We’ve all enjoyed Diablo’s Facebook “looks for likes” feature, with a couple of new Diablo III images for every 25,000 “likes” on the Diablo facebook page. Obviously Blizzard was trying to get Facebook users to advertise Diablo to their friends via Facebook, but at least we were getting something for it.  They’ve grown a lot less subtle in their “advertise our stuff for us” efforts though, as this blue post about a new Twitter initiative demonstrates.

    We love communicating with Blizzard gamers through as many mediums as possible, so it?s ‘bout time we kicked our Twitter pages… into overdrive. We?re starting a new campaign with unique Twitter hashtags to cover a variety of topics on our Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo Twitter pages. Follow us and be on the lookout each week for random questions or interactive tweets from your favored game universe, or universes. (Universi?) Check our tweets with the #WoWTag, #SC2Tag, or #D3Tag hashtags and tweet your best response. Your replies can range from ridiculous, to awesome, to ridiculawesome, but don?t forget to include the hashtag. We?ll be sharing some of our favorite responses on Twitter, in our official community sites, and around the watercooler.

    This campaign is already in progress, so buff up your Twitter account now and join the battle of wits, words, and whimsy!

    • Diablo: http://Twitter.com/Diablo
    • Warcraft: http://Twitter.com/Warcraft
    • StarCraft: http://Twitter.com/StarCraft

    I debated posting this since… what about it is newsworthy? We’re just supposed to throw Blizzard’s game hashtags into our tweets and then um… what? I guess we win the same prize our Caption This entrants do.

    I’m fine with helping to promote Blizzard’s games—that’s pretty much the entire purpose of this website, when you get down to it—but do you guys think this Twitter hashtag initiative goes a step too far into blatant promotion for the sake of blatant promotion? Shouldn’t they be paying us if we’re all going to spend our time Twittering and Facebooking ads for their products? Will there be discounts for fans who send them the most traffic? (I think we all know the answer to that question…)

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