Blizzard – “Playing on Linux will not get you banned – cheating will”

This is the second instance this has cropped up in the past few weeks as we previously reported linux WINE bannings on the 22 June. It appears to have cropped up again this evening and Bashiok has jumped into the thread with the following response:

We’ve extensively tested for false positive situations, including replicating system setups for those who have posted claiming they were banned unfairly. We’ve not found any situations that could produce a false positive, have found that the circumstances for which they were banned were clear and accurate, and we are extremely confident in our findings.

Playing the game on Linux, although not officially supported, will not get you banned – cheating will.

As we mentioned last time, back in 2006 WoW players were being banned for running the game under Cedega, and since that time Blizzard will have learned a lot about what to expect from Linux users and their setups.

So basically, you won’t be banned for playing on Linux but Blizzard reiterates that it is “not supported” and cheat at your own peril.

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  1. This “GAME” no longer feels like a game….. it’s becoming a police …uh…game…..
    I hope Bli$$ gets hit with multiple big time lawsuits and the FBI along with Korea, Germany and France run this Fuck*d up company in the ground.

    • Hello there the door that way -> please leave or start posting propper comments instead of rants.

      Any way back on topic nice to here for those Linux users.

    • Is this what a butthurt cheater sounds like? I’m loving it and hope more companies follow suit in eradicating this type of vermin.

  2. So?
    Is it a crime for us to play the game in the way we want to and not Blizz’s way?
    It’s retarded Blizzard fanboys like you who address us as “vermin” that make me want to throw this game on a trash can.
    I’m so sick of you…

    • What are you suggesting? Are you advocating for hacking/cheating?

      I swear, if there is one thing I have learned about the Blizzard community since getting back into one of their games, it is that most of this community is a freaking joke. Most of you guys are the biggest whiners I have ever seen, not only that but you act like the most entitled community ever. I blame WOW 100%. This community can’t possibly be the same community that I stopped paying attention to 3 or 4 years ago when I moved on from Diablo 2. This game is not perfect, in fact there are many many things that need to be tweaked/fixed, but the community reaction to every little thing is a complete joke.

      • You, sir, are absolutely right. They have extensively tested for false positives. I am sure that when a player is unrightfully banned, they will research into the situation. As far as I know Blizzard is honouring their customers by doing this. Giving the customer the benefit of the doubt and a higher priority over their own cheat-detection system.

        Cheaters must not play this game. If you want to cheat, cheat in offline games. And don’t whine that there are no offline games these days: Well, then don’t cheat! l2p!

        • I’ll ring in on this point.

          Blizzard suggests they’ve done extensive testing. How so, when the issue was only reported on 22 June? Did they have these banned users send precise details on their system configurations? It may have been a picky background process within Linux that was inspecting the process. Since Diablo III is being ran in WINE (WINdows Emulator) and not Windows (where it is intended to be ran), and the fact that they can not test for every false positive (it’s silly to think they have the unlimited resources to do so), there’s likely many false positive scenarios that can cause an account to be banned. There’s a reason it’s called a false positive, and a reason that back in 2006 Cedega users were unbanned after Cedega worked with Blizzard – other WINE users back in 2006 that were not using Cedega did not have such luck, they remained banned. With such a poor record of banning policies, and the recent large bugs with Diablo III which have taken way too long to fix, I have little faith that Warden is doing it’s job correctly, especially in an unsupported operating system using unsupported applications.

          I’m not saying there are not people who cheat while running Linux/Wine, but there are also people cheating using Windows (and not being banned). Why have only the Linux/Wine users been banned on these recent runs?

          Blizzard should, at the very least, report the exact reason people are being banned, rather than assuming that every hit is not a false positive because of a couple weeks of test scenarios with limited information from the people affected by the ban.

          Anti-virus applications still report many false-positive, in spite of years of development and improvements. What makes Blizzard so much better with a proven track record of technical issues and bugs?

          • *slow clap*

            This is true.

            Blizzard should, at the very least, post how they did the process of false positive testing, which systems they used, the setups, background processes and such.

          • That’s exactly what I think. Another thing to point is that I doubt Blizzard really states a description of the .exe running in the background that caused the banning. False positives are rare, but they EXISTS, it’s an undeniable fact, so if Blizzard wrongly ban my account they will just give a generic reason:

            “Use of third party programs”.

            So after that what happens when I try to open a ticket to fix the issue? The support section will have no way to tell what really cause the banning because of the generic description given, so they will think it was using a bot/hack and refuse to unban me, just like it happened in WoW.

          • Are you the one being banned? If so, file a ticket to Blizzard, or talk to customer protection if Blizzard refuses to listen. If not, don’t complain.

    • So?
      Is it a crime for us to play the game in the way we want to and not Blizz’s way?
      It’s retarded Blizzard fanboys like you who address us as “vermin” that make me want to throw this game on a trash can.
      I’m so sick of you…

      If I understood any of that correctly then you are saying that you are sick of Blizzard fanboys and Blizzard for not letting you and others play the game the way they want to play it namely; by cheating and or hacking.

      Go home.

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