Blizzard @ PAX This Weekend

Blue post from Zarhym about Blizzard’s presence at the Penny Arcade Expo convention this weekend in Seattle.

PAX Prime begins this Friday in Seattle, WA, and with all of the madness that’s sure to ensue we’d be remiss if we didn’t make a cameo of our own. We do hope you’ll come visit Bashiok and me at the Intel booth, and Nethaera and Vaeflare at the NVIDIA booth. You can’t miss us. We’ll be the bright-eyed idealists ready to share a conversation or two.

In addition to what Intel and NVIDIA have planned, we’ll have hundreds of Mists of Pandaria beta keys to randomly giveaway, as well as playable demos at both booths! We look forward to meeting with those of you attending. All Seattle’s a stage.

Follow us on Twitter to see what we’re up to and chat with us during the festivities:

@Bashiok, @Nethaera, @Vaeflare, @CM_Zarhym

View the full event map (Intel booth 6109; NVIDIA booth 3747).

one mention of MoP is one too many
Let it go. I mentioned Mists because that’s what NVIDIA and Intel will be using at their demo stations. If you’re going to PAX and you want to talk about Diablo III, you come see us.

Holy crap—you guys do know what kind of abuse you guys are setting yourselves up for, right? LOL I’d take a handgun, pepper spray, and a broadsword. D3 fans are fanatics!
I’ve found that people tend to be more… agreeable… in person. 🙂

Anyone off to PAX this weekend? What are you eager to see? The Panda Pack? Torchlight 2?

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    19 thoughts on “Blizzard @ PAX This Weekend

    1. “agreeable in person”? You mean… “You can just give PR answers that they won’t have time to analyze so you get them out of your face”? Yeah, I thought so.

      • Lol no. I read that as ‘trolls aren’t so trollish when they’re face to face with someone’ lol.

      • Exactly that. Most people need time to realize what has been said if it ain’t in a topic, where they have more than superficial competence. The simplest marketing trick is to ramp up the complexity right above the degree the “consumer” (“customer” would be the better choice of words, but out of context here) can comprehend instantly, which makes it easy to let them agree to the whole argumentation by dropping in and emphasizing simple yes-orientated questions that are hard to dispute by themselves. They then even leave with the feeling of beeing heard and understood ^^ (… unless they’re the type of people that tends to think about what has been said afterwards ;))

    2. God they sound so smug. Wish I was at the show to give them an “agreeable” conversation. Yes I agree you messed up BAD on this game and you’re slowly taping the pieces back together to form some resemblance to the great Diablo games of the past. Yes I agree you treat the fan base like shit and reverse any remarks to the game as a personal attack against yourself and act like a little kid and blow up and make some snotty remark. UHHH shake yourselves and maybe you will snap back to the real life and see what you have done.

      • Bashiok: “People tend to be angrier when they’re anonymous on the internet.”

        darknessprc: “Well as an anonymous person on the internet, I’m very angry!!!”

    3. I don’t want to hear anymore “news” out of Blizzard unless it’s that they are buffing Monks, making Legendaries and set items drop a hell of alot more, and adding quest lines to put sockets on items.

      • I used to want to hear more about Titan, but either that has been cancelled or Activision is taking over and making is so bad they are afraid to release it…

    4. It is sad that their newest game gets less facetime than WoW or SC2.

      Then again, everyone knows how bad D3 is currently and they have no answers for it.

      • It is always about WoW and forever will be until Titan. Diablo 3 easily gets thrown under the bus here.

    5. I bet they gonna show PVP arena stuff they planing to release, so that they can redirect attention…

    6. “more…agreeable…in person.” You guys realize he just called us a bunch of limp-wristed pu$$ies, right?

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