The drop quality of Purple Unique bosses got nerfed, but what about purple Treasure Goblins? Shouldn’t they still drop like goblins, rather than purples? 1) Yes they should. 2) No they don’t.

    I just ran into a giant purple treasure goblin named Snitchy. I thought the resent nerf to purple mobs wasn’t supposed to affect named goblins but it certainly did. He dropped a single uncommon item. Pretty weak.
    Grimiku: Interesting. Thanks for taking the time to post this, and I plan on passing this feedback along to see what the developers have to say about it. On one hand Snitchley is a rare unique monster (and unique monsters aren’t designed to drop the extra loot a Treasure Goblin is), but on the other hand he is a Treasure Goblin. Thanks again, and good luck hunting in Sanctuary!

    Grimiku: Ok, I have some additional information to share about Snitchley. As you may already know there was a recent change to unique monsters so that they now drop the same treasure that elites and champions do. However, this change was not intended to affect the unique Treasure Pygmies that you sometimes find, and that’s exactly how it’s currently working.

    Snitchley is a little different, though. He’s a named unique monster, and is currently dropping the same appropriate treasure as other unique/elite/champion monsters. We’re passing along your feedback about his loot, though, and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts about it with us.

    unique-treasure-goblin2I wouldn’t agree, but I could see argument made that Snitchly shouldn’t drop like a goblin, since he’s a bounty target, is extra large, doesn’t fight back like a monster or escape as quickly as a normal goblin, etc. But Bliz must fix this for randomly-spawning Unique goblins, who act exactly like normal non-purple goblins, right up until they die and drop crap.

    I got one last night while doing a bounty in the Dhalgur Oasis, and after I ran him down amidst a horde of Fallen and he only dropped a couple of yellow items and a gem, Flux was…


    Elsewhere, Blue addressed a question about Whimsyshire.

    Whimsyshire. Are people still doing this? if so, efficiency? Can you use the old Infernal Herding Staff with this?
    Grimiku: Whimsyshire was always intended to be more of a hidden area that players do just for fun as opposed to a sweet place to farm. However, if you have an old Staff of Herding from before patch 2.0.1 then it will still work to open up the dungeon. Also, it doesn’t matter what version of the staff you have since they all work on any difficulty, and at any level.

    cursed-chest-whimsyshire-hell-bovine-smlI have not been to DiabloWikiWhimsyshire in live Reaper of Souls, though I’ve been meaning to go since a reader sent in a picture of him spawning D2-style Hell Bovines from a Cursed Chest. Apparently that’s not a common occurrence, but I keep meaning to run through rainbow land a few times to have some chance to see it.

    In related news, thus far in live RoS I have not seen the Whimsyshire tileset while doing a DiabloWikiNephalem Rift. I got those all the time in Rifts during the beta, so either they’ve been removed, or made much less common, or I’ve just been unlucky. Nor have I see the Whimsyshire “monsters” in normal dungeon levels in Rifts, and those were pretty common during the beta as well. Here are some screens of those situations from Rifts in the beta; are they no more, or have I just RNG’ed out?

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