As with the long thread of replies to questions about Transmog, the Diablo 3 CMs created a long thread with answers to questions about the Mystic DiabloWikiEnchanting. As with the DiabloWikiTransmog thread there’s no *new* reveals to be had, but it’s a good refresher course covering much of the recent info on the topic. Here’s the first post in the thread.

    So when enchanting using the DiabloWikimystic, we get to chose one affix on an item and reroll it into another affix. It was stated that if none of the new options were appealing, the original affix could still be chosen. I am wondering if this can be used to REROLL the original affix? For instance say I have a ring that has 5% IAS. Would I be able to keep the IAS, but reroll it, and possibly get higher?
    Nevalistis: Let’s try an example with completely made up numbers (for science!):

    Let’s say that you have a belt with +50 Fire Resistance on it. Pretend that this item can roll anywhere between +30-+100 Fire Resistance. You decide to reroll this stat.

    Something for you, she is chaaaaaan-ging.

    Something for you, she is chaaaaaan-ging.

    The two random results you get are:

  • +64 Fire Resistance
  • Increase Gold & Health Pickup by 2 Yards
  • This means your final three results that you can pick from are:

  • +50 Fire Resistance (the original stat)
  • +64 Fire Resistance
  • Increase Gold & Health Pickup by 2 Yards
  • You can always choose the original stat, because we wanted to make sure you never end up with a worse item than you started. However, the additional two enchants that proc during enchanting can be the same stat at a lower or higher value than what is currently on the item.

    Enchanting simply rerolls that slot from a pool of available properties. What was on it before numerically has no bearing on what it numerically rolls afterwards. Meaning in my example above, 50 Fire Resist is not directly equivalent to 2 Gold & Health Pickup radius. It could have just as easily rolled a 1 in radius instead. The numbers aren’t related

    TLDR: So long as it’s possible for that item to have a higher value for the property you are trying to reroll (meaning you aren’t already at its cap), it’s possible to roll it higher.

    I probably made this explanation more complicated than it needed to be, but I hope this provides the clarity you were looking for. =)

    That’s about the first 1/10 of the whole very long thread. Click through for many more answers to many more questions about Enchanting.

    But just to clarify Neva, once you reroll one stat on an item, that is the only stat that can be rerolled again, correct?

    I think the one you change can be continually changed, but all other values are locked.
    That is correct!

    For example if I have 50 fire resist, If I keep rerolling can I eventually get a stat I want?
    From a select pool of stats. Not all stats will be available for every swap out. However, you’ll be able to see what pool of stats you’ll be randomly rolling for before you ever enchant the item.

    Can I chose the original option without making the item account bound, and giving me the option to potentially reroll a different stat another time?
    Once you choose to enchant an item, it becomes account bound (even if you choose the pre-existing stat). There’s some risk involved in enchanting, and the “safety nets” for those risks are that you know the item will never shrink in power and you can see what stats are possible for that slot prior to investing in the enchant.

    The science experiment eludes that the stat that is re-rolled will always appear as one of the choices.
    I would have needed to provide an alternative example to show this more clearly, but the stat that is re-rolled will not always appear as an increase/decreased choice. It’s possible, just not 100%. Apologies for any confusion!

    Also, in the event that we choose the original value, does that allow us to then change our mind and which stat we have chosen to select to be re-rolled?
    No, once a stat has been enchanted once, regardless of the outcome, that is the “slot” that’s locked in on that item for enchanting. This is another one of those risks I mentioned earlier. However, you can re-roll that stat as many times as you like for a chance at something more ideal.

    How will rerolling of split primary properties function?
    Split properties have been removed from the pool in the expansion, so you will no longer see them appear on loot drops and they will not be appearing as enchanting procs.

    just to prevent as much backlash as possible….i would recommend a click ok to confirm aspect of the slot selection.
    There currently is an “Ok to confirm” warning when enchanting an item for the first time stating that it will make it Bind on Account. I’ll check to see if a similar warning pops up for the first enchantment on items that are already Bind on Account, but this is good feedback and I’ll pass it on either way!

