Vote: Blizzard Questions Nephalem Rift Rules

Vote: Blizzard Questions Nephalem Rift Rules

More waiting requested?
More waiting requested?
Nephalem Rifts were originally called “loot runs,” which reflected their design philosophy. Blizzard intended them to be quick, repeatable, randomized farming runs that players would roll again and again in the same game. That’s more or less how they are working, except that some players keep wanting more rules and permanence for them. First Blizzard added a 30 second timer on closing rifts, then a 5 second confirmation on opening them. Those aren’t nearly enough for some players though, and we’re seeing angry forum posters demanding that other players not be allowed to close “their” rift.

Hence we’ve got Blizzard questions Nephalem Rift rules, and a vote below to weigh the mass opinion.

Getting sickening of trolls who keep closing the rifts after you make it VERY clear to them not to do so. There is no system put in place its like living in a country without any laws or anyone to enforce the laws. Please put in a system where everyone must agree to close the rift after rift guardian dies and if 8 minute passes then anyone can close it automatically. Getting really really annoyed at trolls ruining this game for everyone.

If I spend my fragments on MY rift I expect to get my time and fragments worth. There are epic awesome stages in rifts that has tons of elites and chests and armor/weapon racks and just like that a troll will close the rift and exit immediately. Its REALLY out of control now they are ruining the game for everyone.

Another solution is NO ONE should be allowed to close a rift is there is still someone inside it. But the best option is to only let the person who open the rift to be able to close it if you don’t like it thats your problem because its MY RIFT

Let the person who opened the rift decide when to close it. If you don’t like his/her style of play don’t party with him/her next time. Simple enough. Someone who really needs to be in charge of rifts will also be someone who spends the most fragments.

The simple thing to do is to have the rift guardian spawn after at least 95% of the mobs in the instance have been killed. This way you don’t find yourself hunting that one mob that’s hiding under a loose stone, and you can feel pretty confident that you’ve cleared the vast majority of the instance.

Lylirra: Just wanted to jump in say thanks for this discussion! I’ve already passed it along to our devs. I’ve got a few follow-up questions, though. If you’ll humor me. 🙂

Question #1: After killing a Rift Boss, do you prefer:

  • Clearing the Rift in its entirety before collecting your rewards?
  • – OR-

  • Collecting your rewards immediately, closing the Rift before clearing?
  • Question #2: In your opinion, what do you feel would be a happy medium between the two different playstyles (clearing Rifts vs. not clearing Rifts)?

    Question #3: Why does having a Rift closed in a group before you have a chance to clear it (if you prefer that option) bother you or frustrate you? From a personal perspective, how does it negatively affect your gameplay? (Or does it even affect you?)

    I guess an easy fix would be for everyone to get their EXP reward by clicking on Orek, but only when everyone in the game has done so would the Rift close. I’ve not had complaints about early Rift ending, and generally I find it handy that just one person needs to click Orek for everyone to get the reward and the Rift to end. I’m usually at the stash or Smith right after the Rift Guardian battle, and it’s nice when the 30 sec countdown appears from someone else clicking him. That way by the time I’m done salvaging the 30s is over and we can start in on another rift.

    Obviously from that blue thread though, some players feel very differently about how long a Rift should stay open. Where do you guys stand on the issue or the questions Lylirra poses?

    How should Nephalem Rifts work in multiplayer games?

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    53 thoughts on “Vote: Blizzard Questions Nephalem Rift Rules

    1. There’s another reason I hate people who close rifts too fast – if you don’t have rtoom for all the loot from the Rift Guardian, you may need to go to town, sell some things and go back. 30 seconds isn’t enough time for that and I’ve lost so much nice stuff because of people closing the rift the second they are in town. Don’t mind if the rift opener gets the power or the group does but please put a longer delay time on the close!

      • This.
        I am either lacking gold, or lacking mats, or lacking inventory space for all the drops, or forget that my BloodShard count is hitting the limit. So, I need to go back to sell, salvage, or gamble in order to come back and collect the rest. Anyone who closes despite me saying “don’t close please” pisses me off to no end. It is simply rude.

        Maybe extending the timer is the better solution because requiring all to click Orek might annoy more people.

      • Wait wait, lets get back to the first statement…..Rifts were called loot runs? Doesnt that mean loot drops? Or maybe loot with affixes? Or how about not getting the same shitty Oculus Ring 7 times when you really want is some boots…….
        Oh sorry, back to the “rift rules”

    2. I haven’t had any issues with people trolling me like that. Once in a while there might be an “oops, force of habit” moment where a party member closes the rift automatically. But I don’t get bent out of shape about it. Then again, it doesn’t really happen more than once to me, so I suppose if people are closing rifts too early just to mess with random strangers, some sort of change should be made to give the Opener more control.

