Blizzard Previews Diablo 3 Patch 2.4.1 Changes

Patch 2.4.1.

Patch 2.4.1.

Blizzard has posted a quick preview of some of the gameplay changes coming up in the next patch. These changes will NOT go live during the current season, but will be up for testing on the PTR and will define the gameplay in the next big patch/season. There are several big gameplay changes, including a complete upheaval to the most powerful Greater Rift builds via nerfing the best DPS class (Wizard with Energy Twister) and the best CC/support class (Barbs with Ignore Pain).

Blizzard Previews Diablo 3 Patch 2.4.1 Changes:

We’ve been hard at work on our next patch, which is going to bump us up to version 2.4.1. We’ll have our official PTR patch notes available soon, but we’d like to call out a few specific changes and talk about the philosophy that went into making them.

First, we’ve been looking at the prevalence of Barbarians in group play beyond Greater Rift 80 and how they’re being used. While many classes bring party-based buffs, the damage reduction of Ignore Pain – Mob Rule combined with Pride of Cassius is currently a clear outlier. As a result, we’re reducing the party benefit of Ignore Pain – Mob Rule from 50% to 25%. To ensure this doesn’t harm the overall viability of group play, we’re also reducing the damage of monsters at high Greater Rifts. This allows not only groups with Barbarians to remain near the same levels in terms of incoming damage, but it affords alternative group compositions greater survivability.

Next up, Wyatt recently posted a bit about Taeguk. We are making some significant changes to Taeguk, as well as some other Legendary Gems.

First up, for Taeguk:

  • Taeguk will now only work for channeled powers
  • Taeguk will now stack more quickly, but also drop off more quickly. The maximum is now ten stacks, and you’ll now lose the stack after 1.5 seconds instead of 3 seconds
  • The Armor % component of Taeguk has been changed to 2% per stack
  • The idea here is that Taeguk will complement those moments when you’re channeling and need an extra boost. You probably won’t have Taeguk up all the time, but it won’t hurt as much when your stacks fall off as you’ll build them up much more quickly. And while the Armor % reduction will affect survivability, the reduced monster damage at higher Greater Rifts will help to balance this out. We’ll have much more to share soon on changes to other gems, which will help to make as many gems as possible work as reasonable substitutes for Taeguk.

    Finally, we are changing both Twisted Sword and Solanium. What we’ve seen from group compositions is a playstyle based around Wizards spamming Energy Twister, while the group spams Health Globe generation. We’ve received a ton of feedback on these, and we agree completely that manipulation of the generation of health globes is not good for the game. Here’s what we’re changing:

  • Solanium is getting an internal cooldown (ICD) of 8 seconds
  • Twisted Sword is getting a cap at 5 Energy Twisters
  • This means a couple of things for users of these items. For Solanium users, you’ll still be able to generate additional health globes, but this removes any possibility of the current health globe spamming mechanics moving forward. For Twisted Sword users, Wizards who use the skill in the course of their normal playstyle shouldn’t see much of a change. However, the exponential scaling made possible by Energy Twister spamming won’t be possible anymore.

    In short, you should be able to play support builds, and your Wizard should feel powerful. What we found with both of the above cases, though, is a negative effect on group dynamics and class playstyle. We’ll be taking all of your feedback during PTR to ensure we’ve hit our goals here. And, of course, thanks for all of your feedback on Patch 2.4.0.

    With minor balancing changes like this will we need to pick up new versions of legendary items // gems to have the changed effects or will they take effect retroactively on the 2.4 versions?
    Kazua: The changes to Taeguk, Twisted Sword, and Solanium will be retroactive.

    is this patch going to be live in season 5 later or its targeted for next season?
    Kazua: We won’t be dropping the live 2.4.1 patch mid-season. The PTR patch will most likely be happening while Season 5 is still active, but that of course won’t affect any of your Season 5 heroes.

    So what’s going to happen to the non-channeling builds that currently use Taeguk? Will you add new legendary gems in 2.4.1?
    Kazua: We’re taking a look at some of the other Legendary gems as well to open up as many viable alternatives as we can. More on that soon!

