        • That’s so fucking interesting. Tell me more. I’m kidding. Don’t. You think you’re a hotshot, but you’re a condescending nobody. Eat shit.

          • I will never contribute to the finances of “ANY” MMO that only has the option of pay by the month!

            Is that more enough?

            Forgive me for not going into more detail oh great one! 🙁

    1. I read this and Q4 final report and didn’t see any mention of RMAH revenue or its impact either + or -.

      What does this omission mean? Can someone with more experience reading these tell me where it is or grouped with or why they don’t have to document that income?

      • It’s such a pittance relative to other revenue sources that they’re not going to bother itemizing that separately in earnings reports. I doubt any shareholder anywhere cares about that piddly revenue stream.

        • Yeah, it’s just not going to be important enough to comment about, either financially of as fluff to make the shareholders feel like they’re getting interesting/important/useful info about the company & it’s workings (& I’ve written that kind of thing before).

    2. When the next total sales numbers for RoS come out youre going tos ee just how badly the original D3 released damaged the franchise.

      Everyone who was excited about the expansion got it quickly.

      The people who felt burned by D3 and who passed on the expansion aren’t coming back.

      RoS will sell well by industry standards and poorly by Blizzard’s standards.

      That’s part of the reason for the recent \Would you be interested in another expansion?\ poll.

      Blizzard clearly had in mind multiple expansions for D3, going up by 5 or 10 levels, very WoW like.

      However they’re gonna pull the plug on that plan.

      They really did destroy the franchise.

      • FYI – sales of over 3 million for an xpac (likely ending up over 4) is a success by anybody’s standard, Blizz or otherwise. Only WoW might consider this anything less than good sales.

      • If you don’t take into account people buying Blizzard game for 10 years due to bans, lost/broken disc, Korean eSport and WoW, even they don’t sell more than 30% xpacs in the first year or two, which is the industry standard, 20 to 30. Unless RoS becomes a very popular eSport it will do as good as Skyrim, Fallout 3 or Call of Duty DLCs.

        Maybe in a decade once they sell 5 million bundles they’ll gloat about RoS selling as much as D3, like they do with SC1, D2 and WC3 expansions, but right now you’re witnessing the reality. They have reported two numbers in the past for their games. Combined sales; per example D2 + LoD + bundle (count for 1). Or seperated, where every bundle add to the amount of expansions sold but not the original even though both games are in the box, if they did the ratio of xpac per origianl sole would be more around 50%.

        Diablo 3 will sell roughly 4 to 5 million copies within its two first years, 30% like all their expansions except WoW ever did.

    3. I’d say the expac was fairly successful. I think a lot of people came back when they realized the game was essentially fixed. There is room for improvement, sure, but the game is pretty sweet right now.

      I had no idea Hearthstone was doing so well! I wish more of my friends played it.

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