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    The Blues keep answering questions about Kanai’s Cube, and so far they’ve filled in most of the details. The main issue (which people are still posting questions about) is that you can obtain the orange text legendary property from items via the cube, but 3 of them at once, and only 1 each from jewelry, armor, and weapon/off-hand. You can not get the orange bonus from 2 pieces of armor at once, 2 weapons at once, etc, and it’s just the orange bonus; you don’t get credit towards item sets by putting one item in, etc.

    A few new replies from Travis Day on B.net this morning:

    Does this mean that the cube will store every item sacrificed to it and you choose from a drop down list what passive you’d like to use? If so, the stash saving applications for this item are incredible and the ability to find a usable ancient weapon for your class / spec has effectively doubled.
    Travis: The primary function of the cube is to serve as a collection system to allow you to accumulate powers from items and then assign the powers you want to use. This has a lot of benefits one of which is hopefully to help free up some of that stash space that players, like me, are using to save cool items “just in case”. Now instead of keeping 1 of every cool item in my stash you can simply extract its power for later use.

    Anytime you extract a power from an item it is added to your collection of powers. You can enabled any power you have ever extracted, within each specific game type. To assign powers you will access the cube in town and from there are able to allocate whatever power you like based on the 1 Weapon, 1 Armor, 1 Jewelry rule of the cube.

    I’m really excited to see what kind of awesome builds everyone comes up with now that they have far more options at their disposal!

    Ancestor’s Grace can’t be extracted into the cube and it is not a season only feature.

    So now, I’m wondering how the game will track Legendary abilities that have roll ranges? Store all the ranges you’ve melted down? Over-write with the best one?
    Travis Day: Powers that are extracted into the cube are extracted at their maximum power.

    I’m surprised at the loss of RNG by just extracting powers at their maximum range. Some items have a huge range of values, and I figured we’d be hunting perfect rolls in our legs to put the best possible value into the Cube.

    As for Ancestor’s Grace, that’s not unexpected, but a bit lame. On the podcast last night we had fun joking about how HC players could hoard that amulet and then keep feeding new ones into the Cube every time they died. Like candy! Hardcore LifeSavers! Oh well…

    One question I’ve yet to see anyone ask or reply to. What about Twinking? Are powers you’ve already added to the Cube available to a brand new level 1 character? Do they enable at preset levels like passives at 10, 20, 30, 70? Do they preserve the level req of the item you fed into the Cube (i.e. if you find a Calamity at level 42, that’s the level req when you could enable it on a new char via the Cube.) Personally, I’d say just make them available at level 70 as this is an endgame feature — on the other hand, having them from level 1 would make twinking pretty fun.

    There have been dozens of other Blue replies to questions about Kanai’s Cube posted in B.net comments, B.net forums, Twitter, and elsewhere, and if you want to know it all, you need to read them all. We’ve been collecting them in our original Patch 2.3 article with most of these, but as that post is several down the page by now, here’s the full reprint.

    Click through for dozens of additional info tidbits about everyone’s favorite new Reaper of Souls artifact-object.

    How many passives can we use at same time ? Does it will take passive skill slot to equip ?
    Tyvalir: There’s been some confusion about how these passives work, so let me clarify.

    With the current plan, the passives you get by breaking down Legendary items with special effects in Kanai’s Cube do not replace passive skills on your character, but are instead part of a separate set of passives that are specifically stored within the cube. You can store as many special effects as possible in the cube, but only a limited number can be active at a given time (currently, this is three: one weapon effect, one armor effect, and one jewelry effect). Hope that helps!

    Can i Test it by loading the ptr now?
    Tyvalir: It’s not quite out yet. We’ll have an announcement going out when it does – both here on our official news feed and on our social channels – so that you won’t miss it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I am guessing these changes will herald in the new season correct?
    Tyvalir: Yep! Our current plan is to patch between Seasons.

    That cube tho ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Tyvalir: There are several neat functions we currently have planned for Kanai’s Cube that wouldn’t quite fit into one blog (at least, without crowding out everything else). You’ll get to see some of these for yourself once the PTR hits, and we’ll be sharing more info on the Cube itself in the near future. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So glad that Realm of Trials is going away, but really curious about how it will be replaced.
    Tyvalir: The nutshell summary, based on the current iteration (which could change during the PTR), is that when you beat a Greater Rift level within a certain time limit, it automatically unlocks the next highest Greater Rift level permanently, with no need to go through a Trial each time. That said, we’ll have more details to share on Adventure Mode changes in the near future. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Example, can we combine Unity Ring, Hexing Pants and Corrupted Ashbringer and get all the secondary affixes from them all rolled in to one awesome extra passive? or do we have to choose one at a time as the “5th” passive. Also, can we use Amulets in the ring slot or just rings?
    Tyvalir: Basically, you can have any number of Legendary effects stored in the cube at a given time (but not duplicates), and can have three effects active at a time – one weapon, one armor and one jewelry effect. These are separate from your character’s normal passive skills, so they work alongside them rather than replacing them. All of this is subject to iteration and changes, but that’s the current plan!

    is there ANY idea whether or not my trial keys will keep once 2.3 comes and i can just use those for my grifting? I seriously have a mule dedicated exclusively to all the trial keys ive racked up id be sad if they all left
    Tyvalir: Great question! Giving a full answer would require diving into all the changes that are coming in Adventure Mode (since they interlock with one another). For now, I can say that the current plan is for Trial Keys to still be valuable after Patch 2.3.0, so don’t get rid of them just yet!

    I wonder why not re-balance Normal-T6 rather than stack four more difficulty levels? –@Jaetch
    One reason: so that returning players wouldn’t feel weaker by not being able to do a difficulty they used to be able to. –@donvu4u

    Excited to see what build ends up benefiting most from Kanai’s Cube. Anyone have a better combo than Carnevil w/ Mask of Jeram + SMK + RoRG? –@_JohnYang

    Powers extracted via the cube are accessible the same way that paragon levels are. They are account wide per game type, Normal, Hardcore, Seasonal Normal, Seasonal Hardcore.

    You can only assign powers that you would normally be able to use so no Calamity on Barbs or Flying Dragon on Demon Hunters.

    No double dipping, you can only have one instance of a power active. Also the Hellfire Amulet passives cannot be extracted via the cube. —Travis Day

    So items that require a shield block to proc can still proc if they are not using a shield? Does it become an on hit proc? That’s incredible.
    Travis Day: Hellskull increases damage while wielding a 2h weapon. That power can be used without requiring a shield to be equipped. If you want to trigger an on block effect from a power you will need a way to block or it won’t be able to trigger.

    Follow up. Earlier Grim mentioned Leoric’s Crown which begs the question: How does that work? It relies on specifying a gem type. Does it prompt the user to pick which gem type the effect should boost when selected? Similar situation with the Broken Crown. Does it require the user to have a gem in their helm and that is what is used in the passive effect?
    Travis Day: In both of these cases it will give you the benefit based on whatever gem you have socketed into your helm.

    Will it indicate which special powers are still missing?
    Grimiku: The current plan is that it will so that players know what Legendary items they’re still missing. Of course, it’s still a work in progress. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Everything clear yet? The only question I’ve still got, aside from the Twinking level-req thing, is about Set items with Orange properties. Can those be used in the Cube? Krelm’s Belt or Bracers, for instance. (Not to get the set bonus via the Cube; just the orange legendary affix.)

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