Blizzard Publishing Panel from Blizzcon 2011

We didn’t pay this one much attention during Blizzcon since 90% of it was about other Blizzard properties, but Fmulder points us to a version of the Blizzard publishing panel, edited to only show the 5 minutes that focused on Diablo III stuff.

There is sound, but it’s very low so you have to turn up all your volume settings to make it audible.

The first three minutes cover the DiabloWikiBook of Cain which Metzen flips through on stage while talking about the new and improved *cough recton cough* Diablo III origin lore. The next minute covers the Sword of Justice comic book. The last 30 seconds or so is a brief mention of The Order, the first Diablo III novel.

We posted news about that a couple of months ago, when the book was first listed on, though it wasn’t even titled at that point. Now it is, and it’s called “The Order,” a name that apparently refers to the DiabloWikiHoradrim). The book is by Nate Kenyon, whose previous work has been more horror than fantasy, and from what they say during this bit of the panel, it sounds like that’s the theme of this book as well. If a darker, grittier novelization of the Diablo world is your thing, it sounds like you will be in luck.

The full panel can be seen here.

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3 thoughts on “Blizzard Publishing Panel from Blizzcon 2011

  1. >:3 I have never ever felt the urge to jerk something off a guy’s lap, this strongly at least, before now.

  2. It seems like Blizzard want to reset the whole of Diablo lore and bring it on par with Warcraft and Starcraft. I agree with them because D1&2’s lore are chessy as hell.

    • Not really reset all of it… just add/modify some to flesh it out more in the context of the rest of the story… from reading what little has been made accessible, I am quite liking the new origin lore about the creation of Heaven and Hell… it reminded me somewhat of the LotR universe creation lore…

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