Blizzard press conference set for Gamescom – Expansion news?

Blizzard press conference set for Gamescom – Expansion news?

Gamescom gets underway in Cologne in just over a week and this year Blizzard are holding another press conference on Wednesday 5th. It was a couple of years ago at Gamescom that Reaper of Souls was announced as the first expansion so can we expect another expansion announcement this year? There’s been plenty of rumours flying around that now could indeed be the time.

Every game except Diablo 3?
Every game except Diablo 3?
Of course we don’t know what’s going to happen and your guess is as good as ours at the moment. There’s usually an indication of what the announcements could be, if there will be any, a few days before the conference. The speculation at the moment is that a new WoW expansion or Diablo 3 expansion could be possible announcements.

With BlizzCon happening later this year, if there was to be a WoW expansion, it would likely happen there as that event is usually far more WoW focussed than Diablo

All previous Diablo announcements have happened in Europe, the game announcement at WWI in 2008 and the Reaper of Souls expansion at Gamescom in 2013 so perhaps that’s something to think about.

The press conference kicks off at midday on the 5th so if you’re intrigued then keep an eye out for an announcement and also look over this previous speculation post.

Thanks Nobbie.

Update: Note that Blizzard’s Gamescom promo image shows all of their current games… except for Diablo 3. Notable by its absence? (The ghost winged Diablo skeleton in the back is from Heroes of the Storm.)

Also, as Nobbie points out in comments, there’s a new and unsourced rumor that D3X2 is going to be called “The Dark Prophet.” There’s no firm base for the rumor, but it does satisfy the “always three or four words” criteria for the name of a Blizzard expansion (though it lacks “of” as the middle word, which is unusual… why not “Prophet of the Dark?”)

Also, the lore and story of the the Enchantress follower focuses heavily on a mysterious figure known as “The Prophet,” who recruited the Enchantresses around 1500 years ago, and who we eventually learn was the Angel Inarius in disguise. Click through for videos telling his lore and story.

Update #2: Alas, Gamescom is set to be WoWCon

Inarius history and lore.

Double followers scenes and story. The Enchantresses talk a bit about The Prophet at 6:50.

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    58 thoughts on “Blizzard press conference set for Gamescom – Expansion news?

    1. If it does happen to be a new expansion, I hope they just go balls to the wall with it.  A huge new act, a new customization system as game changing as the runes/runewords were in LoD, two new classes, the works.  I feel like the slow trickle of free new stuff over the past year makes this less likely, but I also feel it REQUIRES the expansion to be bigger, because otherwise it just looks like a slightly larger patch that I have to pay for.

      • I agree. But in addition to new–systems, classes, act–I would love to see a complete review of the old. Review all skills, passives, items and make them fit with the state of the game the expansion would bring. I'd personally like to see the end of infinite scaling systems–GRs, paragon levels, etc. Instead I'd like to see true build diversity and more things to do. Instead of doing the same thing over and over again, just 13% harder.

        • Yeah, I think I feel the same way.  One of the things that always pushed me forward in Diablo 2 was wanting to complete the Pandemonium Event solo.  I grinded to build a Zealot Paladin specifically designed to survive and bring down the Ubers.  I then had a Necro who was good at farming Nihilithak and an Amazon built to zap through the Arcane Sanctuary (Pally took care of the Countess), so I could farm keys.  All in all, when I finally did that, I felt like I had "beaten" the game.Now I feel like that's lacking, as no matter what I do, there's always something higher that I'll never beat.