    3. My rift, my rules: I agree with the quoted blue post OP that rifts can be epic even after the guardian dies, and I often would prefer to keep clearing a rift. If I opened the rift, I feel a proprietary entitlement to decide whether the party should close MY RIFT, but conversely, I think etiquette demands that party members follow the lead of whomever did open a rift regardless of how epic they think it might be to continue. After all, you didn’t pay to open it. Nobody complains that free slices of cake are too small, except gluttons, and they don’t count.

      I can imagine a hypothetical problem where the rift creator goes afk (rudely) without leaving the game, and thus the rift is stuck open while they get beer/cereal and the party cannot open another rift without disbanding and then re-inviting to a new game. This seems far less likely to me than the risk of premature closure, because it is premised on the party wanting to stick together, which will tend to happen in groups that don’t got afkwol. And, as I am part of the INC2 clan, I never have this problem, and so other people’s hypothetical problems weigh lightly on my conscience.

      But why not allow Orek to open multiple rifts in one game? What difference does it make if party members are in separate rifts? This would be dumb of the party members, but is no more of a problem than the irresolvable danger that some party member will go afkwol during bounties, or go gallivanting off alone at a fork in the path, or spend a year and a day salvaging, while everyone else copes with higher monster HP and suboptimal XP.

      Hence we return to my view that etiquette demands following the lead of the rift creator. Simple social norms would solve all of these problems, but since D3 democratically allows all idiots to play, the game rules should just impose what would otherwise be obviously efficient social norms. The proximity benefits in multiplayer already discourage gallivanting about and malingering in town. The easiest way to discourage disrespecting a rift creator is to give the creator sole discretion over closing the rift. Leave everyone free to go where they will — including the next rift — and the proximity benefits will coax everyone to stick together in rifts as much as in any other part of the game. And the HP buff will make anyone with an ounce of goodness in their heart think twice about taking a time out from a multiplayer game, even if they are the rift key sugar daddy.

      • > why not allow Orek to open multiple rifts in one game?

        Some of the towns have pretty tight spacing–would there be enough room for multiple yellow portals to multiple rifts?

      • Amen BRO!!!! My Rift, MY RULES!!!! If you don’t like the way I PLAY go make and play in YOUR own game!!! The wife and I have over 1100 rift tokens and I finally open a rift last week for the FIRST time! I now have opened and tried to enjoy a feature of the game, BUT… In 2 of the 4 rifts I have have opened people have jumped in and “hi-jack” MY GAME play and then WHINE about WHY I am so slow in “running the rift!” The people were Clan members but again if there was a truly “Private game,” “Clan ONLY game, and “Public game” this would NOT be a problem!!!!

        • You can turn off the feature where friends (and clan members) automatically can join your game. I’ve done this, and invite friends manually instead.

          I do wish however that they would have separate settings for friends and clan members.

    4. Why not a vote system, where when the majority of clicked Orek you move on. Its just as frustrating for the people waiting, its not like they’re doing this to see how long they can stretch it out.

      • Make it like the boss battle request system. If more than half vote to close, then close it.

        • I was thinking of a voting system the other day that could work well in these situations. If you had 1min you could divide that up amongst the players and the more votes the quicker the action. Basically if there’s 5 players then each vote = 12 secs to a time or -12 secs to a timer depending which way they vote. 4 vote = 15 secs ea player, 3v = 20s, 2v =30s.

          They vote to start a count down to close the rift. I think that’s fair that if 1 player is holding up 5 then giving him/her 12secs to complete would work, where as 5 players still playing would get 48secs to complete there stuff.

    5. I play mostly with my friends, so I don’t have any trouble with trolls. However, I’d be happy with a change to make closing the rift be like entering a boss fight: everyone has to click ‘yes’ on a pop-up. This is because I’ve sometimes ended a run without asking whether or not I should, and I know of at least two cases where one of my friends lost a legendary or a Forgotten Soul because I was dumb and just clicked to end the rift.

    6. I think there should be 6 open portal to the rift
      you can enter a portal only once and then the portal closes
      once all portals have closed you can no longer get into the rift
      but if you’re in the rift and all the portals are closed you can still hunt to your heart’s desire, there is no timer or automatic closing, — of course once you finally leave you won’t be able to get back in

    7. There will be more trolling if everyone has to click, current system works fine, maybe lenghten the delay to 1 minute.

