Gamescom gets underway in Cologne in just over a week and this year Blizzard are holding another press conference on Wednesday 5th. It was a couple of years ago at Gamescom that Reaper of Souls was announced as the first expansion so can we expect another expansion announcement this year? There’s been plenty of rumours flying around that now could indeed be the time.

    Every game except Diablo 3?

    Every game except Diablo 3?

    Of course we don’t know what’s going to happen and your guess is as good as ours at the moment. There’s usually an indication of what the announcements could be, if there will be any, a few days before the conference. The speculation at the moment is that a new WoW expansion or Diablo 3 expansion could be possible announcements.

    With BlizzCon happening later this year, if there was to be a WoW expansion, it would likely happen there as that event is usually far more WoW focussed than Diablo

    All previous Diablo announcements have happened in Europe, the game announcement at WWI in 2008 and the Reaper of Souls expansion at Gamescom in 2013 so perhaps that’s something to think about.

    The press conference kicks off at midday on the 5th so if you’re intrigued then keep an eye out for an announcement and also look over this previous speculation post.

    Thanks Nobbie.

    Update: Note that Blizzard’s Gamescom promo image shows all of their current games… except for Diablo 3. Notable by its absence? (The ghost winged Diablo skeleton in the back is from Heroes of the Storm.)

    Also, as Nobbie points out in comments, there’s a new and unsourced rumor that D3X2 is going to be called “The Dark Prophet.” There’s no firm base for the rumor, but it does satisfy the “always three or four words” criteria for the name of a Blizzard expansion (though it lacks “of” as the middle word, which is unusual… why not “Prophet of the Dark?”)

    Also, the lore and story of the the Enchantress follower focuses heavily on a mysterious figure known as “The Prophet,” who recruited the Enchantresses around 1500 years ago, and who we eventually learn was the Angel Inarius in disguise. Click through for videos telling his lore and story.

    Update #2: Alas, Gamescom is set to be WoWCon

    Inarius history and lore.

    Double followers scenes and story. The Enchantresses talk a bit about The Prophet at 6:50.

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