    2. There's a rumor going on since last week that "The Dark Prophet" is allegedly the next WoW expansion. Some personal thoughts on this: The author of the "leak" (who seems to have a Blizzard source because he had "forecast" details of WoD before its announcement) might just have been creative on the "Eye of Azshara" trademark, which was filed by Blizzard last November and which was briefly visible via the TM View trademark database. I consider this just wishful thinking on his part, though, because WoD is rather unpopular among WoW fans. The chance that WOWX6 premieres at gamescom is smaller than 1%.That said, "The Dark Prophet" may actually have been leaked to him prior to gamescom, where many fans expect – after 2 years of waiting – the premiere of the second Diablo 3 expansion. While the title "The Dark Prophet" would be untypical for a WoW expansion, it perfectly fits the naming tradition of Diablo expansions ("Lord of Destruction" (Baal), "Reaper of Souls" (Malthael)). Is "The Dark Prophet" referring to the rogue archangel Inarius? Will Lilith, Mephisto, Rathma, and the Nephalem perhaps play a role? If Rathma is in, is the Necromancer (or a Necro hybrid) the next cass and not the Druid? Lorewise, Inarius would be spot on after the events of RoS. Also, the current HotS Eternal Conflict promotion goes hand in hand with that lore as Inarius hated the conflict and for that reason created Sanctuary and the Nephalem. I have a strong feeling that we lean more about this very soon. ^^

      • I would be slightly disappointed if the primary antagonist is once again an Angel.  I kind of want the spirit of The Prime Evil (now free from the black soulstone) to resurrect in it's original form as The Dragon.  Perhaps the Dark Prophet is the spirit of Leah (now also free) returning to forewarn the return of the Dragon.

        • Well, Inarius is connected to Lilith (lover) and Mephisto (her father), so that'd be quite exciting stuff imo. ^^ By the way, Nova's Amazon Skin in HotS is still TBA (because it might refer to the Amazon home Skovos Isles in D3X2), and another yet unknown Diablo hero has also not been announced yet (because he might be part of D3X2).

          • Very true.  Perhaps we can combine our ideas:  The Dragon has returned, and the only way to face something of it's magnitude is to unlock the true power of the Nephalem.  So who better to consult on it than the parents of the original Nephalem.  Inarius could be the Dark Prophet as an ancillary character instead of the final villain.

            • Sounds like a plan, that's what I thought when reading the Inarius lore (with the knowledge of the RoS ending). ^^

    3. Dark Prophet could be the prophet that sent Eirena on her mission.. He foresees the Lords of Hell being stuck, bound to the soul stones…puts into motion a series of events that sees all the stones destroyed releasing all the spirits of hell………………….Allow me to play Debbie Downer……………….The announcement is nothing more than the "cool" new features coming in the patch on the PTR.  I'd hate to be right on that.  I'd be more hopeful that this patch is simply a teaser of the expansion.   Recipe drops for the Cube.  Runewords make a comeback.   whatever else we could speculate…………………..The timing seems right for expansion announcement.   This patch launches…3-4 months of season 4.  After 3 months of season 3 we get PTR for expansion.   That feels like wishful thinking though.  We shall see!!

      • I'd expect the D3X2 beta not earlier than October/November (when patch 2.3 gets old) with a potential spring 2016 release (2 years after RoS). ^^

      • There is already an expansion teaser in the PTR patch 2.3: "The time is not right." I bet this content gap will be closed once gamescom is over. 😉

      • i was wildly speculating on the identity of the prophet…not outside the realms of possible connections…but a leap nonetheless…

    4. Regarding the gamescom 2015 poster: Blizzard said that they don't have Diablo 3 on the demo floor this time (what should they show anyway?). Diablo is represented by the Eternal Conflict angel, though (from HotS, which is playable). That one figure is perfectly fine as symbol for both franchises. ^^

    5. The Prophet wasn't Inarius, just some mysterious angel. And I hope he stays mysterious.Could The Dark Prophet be Ithereal, archangel of fate? We still haven't had the "Fate lies shattered forever" part of Cain's prophecy.

      • I'm assuming that this won't be related to Uldyssian, as the last book of the Sin War "The Veiled Prophet" refers to….  However, it is interesting to note, that, at the end of the book, Mendelin (his brother) seems to believe he very *briefly* saw Uldyssian look over him (and this was of course AFTER Uldyssian supposedly 'died' in restoring sanctuary).   Any remote chance you think it could be Uldyssian?

    6. Didn't Blizzpro write an article about how unlikely Gamescom would announce an expansion because there's literally 0 time slots for Diablo and instead would probably announce WoW expansion?

