diablo 3 greater rift leaderboards

    The Bliz class, obviously.

    Some Blizzard test accounts on the PTR were erroneously not removed from the Leaderboards, and players who spotted their impossible times reacted with dismay. Blizzard Peeps Haxor Grift Records:

    you might wanna look into how ppl were getting to lvl 70 last night in seasons with only 49 seconds played on there profiles blizz before this goes live.
    Nevalistis: This was actually a direct result of some internal testing that required the use of the PTR servers. The method used requires a specially flagged account and cheat codes that don’t function at all in the live environment and was not a result of a bug or exploit.

    It wasn’t, however, intended for this progress to get entered on the leaderboards; we’ve since fixed this and removed the test account entries. Sorry if this caused some confusion!

    is that enSG005 account, with the GR66 in 2m40s clear time, one of these test accounts? Only like 4 hours of play time?
    That’s correct; looks like these accounts are still getting purged from the leaderboards, so you might still see them up a bit longer.

    Blizzard doesn’t have accounts that can hack or cheat on the live realms, where they’ve got to play under all the same rules as players. This is on the PTR though, where the testing goes for players and Blizzard as well. That would be an interesting community buff though, eh? Superpowered everything so you could clear GR60+ in 3 minutes.

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