    Is it possible to see the Enchantment possibilities, back out of the process without having paid anything, re-enchant the item etc. until you see the stats you want before actually paying anything?
    I think you may be overthinking this a bit. 😉

    Select an affix to replace the existing.

    Select an affix to replace the existing.

    So, if you reference the Enchanting preview in our lovely Mystic blog, you can more clearly see what I’m about to reference, specifically in the 4th screenshot down.

    When you’re enchanting an item, you can click on the property you’d like to enchant to bring up a list of Possible Properties. Until you hit the “Select Property” button below, your item is not yet locked in. You can use this preview window for all properties before committing to the enchant.

    Once you hit that button, a list of three properties will show up. These are the ones that proc’d during your enchanting process, and at this point, that property slot is locked in (regardless of which of those three you decide to finalize).

    We’ve gone through a lot of iterations to make sure you know what your options are both before and after locking in your enchant, because we know how important it is for a feature like this to be intuitive. It’ll make a lot of sense when going through the motions. =) Naturally, if you feel there are things we can improve on, we want to hear about it!

    If Split stats don’t exist in the expansion, what will be there to take it’s place?
    I don’t have a specific list available, but items with split stats enchant normally. Say you have a split stat of +97 Str/+64 Vit (again considering I am pulling all these numbers out of nowhere – they aren’t final in any regard). When you choose to reroll that stat, both the Strength and Vitality will be replaced by one of the newly available stats (like 197 Strength, for example). Split stats themselves will not show up as a possible new property when enchanting.

    For legendary items, does this mean ONLY those completely “random magic properties” are rerollable?
    We’re still evaluating a lot of things with the legacy legendaries. But remember that many legendaries as they are in game right now are being redesigned with the pre-expansion patch and Loot 2.0. That redesign has taken Enchanting mechanics into account, so I believe this will be less of an issue. The current design is for all randomly generated stats to be able to be rerolled. Anything special to that item (like the ability to walk through enemies we previewed at BlizzCon) or stats that show up on an item type that don’t normally appear (such as movement speed on Lacuni Prowlers) cannot be rerolled.

    In my opinion players respond better to transparency (including well communicated reasoning behind negative aspects of an overall positive feature) than to opening up a present that was promised to be flawless, only to find out all the limitations that often don´t make sense from a player´s perspective.
    In my experience, I agree wholeheartedly and believe transparency is very important. We’re doing our best to provide as much information as possible. At the same time, we also want to be careful about information that is in heavy fluctuation. Plenty is still being iterated on, and there’s a tendency to overlook that things can (and often will) change.

    So, if certain affix slots are now going to be “Core” stats, and then the other slots “non-core”, will we know what slot is core or not?
    Yes, they are clearly marked as either Primary or Secondary stats on the item in question. Droth’s answers to your other questions are also accurate. =)

    1. Undesirable stats are still undesirable but now they´re forced onto items instead of being more attractive.
    2. The Mystic won´t let me reroll that undesirable stat into any (desirable) stat I want.

    The attractiveness of certain stats is being addressed from multiple angles (including but not limited to new abilities, revisions to how those properties function, or legendary abilities that use these stats in different and meaningful ways). The delineation between Primary/Secondary on items is intended to allow some of these different stats to show up on gear without feeling like you missed out on something potentially better. If there are six possible primary properties for an inventory slot, there’s not really a choice if you are capable of rolling all six. However, if there are six primary stats but you can only roll four of them, there are more situations where you have two options to choose from and you’re not sure which you’re going to take.

    I get the feeling that a lot of these people are just asking questions for the sake of asking questions, as most of these details seem pretty obvious with any common sense consideration to the matter. I guess it shows players are engaged in the new feature, at least.

    If anyone’s wondering and hasn’t heard yet, there was no enchanting possible in the RoS demo. The Mystic was in town in Adventure or Campaign mode, but neither she nor any of the other merchant NPCs were clickable or functional. You could click on Followers, but only to get their first dialogues of Act Five; they were not hireable.

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