      • There is no way that Blizzard rains on their own parade with all the hype & ad spams around patch 6.2/patch 6.2.1 (currently on the PTR) and Hellfire Citadel going on at the moment. Never. ^^

      • Yeah, Diablo 3 is just not available in the demo area, and that's it. What should they demo amyway, patch 2.3? That's just too expensive. People are reading way too much into it. ^^

    7. i want 2 more followers , 3 new classes (druid, paladin and necromancer).
      no more leg items without effects. cool new sets that use the odd spells (impale, revenge etc)

    8. So… Ion Hazzikostas is supposedly flying to Gamescom.
      Ion is WoW’s lead designer. That pretty much shoots Nobbie’s obsessive thories out the window.

      • Also, Mamytwink, a french WoW fansite got an invitation to Blizzard’s press conference at Blizzcon. That’s another argument for Gamescom =/= D3:X2 but having some sort of WoW announcement.

        • Neither Ion Hazzikostas nor Mamytwink don't mean anything with respect to the scope of the coming gamescom press conference. There will be a lot of other folks present from the international gaming press, which is much more important for Blizzard PR anyway, and other fansites.Obsessive theories? I'm throwing the ball back to those who think that Mamytwink is proof for a WOWX6 announcement. That's just absurd. 😉

          • 1) Regular devs can answer questions about the patch, they don’t need a lead designer for that.
            2) However, regular devs are not enough for annoucements. You need a high ranking dev team member (i.e. lead designer) that people recognize to do something like that.

            And it’s funny… I didn’t see mentions of any A-list Diablo devs heading to Blizzcon, but I’ve heard that Ion Hazzikostas is going there and he is a LEAD DESIGNER and hasn’t been to Gamescom since 2012. So… Bases on this fact alone, it’s obvious that if anything will get announced, it’s far more likely that it’s WoW-related than Diablo.

            As for Mamytwink – the fun fact here is that RoS was announced at a similar conference with a couple of invited fansites. Once again, I haven’t heard of any D3 fansites being invited to the conference, but I’ve heard of WoW fansites going there. If history is to repeat itself, it definetely points towards a WoW-announcement.

        • PS: Just checked Blizzard's WoW presence at gamescom and learned that there will be over 500 demo stations, which is Blizzard's biggest gamescom presence ever. Many of them will have WoW patch 6.2 with the Hellfire Citadel raid, and it's Ion Hazzikostas job to answer all questions around it. Mamytwink, a bigger WoW fansite, has been invited to write down all of it, and that is it. Have a good day, sir. ^^

          • That’s funny cause I remember reading something else – that Mamytwink has been invited to the closed conference, not just to Gamescom. Anyway, inviting a fansite to an event they would probably go to anyway makes absolutely no sense unless you plan on showing something big and you want to make sure that it gets a good press.

            What is absurd, Nobbie, are your claims. Outside of your obsession about D3:X2 that has already made you look like a fool (remember E3? you were so sure that D3 will get an announcement though it wasn’t even said to be present there – which by the way you turned into an absurdly illogical argument to support your claims – and all signs pointing towards HotS and LotV content).

            I want D3 expansion too. I really do, but for the love of everything holy – stop misinforming and hyping people when there are absolutely no reasons whatsoever to expect anything D3 related at Gamescom. Oh, sorry, RoS was announced at Gamescom, but that’s pretty much the only thing that may be used as an argument. I’ll go over your claims:

            1) The Dark Prophet – I’ve seen this leak, it was a WoW expansion 6 “leak”/”bait”. Just because Inarius has the title “Prophet” in game and Eirena mentioned some “Prophet” in D3 (which there is no proof that it was Inarius in that case as there might be many Prophets or many characters that decide to use this title) doesn’t mean absolutely anything. WoW can have prophets too, you know.

            2) There is no evidence that the author of the Dark Prophet leak is even the same guy who was right before. He just uses the same nickname, but he posted his stuff on 4chan and we are unable to determine whether it’s the same person as the last time. Due to the nature of the internet and

            3) Dark Prophet is much more unlikely as a Diablo expansion name than WoW. Every Diablo expansion had X of Y style, which The Dark Prophet doesn’t fit into. Meanwhile WoW had expansions without “of” in the title. As for referencing people in expansion titles, both games did it – for example: Reaper of Souls, Warlords of Draenor. I see no other attributes of the “leaked” name that could indicate something.

