Blizzard on Wizard Skills, Shrine Bonuses, and Diablo 3 Experience

A selection of short Blue posts today on a variety of topics. First up, some good news for players wanting more variety with Wizard builds. Disintegrate is going from 170% to 220% weapon damage in v1.08, which means other skills need improvements to remain competitive.

I don’t use Ray of Fail because it’s.. single target. Diablo III does not favour such abilities so they need a massive reason ( = damage boost) in order to be picked over AoE/penetrating abilities. But buffing Disintegrate only weakens Ray of Frost. Doubt many use it atm, even less so in 1.0.8 for sure.

Red lazers > blue flashlight. 😀
Wyatt Cheng: I should mention that PTR builds are snapshotted off our current “work in progress” and sometimes picks up some changes and not others. In this case, the Disintegrate change was picked up, but the Ray of Frost change was not. Ray of Frost got a comparable damage buff as well, which will be seen in the next PTR build (along with the Witch Doctor Firebats damage numbers)

There are no plans to buff the proc coefficient on Ray of Frost or Disintegrate. I understand that means they won’t replace existing skills that are used to combo with Critical Mass. We aren’t trying to compete for synergy with Critical Mass but rather to create the possibility of playing in an entirely different way.

exp-share-mapDoes anyone know if you get loot off of kills made by your allies even if you aren’t close to them? For example if I’m in town while my ally clears half of a map will I still get loot/xp? What if we’re both in the map but on opposite sides of the map? I know you have to be close to a shrine in order to get the buff when an ally clicks it so I wasn’t sure about loot/xp.
Grimiku: I have an answer for you. 🙂 In order to get xp or loot from a slain monster you need to be in proximity of it when it dies or have been in combat with it. For example, if you go back to town to repair your armor after fighting a nasty elite and your friend kills it while you’re not around, you’ll get loot and xp, because you had already tagged the monster. However, if your friend then finds a new elite and kills it before you come back, then you will not get loot or xp.

I know we already have legacy versions most legendary items. What is going to happen if you update the items yet again? Are we going to have Legacy-Legacy items?
Grimiku: This is a good question. I don’t have an answer for you, but I will bring it to the developers attention.

will shrines be multiplicative, too? Specifically, enlightened and fortune shrines?
Wyatt Cheng: The shrines are not multiplicative, but it’s an interesting idea.

The question about Diablo 3 Experience sharing is a pertinent one, since in v1.08 there are big bonuses to experience in parties, thus playing together is now (finally?) of added importance. Happily, we’ve got coverage of that in the DiabloWikiExperience article, with a section on sharing experience. And it’s even got some diagrams (one seen above) that show just how close you actually have to be to another player to share in the exp when they make a kill.

That measurement was established in the beta and has remained the same up through v1.07, and it’s a fairly close proximity; not actually on the same screen visually, but not too much further than that. Now that sharing experience is more valuable/important, do you guys think DiabloWikiPatch 1.08 should increase the radius of the circle? How about your pickup gear increasing the radius of the circle? How about a visual indicator or a buff icon (with toggle on/off) to show if you’re within range?

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18 thoughts on “Blizzard on Wizard Skills, Shrine Bonuses, and Diablo 3 Experience

  1. 1.08 is a done deal, but i’m looking forward to 1.09 when they make the following changes:

    – wizard increased by 0.01%
    – +2 to lightning
    – alerts and minimap pings every time gold drops

    hopefully it will only take them about 3 months to implement these game-changing measures, then D3 will finally be the greatest game ever

    • Fixed some instances of rubber banding
      Decreased id all timer from 5 seconds to 4.5
      Buffed 3 class skills , selected at random, to be slightly less horible compared to ww/tornado

  2. If Ray of Frost could actually chill monsters in the “real” tick rate Wyatt was talking about (1/60 of a second or whatever) It would be a lot more useful. I tried to use Ray as my main snare, and it’s still poor at it. If you use the move button (instead of click to move), you can run, flip your cursor and pulse Ray to snare, but A) your character still takes animation time swiveling around (and this is my problem w/ Lazers), B) the snare doesn’t proc instantly on the first critter you hit, and C) it doesn’t snare anything else if you do a quick sweep across. That’s the main issue w/ Ray, the DPS was never the focal point of the skill. As for single-target vs AoE, they need real, ranked PvP for people to finally figure out the power of a good single target attack.

  3. This is where the Lutece twins appear and reveal to us an alternate dimension where Diablo 3 wasn’t screwed up enough to have the developers need to call a meeting on what they will call their new obsolete crap legacy-legacy legendary items.

    Heads. Tails. Dead. Not Dead.

    Why did you take the baptism Jay!? WHY!?

      • He’s not REALLY dead. Writers this “talented” will surely bring him back in some form for the expansion pack. Probably as some kind of demonic act boss. Hopefully not with butterfly magics.

  4. Can’t wait til I get my hands on an ‘Ultra Nitro Uber Hyper Super Turbo legacy Echoing Fury Galore²’

    Next to that Cordell, you want golddrops to appear on your minimap…? o.Ø

  5. It is possible to see that xp circle in the game, it is hard to see – you may need to raise the brightness up

  6. I’d like an overlay for the minimap like in the picture, it would allow me to leech xp/loot more effectively.

  7. I think the radius should be much bigger, or even zone-wide. I understand that they don’t want you to have three characters just sitting in town while you get an exp boost, but reliably staying that close together can be difficult.

    • How does this work… The blue said you don’t have to be in any circle to get XP/Loot from a monster. Unless I didn’t read something quite right, he said a Wizard could chuck one magic missile at an E, go to town, and get XP/loot/stack for the E kill, as long as they did damage to the target. I think the radius only matters for XP if you didn’t cause any dmg to the monster. Seems like AoE skills become even more important a factor, especially for ranged classes.

      • Yeah, the “deal any damage and get shared exp” is news to me. Has anyone tested that, i.e. shot a monster and then go to town and see if you get exp when it dies?

        That’s obviously kind of an odd or weird scenario, though.

        The circle of effect is more useful/important for normal play, and especially if you’re getting or giving a turbo and need to be close enough to share the benefit.

        • It happens a lot even on ubers, once you tagged a monster by dealing damage to it you will get it’s loot – even outside of the circle.
          If you want to test it: hit an elite go to town , let your friends kill it, come back and loot.

    • In Diablo 2 you could be an entire screen away and still gain EXP though I am certain it was more than this.

      They are designing this exp/loot system specifically for the console version where all four players will be sharing the same screen to encourage everyone to stay on the same screen.

      More worthless consolized features that PC players don’t care about.

  8. “This is a good question.”
    Aka: “As always, we’ve just thrown the idea of looking into the whole thing there. Nothing has happend or will happen in this regard in time of relevance.”

    Shrines have more pressing issues. These don’t even fill the “optional little bonus you could also live without” role they’re supposed to fill too well. They’re just too short to bear even the slightest significance. True, this may change with the mob density changes, but what with the lesser populated lvl 1-59 area of the game? New players shouldn’t learn how utterly useless shrines are due to their short duration and then have to discover what to make of that three playthroughs later.

    What about increasing shrine effects to at least three minutes and making additional shrine buffs (of any kind) reset the duration of all existing shrine effects already active on the player? This might get people to sometimes stray from their farming routes a bit and certainly would have effects on how people pace their own gameplay, maybe even in a fun way.

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