    Obviously we’ll need players to try things out on the PTR, but in theory I can’t complain about some shakeup to the high end party status, with every single group on the high end of the Leaderboard currently comprised of the exact same characters and builds. It’ll also be interesting to see the changes to other Legendary Gems, since the changes listed above mean that every non-channeling build now using Taeguk will be seeking another option. Please don’t send us back to Bane of the Powerful for lack of anything better/more interesting!

    Also note that we spent a good half hour debating LGem changes and theorycrafting fixes/improvements to others in last weeks’ podcast, if you want a lot more thoughts on that issue.

    What do you guys think of these proposed changes? Excite for the PTR, and news about other changes in the patch?


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    1. As a wizard it does feel nice to be at the top of the food chain for GR groups. However, I still don't know how they could have let the twisted sword leave QA without a cap on the twister damage bonus. Was completely mind boggling to me.

    2. Didn't they ask for feedback on Taeguk as recently as a couple/3 weeks ago? Why, if they already knew what they were going to do? (I'd like to think they actually integrated the feedback that quick, but that would be unusually fast for blizz).

      • Maybe they had a strong idea what they wanted to do, but wanted to get a feel for what the community thought would be reasonable, or perhaps someone in the community had a better idea or an idea they could be integrated to their solution to make it better?

    3. The changes are expected, and not awful. Some tweaks to sets here and there to balance them so that each 6-piece gives roughly several hundred % damage and 50% damage mitigation, so we can pick one of the 4 or 5 Blizzard-approved flavours of ice-cream, to create this bizarre and rather empty idea of 'Diversity'. Same old, same old. Band-aids as far as the eye can see. I think I'm finally crossing the Event Horizon, that line of no return, towards the point of Not Giving a Fuck About This Game Anymore. Shame.

    4. It is a good point if they stop adding new sets. This design is completely flawed… There are more builds in HotS than in RoS. Beginning to wish for a "story mode" in HotS…

      • I was going to mention that in the news post, but didn't want to bogart the topics. 

        So, we've got 4 viable (relatively) 6P sets for all classes now… that seems like about the reasonable limit; more than that is too much farming, too much stash space, too hard to balance them all, etc.  So how do they keep adding new builds and new varieties of play in patches, with the current macro game so based on 6p sets and legendary items that modify or greatly improve them?

        • To my mind, they could firstly enlarge the scope of sets to other skills. E.g. marauder set could work with spike traps also (not both at the same time): Trap builds. Delsere coud work with caltrop and "mark for death": CC build. The shadow mantle could work with all non bow skills: Non bow build. Secondly, they could move the "thoughness part" of the set to either another set or remove it completely and let us choose another way to improve toughness. With this, they could move the 6P bonus to a 4P bonus so that players could mix both sets if they want. Then, they would need to bring much more legendary items power to upgrade toughness. And, though I am not such a big fan of that, they can keep the one item per skill system. Somehow, this looks like a skill enabler, like the first announced rune system where you had to find a rune to enable a  more powerful variant of the skill (more powerful because, except for DH and crusader, no skill as a use for the "no rune" choice).

      • Build diversity in hots. Hahaha tell another joke.

    5. Play Grim Dawn instead guys. It’s actually harder and you actually have “builds” to set yourself into.

      • The game is fun (backed Kickstarter) but skill system is prety crappy. Very onesided and not many valid options. Just like Titan Quest.

        • you must have played an old version — the addition of the Devotion system has improved the build selection immensely — its made the game SO much better

    6. Exactly what @GUFF said.

      Ideally, players can for a month or two theorycraft different builds to find what’s most OP. Yet with the advent of Twisted Sword, from the onset, this was absolutely the most viable slot for GR pushing. It’s almost as if (being slightly facetious now) devs are TELLING players how to play the game.

    7. I tried grim dawn and almost vomited when I saw the graphics. Then there's the animations. I actually think D2's animations are better.

    8. I'd recommend people switching from Taeguk to Bane of the Trapped, but EVERY SINGLE BUILD IN GRIFT HISTORY WAS ALREADY USING BANE OF THE TRAPPED.

    9. Yeah they are so \hard at Work\ For three or 4 changes that they could colapse. seriously – Blizzard is becoming and behaving more and more like a Dinosaur – too slow and heavy. While Games like Path of Exile or Grim Daen get patches and tweaks every week Blizzard takes months to introduce new ideas and not to mention Bugs Fixes – that dont happen.

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