            4) HoTS event doesn’t mean anything. It’s there because players were complaining about not enough heroes and since Blizzard had a diablo map in the works for a long time (it was shown at last blizzcon) and wanted to do some diablo heroes, they’ve just bundled it to make it look cooler. Taking this as a proof that D3 will get something at Gamescom is preposterous.

            5) They’ve confirmed that HotS will be getting just one more Diablo hero – the monk. He was shown at E3 by the way. The only thing that’s unannounced is one more diablo-themed map. And… Amazon skin, along the other skins, just fits the theme of the event as a way more possible reason it’s not out yet is because they’re still working on it. Once again, taking it a sign of D3 at Gamescom is absurd, especially cosider that if, by your claims, a major WoW dev going to Gamescom, means nothing, something so little as an unreleased skin is most definetely meaningless. Double starndards much, mate?

            6) THE IS NO SUCH THING AS 6.2 WOW HYPE!!! Don’t know where you took it from, but people are super pissed at WoW right now and consider 6.2 to be a major failure on Blizzard part (just like entire WoD). Moreover, the patch was released what… a month ago? Anyone who was to play it already played it and trust me, with all the repetitive mob-grind reps and apexis daily bonanza the patch has already gotten old and people are tired of it. If you read any WoW forums, people are more upset than they were with Pandas or post-MoP content gap. And why? BECAUSE WOD LACKS FUN END-GAME CONTENT! Go on the forums, people are already bored and a lot seem to be quitting. Not to mention the fact that WoW lost 2.9 mil subscribers in Q1 and with 6.2 being so badly received by the community it’s likely it will loose even more, going down to the levels that haven’t been seen for many years! And guess what – Q2 conference call is a day before Gamescom. The most anticipated info to come out of this event is… How many subs WoW lost this time! Now then, if WoW loses a lot, and it totally might, every damn gaming site will be writing about it, unless… Blizzard softens the blow with a nice announcement to show people (and investors!) they are going to fix that. You ask why whould they announce WoW expansion 6 at Gamesom? DAMAGE CONTROL! REASSURING THEIR INVESTORS! CALMING DOWN THE PISSED COMMUNITY! There’s plenty of reasons… Oh and don’t forget – Warcraft movie trailer will debut at Blizzcon. Having two major Warcraft things at one event is bad, because a lot of people will only focus on one of them. If they announce the expansion now, people will get hyped and survive until Blizzcon despite 6.2 being bad and at Blizzcon they will get details of the expansion, beta announcement (just in time to release the expansion in line with the movie) with a cherry on top being Warcraft trailer. It makes perfect sense!

            6) Diablo 3… No devs are going to Gamescom, no fansites are invited – at least as far as we know. So the probability of a RoS-like announcement is rather low. Moreover… Come on. 2,3 won’t be out till Gamescom, hell, it probably won’t even be out till late August. Just look at the PTR, the version they have there is nowhere near ready to be released. But… say, 2.3 is released early September… Players will get a huge patch to play and will be satisfied until Blizzcon. No reason to rush anything – unlike WoW, where the community is pissed already. Then at Blizzcon we get an expansion announcement (also – at this point every Diablo player will expect it to happen at Blizzcon, so they’re more likely to stay tuned to the event anyway = more potential audience for Warcraft movie) and a beta shortly after. Just in time to give people something to be excited about once 2.3 gets old. Also, D3 seasons last for 3-4 months. If 2.3 releases late August/early September we will get another season that will last until December/January. I’d expect beta to start somewhere around this time, making the season a bit longer (2.3 is unusually big for a patch, so it’s probably expected to last longer) which people won’t be upset about as they would be excited for the expansion anyway and most players would already have done whatever they wanted in seasons anyway. In terms of timing it makes absolutely perfect sense. But… what if they announce another expansion now? Well, first of all, 2.3 will become irrelevant and not-exciting to a lot of people as they will just be interested in the expansion. Why on earth would Blizzard waste all the time they’ve put in 2.3’s development by making it redundant with such a quick expansion announcement? Why? You say that there is no way WoW team will rain on their 6.2 hype and… you’re partially right, but as there is no more 6.2 hype (only frustration) and there is still a bit 2.3 hype for D3, there’s absolutely no way Diablo team will rain on their 2.3. hype right now.