      I’d rather see development time on every leg with no legendary affix so they each get their own, even class set, it doesn’t mean it has to be a significant, but at least something. Or balance two-handed weapon to be viable outside Crusaders.

    8. First I think the poll should be split into two parts since you’re asking two different questions really. Something like poll 1: “Kill rift guardian and move on”, “Full clear”, and something like “I’ll keep clearing if the mob density is high enough”. Poll 2 could then be about how you want the rift closed.

      As far as the rift being closed, I think whoever opened the rift should have the “power” over closing it. The other group members could claim their gold/exp from Orek and move on if further clearing is not their style.

      I personally tend to do a full clear in order to get the most out of my fragments. I think I find about half of the legendaries in my rifts after I take out the rift guardian.

      What I would really like Blizzard to do would set a minimum mob density. They can buff the drop rates in rifts all they want, but some rifts seem to have the same amount of monsters spread out over 8 levels as some do in one level. I would much rather have a single level rift swimming in elites, like the giant prison tile set, which is both efficient and a blast to play through.

    9. Well, I have around 400 keystones, so I do not care about losing 5. But for some, it can be frustrating losing their keys before getting them really worth.

    10. As an incentive to completely clear Rifts, maybe another kill meter should appear after we’re done with the Guardian. This would show how many enemies we still have to kill to completely clear the Rift and we would get an XP and gold rewards proportional to how much enemies we piled up. The minimum would be what we get now.

      • This.
        Putting bonus at the Exit Obelisk, would made people run to the exit, avoiding monsters. Creating new kill meter after the Guardian, would satisfy clear-them-all players.

    11. If the OP wants to have HIS rift, then let he make it in HIS PRIVATE game. Noone will close it for him then. Simple as that.

      People are closing the rift because there is gold and exp bonus. They want to close the rift before they left the game. if the bonus was moved to the guardian, then everybody could leave the game without the need to close the rift.

      Not closing the rift before you go is not efficient.

      And i get rift fragments faster then i can spend them, they are not scarce, so the entire “my rift” argument is moot.

      Having to talk to orek by all players would be solution, but it woukd be inconsistent with how all the other events in game work. Maybe vote option similar to when you enter boss fight would be better. If all players agree on closing then the rift is closed, if not then it stays open. This plus giving the bonus at the guardian death.

      btw. are devs reading this at all?

      • “Not closing the rift before you go is not efficient.”

        Not necessarily true. Rifts are random and sometimes you get a map full of enemies (usually Cursed Hold or Briarthorn Cemetery). In that case I think closing the Rift is a crime. 🙂

        “btw. are devs reading this at all?”

        I’ve seen Grimiku here before.

      • I don’t know if you have noticed but there is NO private game!!! The current “Private game” is OPEN to all 149 OTHER members of your clan… Solution to question is: Have Blizzard make a TOTALLY PRIVATE game, with additional players by INVITATION ONLY!!!

    12. In my opinion, current system is perfect. The only thing which is lacking is the obelisk reward. It’s not there when it should be, and it is the ultimate cause of the fuzz.

    13. I don’t play in public games, but the answer seems pretty obvious; remove the XP and gold reward from the rift closing, and have it awarded on boss kill. Then, when a player attempts to close the rift (presumably to start a new one) a message can prompt the other players: “Do you wish to keep the portal open?” (maybe charge a runestone to do so?). When player X, who really wants to clear that rift, says “Yes”, the remaining players can either stay with that player, or perhaps they’ll leave the game to create more rifts, if they don’t want to wait.

      • Exactly that. The award should be on rift guardian kill not on rift closing. That should solve most of the problems. I want to close the rift only when i need to live that game and i want my bonus exp.

    14. Well there is always possible to find people that swim against the flow. But there are some very simple solutions for this problem:
      -play solo
      -play with friends (or at least people you know won’t screw you over)
      -let other people open the rift (so you won’t actually lose any fragments)

      I think we got plenty of restrictions and hand holding. Also normal bounty farming is easy so the rift stones are not hard to come by.

    15. Question #3: Why does having a Rift closed in a group before you have a chance to clear it (if you prefer that option) bother you or frustrate you? From a personal perspective, how does it negatively affect your gameplay? (Or does it even affect you?)

      Blizzard again 100% retard mode?

      Maybe because it was you who gave us bonus legendary droprate in rift and that we dont have unlimited rift fragments? Can you put these two things together blizzard? Or is it simply too much and I will have to explain it like to 3 year old?

      • It’s not retarded at all. Actually is a very good question if you’re looking for an alternative solution to #1 and #2.

