More waiting requested?

    More waiting requested?

    Nephalem Rifts were originally called “loot runs,” which reflected their design philosophy. Blizzard intended them to be quick, repeatable, randomized farming runs that players would roll again and again in the same game. That’s more or less how they are working, except that some players keep wanting more rules and permanence for them. First Blizzard added a 30 second timer on closing rifts, then a 5 second confirmation on opening them. Those aren’t nearly enough for some players though, and we’re seeing angry forum posters demanding that other players not be allowed to close “their” rift.

    Hence we’ve got Blizzard questions Nephalem Rift rules, and a vote below to weigh the mass opinion.

    Getting sickening of trolls who keep closing the rifts after you make it VERY clear to them not to do so. There is no system put in place its like living in a country without any laws or anyone to enforce the laws. Please put in a system where everyone must agree to close the rift after rift guardian dies and if 8 minute passes then anyone can close it automatically. Getting really really annoyed at trolls ruining this game for everyone.

    If I spend my fragments on MY rift I expect to get my time and fragments worth. There are epic awesome stages in rifts that has tons of elites and chests and armor/weapon racks and just like that a troll will close the rift and exit immediately. Its REALLY out of control now they are ruining the game for everyone.

    Another solution is NO ONE should be allowed to close a rift is there is still someone inside it. But the best option is to only let the person who open the rift to be able to close it if you don’t like it thats your problem because its MY RIFT

    Let the person who opened the rift decide when to close it. If you don’t like his/her style of play don’t party with him/her next time. Simple enough. Someone who really needs to be in charge of rifts will also be someone who spends the most fragments.

    The simple thing to do is to have the rift guardian spawn after at least 95% of the mobs in the instance have been killed. This way you don’t find yourself hunting that one mob that’s hiding under a loose stone, and you can feel pretty confident that you’ve cleared the vast majority of the instance.

    Lylirra: Just wanted to jump in say thanks for this discussion! I’ve already passed it along to our devs. I’ve got a few follow-up questions, though. If you’ll humor me. 🙂

    Question #1: After killing a Rift Boss, do you prefer:

  • Clearing the Rift in its entirety before collecting your rewards?
  • – OR-

  • Collecting your rewards immediately, closing the Rift before clearing?
  • Question #2: In your opinion, what do you feel would be a happy medium between the two different playstyles (clearing Rifts vs. not clearing Rifts)?

    Question #3: Why does having a Rift closed in a group before you have a chance to clear it (if you prefer that option) bother you or frustrate you? From a personal perspective, how does it negatively affect your gameplay? (Or does it even affect you?)

    I guess an easy fix would be for everyone to get their EXP reward by clicking on Orek, but only when everyone in the game has done so would the Rift close. I’ve not had complaints about early Rift ending, and generally I find it handy that just one person needs to click Orek for everyone to get the reward and the Rift to end. I’m usually at the stash or Smith right after the Rift Guardian battle, and it’s nice when the 30 sec countdown appears from someone else clicking him. That way by the time I’m done salvaging the 30s is over and we can start in on another rift.

    Obviously from that blue thread though, some players feel very differently about how long a Rift should stay open. Where do you guys stand on the issue or the questions Lylirra poses?

    How should Nephalem Rifts work in multiplayer games?

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