Blizzard on PTR Buggy Gem Upgrade Costs

A fan pointed out the painfully high Demonic Essence costs for gem upgrades on the PTR, and got a reassuring reply from a Blue tech support.

The gold price is ok because you won’t be able to buy gold anymore in the pre-expansion patch. The gem cost remained the same but the Demonic Essence cost.. It’s out of control. The lower level gems shouldn’t have a Demonic Essence cost at all in my opinion. It would be great to have a demonic essence cost attached to the Star gems and onwards. Also, it would be very suitable if they didn’t make them as expensive as they were now.

Yet I do agree that it should be challenging to get the materials yourself, but isn’t this a bit too rough?
Wuluxar: I juust wanted to quickly jump in to thank you for bringing this valid concern up. The Demonic Essence cost connected with gem combining was actually a bug – this will be fixed in a future patch for the PTR. The DE cost will be 0.

A couple of days ago a friend who didn’t have a lot of Demonic Essences stored up from Diablo 3 (and thus copied over to RoS) asked me what I thought about the crazy amount of DEs required to upgrade gems, and that he had stacks of Marquise and no way to upgrade any to Imperial. I hadn’t even noticed the problem since 1) I hadn’t upgraded many gems since the patch changed the prices, and 2) I had huge stacks of DEs in my inventory copied over from D3v (because DEs are account bound and thus I couldn’t sell them off when I liquidated everything else once the RoS beta showed how worthless almost all carried over D3v gear would be).

So I got on just now to compare the DE prices on high level gems… and it’s already fixed! Sometime yesterday or today Blizzard hotfixed the DE cost out of Marquise and higher level gems in Reaper of Souls, though it remains in the cost for gem upgrades up to Marquise. (Not that anyone in RoS will ever bother to upgrade gems below Marquise, since they drop constantly past about level 63.)

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9 thoughts on “Blizzard on PTR Buggy Gem Upgrade Costs

  1. I have some DEs (250something), but I don’t have gems. Played PTR for a while before start leveling a monk from the scratch and the gem drops were terrible, imo.

    I got 2-3 legendaries and 1 flawless square diamond (maybe 1 FS of each). I would love do upgrade the gems on the alts, but most of them are stuck with FS due to inexistent drops.

    I really don’t see Flawless Squares anymore, but I have to play more to conclude something.

  2. The problem I have right now is that DE barely drop on PTS. When leveling new character I have problems with crafting new items, since I level up faster then DE drops.

    Also I’ve noticed that playing on my 60lvl Barb I get much less DE then when leveling new character.

    • For leveling up, besides twinking (cain’s, hellfire ring, rubies etc.), you’re better of relying on vendors with surprisingly good rares and smart drops. Everything else fells broken pre-max level (I won’t go full glass half-empty and say “everything else is/will be broken pre lvl 70” right now…)

      Judging by the tooltips, if you play on normal you will have the same DE drop rate you have on master, so maybe on normal you won’t “outlevel the DE drop rate”. (Imo, higher difs. should drop more essences, if they don’t. And it seems they don’t…)

  3. I didn’t get into the beta; tried the ptr for several days. I had around 130 Demonic Essense saved. I tried everything, crafted a lot to see if results would be better. They weren’t though.

    Legendary drops were non-existant and our built-in MF is now gone. So, I set out to make one decent Topaz for helms in hopes to improve my legendary drop rate.

    I quickly ran out of DE and was thinking how terrible it was that they were Mat costs for gem upgrades.

    SO, this is very decent news. One less thing to be concerned with in the expansion

    • OK … I just signed on to the PTR and played for a bit … you’re mistaken. They haven’t fixed this … still a high DE cost for gems. 🙁

      • Maybe it’s only for the level 60+ recipes? I can’t check it out though. I definitely still have DE requirements on my pre-Marquise gem crafts.

        • yeah man, I keep signing on and hoping that the DE requirement will go away so I can make gems on the ptr. But, it’s still there … very lame; impossible to make a gem

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