Blizzard Plan the v1.0.4 Release for this Month

When is v1.0.4 coming out? Well we have no idea but Blizzard look like they have a rough date ironed out . Bashiok posted a quick tweet stating that they are aiming to have the patch out in the fourth week of August. Better than ‘soon’ and seeing as we’re about to enter week 3 that makes it just around the corner.

Now you have that info, make sure you read Flux’ analysis of the v1.0.4 update.

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  1. This info is in the update they provided near the end 🙂

  2. Does the “fourth week of August” include the first partial week(i.e. the 21st) or not (the 28th)?

  3. notice how it falls on guild wars 2 launch date

    • Yep. Common basic economic strategy.

    • GW2: The next “real” MMORPG without any open world, loading screens everywhere and not even a mount system.

      Add the usual 5 FPS when 10 players fight and we are in for some real great treat for the next “fantastic” MMORPG.

      Also: quite nice to have them sell retail copies at 65 euro without servers for 5 months long. Certainly beats the downtime of Blizzard servers by a long shot.

      If Blizzard would do that they would be executed at dawn.

      Now they are the next big thing in an ever decreasing land of MMO’s worth playing.

    • more like they’re releasing it a month before MoP so they won’t have to compete with themselves

  4. I’m only sad because I won’t have much time left to play as my next semester starts in september.

  5. ah well, they also planned to release a great game to begin with. I just wonder, when is 1.14 coming?

    • It is a great game, just not as great as it could’ve been. I’ve not played one game this much since, well, the first year of WoW I believe.

      • to me it is a good game, just not a great let alone an epic game. First I thought that I just was getting too old. Not true it seems, went back to D2, it just captured me right away again. I did play more wow than diablo as well though 😉

  6. OMG you ppl are so inpatient 😀

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