        Find out what’s really bothering people => find a meaningfull solution for everybody.

    16. Yeah,make rift slower than they are already because of the slow noobs. Still dont know why they had to add the opening “casting” animation before one opens,it was so cool and quick before the patch…

    17. It’s really not a problem. 30 seconds is plenty of time for you to deal with your loot issues. If you like to spend a long time emptying your inventory, then just go sell when the rift is at 80% and then come back before the boss spawns. The current system is perfect. The downside of sometimes people closing it immediately isn’t as bad as the downside for other options. You think being “griefed” into missing a few champion packs is an issue, try someone not closing the rift and you having to join a new game because they went afk or are trolling you. If you’re so low on rift fragments that you need to milk every champ out of rifts, you need to either not play public games or do more bounties. It’s a shame people feel the need to complain about every minutia in this game rather than just accepting it as is and playing around it.

    18. The only time I stay in a rift is if it is one of the super dense ones and it is worth farming. Otherwise new rift and more forgotten souls (hopefully). Thankfully with the new clan system I don’t have to pub game any longer so this type of “trol” behavior is non existent for me. I group more now in 2.0/ROS than I ever did in vanilla and enjoying every minute of it.

    19. Just have it only be closeable by the person that opened it, please no more further extensive timers. I was already annoyed by the cast they added last patch to opening them.

    20. I would like to be able to close the rift I opened.

      Most of the legendaries I got from rifts came from elite hunting after the rift guardian (sounds weird, but it happened a lot).

      So, If I created the game and opened the rift, I would like to run around dispatching the last elites in the map.

      Examples: The giant jail. That place has an elite every few yards. I like clearing that out before jumping to the next.
      There are levels I wouldn’t mind closing ASAP though. When the elite count is low, then I don’t mind

      • “Most of the legendaries I got from rifts came from elite hunting after the rift guardian (sounds weird, but it happened a lot).”

        I wouldn’t say most, but this happened to me a few times as well. Also, it’s not weird at all. However, it’s important to consider that a Legendary could easily in the next Rift you open as well and then at least you’re also working toward your next Guardian. The way things are set up right now if your Rift is below average in enemy density, then purely from an item farming perspective clearing it is a waste of time.

    21. I’m with you, HardRock. I only do full clears if the stage we’re in at the time is hoppin’ with elites/champs or shrines (nemesis bracers). I’m not chasing wasps around the desert ever again!

      As for a new system to close the rift, I guess I’m an edge case in that I almost exclusively play with a pretty consistent group of people. We actually talk to each other, and come to an agreement on whether we should close or not. In fact, it’s mostly people from INC2 Clan! I’ve had more fun in the last month because of the Clan system than the entirety of D3v.


      Yeah, it’s fine the way it is now. Don’t like it? Man, that’s too bad. The fact that someone can be that angry about such a minor detail is a horrifying sight within our gaming community…

      • *** Not to mention that taking ownership of “My Rift” negates the whole community aspect of playing this game. It’s our rift… well… it’s Blizzard’s rift.

    23. Fix here is simple. When the guardian dies, display a counter of how many goblins, resp chests, and elites remain in the rift. Right now there is no way to know exactly what you miss if you close immediately. If there are 10+, I think the problem fixes itself.

      In my experience, clearing the rest doesn’t provide more than simply starting anew. But there is the odd chance the next level has the infamous goblin pack. People will not close if the remaining monsters look enticing.

    24. The way I see it, the problem is really about maximizing rewards for rift keys spent.

      I think the current system works well enough for everyone to collect loot before it closes, with the possible exception of maxed out blood shards leaving a pile behind. But if a rift gets closed before being cleared, the only person it should bother is the person who opened it, since they are the one that is missing out on any potential rewards for the use of [b]their[/b] keys. Everyone else is getting to use a “free” rift.

      So, in addition to the other possible solutions listed in this thread, my suggestion is that if a player other than the one who opens a rift wants to close it, they should have to reimburse the “owner” of the rift for doing so. This could be done simply by making an automatic personal drop (next to Orek) of 5 keys from their inventory designated for the “owner” of the rift. If they don’t have 5 keys, they cannot close the rift.

      This would basically make it so the player who cares the least about using their keys would be the one to use them for creating rifts for the party.

      On a related note, does anyone else get annoyed when your salvaging is interrupted (reset) by a rift as it closes?

