Diablo 3 Season 5

    With Season 5 getting underway on 15 January, Blizzard has posted a preview detailing some of the changes for next Season. There are a few things to note including a few reminders of previously mentioned changes.

    Seasonal Legendaries have been removed and they will be available to everyone.

    Haedrig’s Bag has been introduced and is a bundle of Set items which are given as rewards on completion of a “certain stages” of the Season Journey. From Chapter 3, three objectives will reward you with a bag which sill contain two pieces of one of your class sets. By Chapter 4 players should be fully kitted with a class set.

    Be careful, though; each step of the Season Journey will only reward one Haedrig’s Gift (for a total of three bags per Season/one full set of gear), regardless of how many characters you might play in a given Season. Make sure to claim these gifts on the character you want to receive their set!

    The class sets offered in Season 5 are:

    • Barbarian: Might of the Earth
    • Crusader: Thorns of the Invoker
    • Demon Hunter: The Shadow’s Mantle
    • Monk: Monkey King’s Garb
    • Witch Doctor: Raiment of the Jade Harvester
    • Wizard: Firebird’s Finery

    Existing conquests have been updated and new ones have been added.

    The Thrill / Super Human Conquests previously asked players to push the limits of their gear without equipping a class set. With the introduction of more powerful two-piece sets, we’ve decided to up the ante on this challenge by tweaking the rules. In Season 5, you’ll need to complete these Conquests without using a single set item. Save up those Ancients and well-rolled Legendaries—you’re going to need them!

    We’ll continue rotating through different challenging Conquests in Season 5, and you can expect to see the return of a few favorites. Sprinter / Speed Racer makes a triumphant return, as well as Avarice / Avaritia. Finally, Years of War / Dynasty has been updated for the latest levels of class power, now requiring Greater Rift Level 55 Solo to complete.

    Season 5 will introduce cosmetic rewards.

    Starting with Season 5 and moving forward, we will provide a variety of cosmetic rewards, and what type of reward you will receive will rotate with each new Season.

    In addition to the usual exclusive Portrait Frames and pieces of the Conqueror’s Transmogrification set, you will also receive either a pair of wings, an exclusive pennant, or a non-combat pet. For Season 5, players who reach level 70 will receive the Wickerman pet.

    Last but by no means least is a new feature called Season Rebirth where players can take any non-Seasonal character and change them to a Seasonl Caharacter. The character will be stripped of gear which will be mailed to your non-season characters and the character will also be reduced to level 1. The only thing that will be carried over will be character name and time played.

    Important points to note about Rebirth:

    • Gear mailed to your non-Seasonal characters will only be available for reclamation for up to 30 daysfrom the time it is mailed!
    • You may only Rebirth up to three characters per Season.
    • Hardcore characters who have fallen are not eligible to use the Season Rebirth feature.

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