Blizzard opens the Diablo 3 Necromancer Book

Blizzard opens the Diablo 3 Necromancer Book

To help promote the Necromancer and the Necromancer Pack content, Blizzard has launched a website section called ‘Rise of the Necromancer – The Book’.

Most of you who will already be aware of everything the Necromancer Pack has to offer, but in case you’ve been living in a cave, this new promo page explains the Necromancer class, the lore, and the contents of the DLC. tt’s nicely done and worth a quick look.

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    14 thoughts on “Blizzard opens the Diablo 3 Necromancer Book

    1. -The necros gear cannot be used as transmogs on other classes
      -The dance animation was cut to maximize profit
      -Portraits were designed by an intern without passion for art
      -character animations are also done by an intern without skill or passion
      -legendary items are extremely limited for the necro
      -3 out of the 4 sets are basically useless
      -Third Stash section is buggy and displays wrong content

      Is it worth it to buy the necro?

      15 bucks is about the same you pay for a movie ticket, and to be honest, we’ve all been to a shitload of crappy movies…

      The animation quality and drawing quality of D3 vanilla (especially act 1 and Barbarian class) are by far heavily superior to any other content of the game. The necro dips even below the other low-quality crap in the game in terms of animation and art, as well as skill design and everything else.

      In terms of “Quality”, its a massive disgrace for a company like Blizzard.

      If you have money to waste – go for it, but if you want to make a point and show blizzard that they need to get their shit together, then maybe better not to go for it.

      • I am making a point and not buying it. With half of that money I bought Grim Dawn at discounted price on Steam Summer Sale. Downloading as I type.

      • I’m with you, I pre-ordered the Starcraft Remaster instead. The Hell with this BS adding another class to an already broken game with nothing to do.

      • Nice BS post bro
        Nothing in this stupid kiddie post is valid , NOTHING !!
        and those like are from copy cats or bots bcoz they are basicly the same , they don’t know shit

    2. I played it after my friend convinced me to play with him. We immediately dumped all our paragon into every stat until it was full, then with a level 70 weapon with it’s level requirement reduced, he leveled us up to 70 in 15 minutes while I tickled mobs. Then he threw on perfect ancient legendaries he had from other characters laying around with some level 90 legendary gems and I followed him around in Torment VIII scooping up loot while he one shotted things. After a rift or two, he went to Kanai’s cube and upgraded rares and rerolled legendaries until he had some ridiculous ancient Necro gear. Within a few hours we were running around Torment XIII. I told him I had to go, but really I was just bored and fed up with possibly the worst progression system ever designed in a game.

      • Really that’s your choice to skip out on the content. And its awesome that Blizzard has allowed us to have that choice.

        I have just played the Necro like the game was brand new. I didn’t place my paragon points and I haven’t been power levelling at all. I have simply been working through the content and going back and re-enjoying the storyline. And you know what? I am having a blast, haven’t had this much fun in D3 since RoS came out.

        Its taken me 3 days to hit Lvl 70 playing just a couple hours here and there. I am testing out each skill as I go, learning about the character and playing around with the items. Its been even better since I hit level 70 as I am being surprised by all the items and abilities as they drop. I didn’t look what they were before and get a kick from using each one as I find it.

        All in all, I have already had in excess of $15 of fun and am sorry you haven’t enjoyed it the way I have. Maybe on reflection, you might do it in a similar fashion to me next time so you can experience that too.

      • You tell that story like it’s Blizzard’s fault you CHOSE to ruin your own experience and fun. You: riding a bike also you: shoves stick into front wheel, making you crash. You: F*****G blizzard!!

        • Interceptor is partly to blame for rushing through the new stuff and getting bored quick, but Blizzard is at fault for a lot of it. D3 needs Bind on Character, and trading, that would clean up some of this mess.

          The fact that everything before 70 is worthless, you will not find one worthwhile item before hitting 70, there is zero reason to experiment with skills while you progress because in the end there is only one or two viable builds. D3 is entirely designed around end-game content. The story is weak, so there is little reason to sit through that again.

          Character progression is flawed in D3, and I actually like the game. I still play it, bought the necro pack day 1, but that is a serious short-coming. There would be something to say for not being able to respec on the fly, then playing through the 70 levels, and creating a character would matter. The whole wardrobe thing that was added just further proves this game is not about character progression. Just click a button now and you can have a whole new character, you don’t even have to swap gear.

      • Thats what you get when you are power leveling and rushing true a game
        play it like it should be and its awesome

        your stupid big mouth says look im lvl 70 in 15 min and after a few hours i had nothing to do
        ITS YOUR OWN FUCKING FAULT IDIOT NOT BLIZZ !!!!!!!!! play it like it is made to play

        but yeah haters gonna hate
        pathetic fags !

        PS : i’m also talking to you BBB-Developer , your post is also full of BS
        and yeah yeah , i see you got some likes , i’m sure its from copycats that not even know what D3 really is ( a great game)

    3. I loved both the DIII and ROS artbooks. It’s wishful thinking, but I wouldn’t mind another book with art for the Necromancer and any other loose Diablo artwork that didn’t make it into the other books.

      • Yeah, some of the best zones and monsters in the game were part of the post-ROS patches: Sescheron, Greyhollow Island, The Vault, Temple of the Firstborn.

    4. The new season should have started with the necro release. A new class is a perfect time for a fresh start, why the huge delay?

    5. I found the Necro breathed fresh air on a stale game. I quit playing for couple years till I saw the new class and I found I am totally immersed in the game and having a blast i missed p[laying but had played out the characters, I haven’t put it down since i got the Necro last week. Thanks Blizzard for refreshing my favorite game, you made me enjoy playing again, and yeah no rush to level….hell I sit and listen to each lore person and everything, just cause you can catch things others miss by flying through like idiots above. I take pride in earning each and every achievement and not how fast I get through it, I am trying not to miss a thing. One thing though the sheets that explain where set dungeons are and such on this site need updating for those of us who like to play every inch and quest I possibly can, thats how you level and enjoy the game rushing would ruin it, your idiots to not stop and smell the roses or in this case dead guys!!!

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