            7) Most people are already mostly done with 6.2. Mythic guilds are already completing HFC and 6.2.1 is a very tiny patch. Also, we don’t know what will be playable on Gamescom, but… If there was to be a Diablo announcement there, they would surely bring a playable demo. That’s the best way to hype people up! If there isn’t a D3 annoucement they might just skip it again – which I expect they will. As for WoW… we don’t know if 6.2 will be playable… If it’s said anywhere that it will it might as well be a way to cover up the truth regarding the announcement. Also, why would it make more sense for Blizzard to have only 6.2 (which the community feels is boring and awful) that has already been released a month ago for WoW, but not have 2.3, an unreleased patch, playable for D3? It makes absolutely no sense. If they decided to let people play one of those patches, 2.3 is much more fresh and exciting than 6.2.

            8) And the devs… Well, at least we’ll get to have Ion’s autograph if I’m correct, too bad we don’t appear to be getting Wyatt’s, Travis’ or Josh’ though.

            • Just wishful thinking by disappointed, die-hard WoW fans, believe me. Why would the D3 game director Josh Mosqueira, for example, announce via Twitter that he's going to gamescom? Everyone would know what's going on. In 10 days (at the latest), you'll know that WOWX6, or anything close to that, is announced at gamescom. ^^

    9. Sorry for all the language slip ups in the last couple of posts. I have to go do something IRL, so I was typing quickly 🙂 Hopefully you’re able to understand everything.

      Also, Nobbie, I’m pretty sure you’re a really nice guy, but come on… So far all signs point towards something WoW-releated to be announced at Gamescom and there are no reasons beside the fact that RoS was announced there to believe D3:X2 is coming before Blizzcon. Nothing. Really. I know you’re obsessed with D3:X2 and your head will twist every bit of news into a proof, but let’s be realistic here… Give me at least 1 good reason (besides RoS announcement) to believe your claims. One good reason. One!

      Also, take care, dude 🙂 I’ll be back later to answer your counter-arguments 🙂

      P.S. If you want, we can even make a little bet – hell, I’m willing to bet some small amount of money for no D3 at Gamescom 🙂

      • “Why would the D3 game director Josh Mosqueira, for example, announce via Twitter that he’s going to gamescom?”
        So why on earth did Ion do it? Before you say he’s not the game director – it was Mr. Hazzikostas who was sent to extinguish fires before 6.2 and a lot of people responed very well to his interview. He’s definetely in a position to be the “announcer” right now as he’s one of the few major devs in WoW team that the players respect a lot.

        Also, why should I believe you? A part of me believed some of your hype with E3 and I ended up disappointed, so sorry – unless you prove my arguments wrong or provide some serious arguments of your own, I DO NOT find you a credible source, Nobbie. No offence, man, but yeah…

        • I've always said that I speculate (for fun) and that E3, for example, is an OPTION for D3X2, but these WoW geeks want to see things that are not there/absurd. ^^

          • Sorry, but so far it seems to me that you’re the one who wants to see things that are not there 🙂

            I’ll repeat my offer. Let’s bet. Something symbolical like 1$ (or whatever you propose). Just for fun – I say WoW, you say D3. Whoever predicts right gets 1$/something else from the other, if both of us are wrong then hell, we’ll be up for a major laugh 🙂

            P.S. Also considering – they might also do HS new expansion release date announcement.

            • You know your psychology well… I'll put 1€ on both having an anouncement. Not necessarily expansions, but anouncements of something big, gamechanging. Are you game? Or are you wolf?

    10. There is no playable D3 at Gamescom – the same story as with E3 mind you, so that pretty much seals the deal for me. I’m now 110% no D3:X2 expansion at Gamescom.