    25. Well, I’ve been playing mostly solo so I don’t have this issue, but it sounds like a combination of “only the owner can close the Rift” and “attach bonuses to Rift Guardian instead” would work best. Why both? Well, if you do “owner closes” only, there’s still the potential for people to troll by opening a pub game, running the Rift and then going afk. Also, if they made it where the others can click on Orek to get their rewards but not close the Rift, then you’re penalizing the Rift owner for wanting to keep it open longer, because once they click on him, the countdown starts.

      As for the questions from Lylirra:

      1. It depends, but typically I like to see “how deep the rabbit hole goes.” While I haven’t had a “Treasure Gobbie Level” yet, I have had the “Dense Elite/Champion Packs Level,” and it was either on the final level or the one after; I can’t remember. Plus, with the new Legendary drop rate increase, why not stick around for a bit?

      2. I don’t have a real clear answer for what I’d want, but what I DON’T want is for it to become manditory to kill every enemy before the Guardian spawns. There are many reasons for this: people who have more floors/mobs will probably feel cheated because they had to do more work, one mob could be hiding somewhere and you’d have to search EVERY floor to find it if it’s missed, you’d have to search every inch of the Rift floors/levels that have a really low density (these are typically the only floors I try to find the exit right away,) and I don’t want the Rifts to become a specific number of floors (randomness is good.) I thought that maybe a small bonus for killing additional mobs would work, but it would be hard to balance, and we already have an increased Legendary drop rate, so I think that’s good enough. Oh, and please don’t increase the closing timer; 30 seconds is plenty. I’m not saying that something else couldn’t be done for multiplayer (like voting, as many people have suggested,) but as a solo player I don’t want to be penalized or feel I “have to” leave the game to dodge an increased timer. Maybe I got good bounties but wanted to clear some Rifts first?

      3. Again I mostly play solo right now, but many people have spoken out with reasons why it affects them: they need more time for vendors/salvage/inventory sorting, their desire to continue clearing the Rift, etc.

      • For my answer to Q1, when I said “final level,” I meant the one that the Guardian appeared on.

    26. The simplest solution, as already mentioned above: rift closes when everyone talks to Orek.

    27. Why aren’t there Cursed Chests, Cursed Shrines, and other weird random events inside Rifts? If they’re supposed to be so random, to make you vary your play and build, how you approach the game, why do the end up making it the same old stuff, an AoE nuke fest against hordes of zerg? Where are the Crumbling Vaults, the catapult winches, the ancient machine in the Desolate Sands, the Lost Weapon in the Battlefields of Eternity? Even split farming cheese is more varied and different than Rifts are right now. If Rifts are supposed to be the end game, the end game cannot be this one-dimensional.

    28. QUOTE

      As an incentive to completely clear Rifts, maybe another kill meter should appear after we're done with the Guardian. This would show how many enemies we still have to kill to completely clear the Rift and we would get an XP and gold rewards proportional to how much enemies we piled up. The minimum would be what we get now.

      I think this the best idea to both solve this problem & encourage people to clear rifts

    29. Sure fire SOLUTION to question:
      Have Blizzard make a TRULY PRIVATE game…
      1. Private game
      2. Clan ONLY game
      3. Public game
      ALL questions, complaints, and trolling then become MOOT!!!

    30. Running rifts is one of my favorite things to do because of the randomization and the increased legendary drops and more.

      However, it really isn’t beneficial to run them after killing the boss. It just isn’t. It’s much more beneficial to close, open another one, and be working towards spawning a boss on a new rift rather than clearing out the old rift.

      “All the benefits of a rift + boss is being generated” vs “all the benefits of the rift except no boss is being generated”…this comparison is always going to fall to making a new rift as being more beneficial than clearing the old one. Every. Single. Time.

      They need to make it more beneficial to clear the rift you’re in rather than start a new one. And then, just like how you can’t close a rift until the boss is killed, they need to make it so that you can’t close the rift until it’s “cleared.”

      Then there wouldn’t be a problem.

      The current design is bad for that reason, because it is actually MORE rewarding to NOT experience the additional content (the rift beyond the boss). So you have one group of players that like the additional content wanting to play a different way than the group of players that want to be efficient, and one group has the power to trump the other by closing the rift, and so there is antagonism.

      • The only other suggestion I can make is the cost of closing a rift is opening another rift, and shifting the ‘complete quest’ xp reward to the boss kill. If you don’t have enough fragments to open another rift, you can’t close the one that’s currently open.

    31. QUOTE

      Sure fire SOLUTION to question:
      Have Blizzard make a TRULY PRIVATE game... 
      1. Private game
      2. Clan ONLY game
      3. Public game
      ALL questions, complaints, and trolling then become MOOT!!!

      Disable quick join.

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