Blizzard has posted news about their planned attendance at the upcoming Penny Arcade Expo: East show. They will be there, Bashiok will be there, but they will not be showing Diablo 3.

    Members of the Blizzard community team will be at PAX East in Boston, March 26-28, hanging out at the NVIDIA booth, talking about our games, and helping to demo StarCraft II. Also at the booth, NVIDIA will be showing off World of Warcraft using their 3D Vision technology. Stop by for the stage presentation Friday at 6pm for a world’s first 3D Theatre presentation on an 80 foot screen.

    If you’re at the show stop by the NVIDIA booth and say hi!


    Presumably they didn’t want to drag out the now-outdated 2009 Blizzcon demo build again, and they’re not going to interrupt their development progress to produce a demo build now, just for this show. So no Diablo 3, which means we’ll likely have to wait for Blizzcon 2010 sometime in the Fall to see the game in action again. DiabloWikiBashiok does say that he’ll be at the show and will be happy to talk about Diablo 3, so all is not lost for any Diablo 3 fans planning to attend the convention.

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