      Keep in mind, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls was announced at Gamescom 2013 and had a playable version with the Crusader class 🙂


      • Just before you say it…

        World of Warcraft is on the list of playable games. It makes 10000x more sense to have a playable version of unreleased 2.3 patch for Diablo 3 than a playable old and widely considered “bad” 6.2 for WoW. So, if they are doing something for WoW… If it’s 6.2 than Diablo 3 would also be there, it’s not, so… Tough luck, my friend, wrong again 🙂

        • I can tell you why Dialo 3 is not there: Patch 2.3 is in the making, and having it on demo stations when they announce D3X2 makes no sense (even if it can be considered a system-prepatch with the cube). A playable demo of D3X2, on the other hand, would be counter-productive so close to the patch 2.3/Season 4 release, so they just do an announcement with a trailer and no demo. Overwatch, by the way, will be the big demo thing this year.

          • “A playable demo of D3X2, on the other hand, would be counter-productive”
            Wrong. The entire announcement of D3X2 would be extremely counter-productive considering that 2.3 is still in the making.

    11. Even more misinformation on the blog!

      1. Cinematic trailer (i.e. intro cinematic) for LotV has NOT been shown yet.
      2. Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament still needs the exact release date and seeing that it’s set to come out in August, the release date announcement at Gamescom is probable.
      3. There is no unrevealed hero for Eternal Conflict event in Heroes of the Storm.

      Personally, I’m proud of myself. Nobbie started igoring me, refued to counter my arguments and continues to post his nonsense relying only on “believe me, WoW can’t be it” kinda arguments to validate his claim. That means he has absolutely no proof that D3X2 will be announced. Victory!

      More stuff that make WoW much more likely:
      1. Beta severs for WoW are up.
      2. There was an image posted with version… 7.0, i.e the next WoW expansion’s version. While this may of course be a photoshop, the image didn’t really look like one.
      3. Diablo 3 is NOT listed as a playble game at Gamescom, which makes the announcement unlikely as RoS was playable at Gamescom 2013 when it was announced.

    12. When I say there is no unrevealed hero for HotS, I mean – I closely follow all news regarding this game and absolutely nowhere have I seen any mention of another, unannounced hero. It’s possible they have something they just haven’t talked about, but…

      I remember reading somewhere that the Monk will be the last hero for this event, but it was a long time ago and I’m not sure about that – I may absolutely be wrong here, so don’t quote me on that.

      I’ll refrain from posting any further stuff. Nobbie refuses to counter my arguments (because he probably doesn’t have anything to counter them with), so there’s no point. I’ll just come back here once the conference is over.

      • P.S. This is absolutely preposterous:
        “The current expansion World of WarCraft: Warlords of Draenor just got a huge update, the Fury of Hellfire patch 6.2 featuring a new zone and the expansion’s main raid.”

        If the fact that WoW got a big update recently (about 1-1,5 months ago) makes WoW unlikely to get an announcement then the fact that Diablo 3 is getting a huge (biggest and most significant ever!) 2.3 patch shortly (that most likely will not even been released at the time of Gamescom) makes it absolutely impossible for the next Diablo expansion to be unveiled.

        • Also, the only reason why I post here is to prove that WoW announcement is more likely than Diablo announcement. Personally, after delving into the topic some more, my final – the one you can quote me on later on – prediction is:

          Almost certain it will be shown/announced:
          Overwatch beta and (likely) some new content (hero, map, etc.).
          Heroes of the Storm – Monk hero trailer + playable on the floor.

          Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament release date + some cards

          World of Warcraft: Expansion 6

          Unlikely or very unlikely:
          Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void cinematic trailer + release date
          Another IP
          Warcraft RTS game revamp
          Something completely different

          Diablo 3: Expansion 2 announcement

          Goodbye and see you on August 5/6th 🙂

          • I forgot about something. I should have also liste WoW patch 6.3 or any other major WoW content under the possible section.

    13. Where you at Nobbie? Ready to admit you were wrong once again?

      Just in case anyome missed it – WOW X6 was officially announced by Blizzard to receive an announcement at Gamescom 2015. This in turn makes it extremely unlikey for another Diablo expansion pack to be unveiled there.

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