After a quick snowbording vacation with my girlfriend, during which I was off-the-grid (cheap mountain motel “free wi-fi” equals “welcome to the stone age”), I returned home on Wednesday with hopeful expectations that Blizzard, in the person of Bashiok, might have continued the spree of communication with which they (he) kicked off the working year. Unfortunately, this week is a might slower than the last one, and with no Diablo 3 forum action, we’re forced to turn our attention to a couple of brief Twitter efforts to feed our game information needs.

    The first post concerns the DiabloWikiMongrel, the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor‘s quadrupedal summoned minion. These monstrous, dog-like creatures (which are (currently?) burdened with the place holder title of “Zombie Dogs”) were formerly capable of being enchanted by fire or poison from various of the WD’s spells, thus imbuing them with an added elemental attack. This function was removed sometime last year, and was nowhere in evidence come Blizzcon. That feature change has been explained a number of times, but clearly word hasn’t trickled down to everyone, since Blizzard’s @Diablo twitter feed replied to a tweet asking for more information about that (former) function with the following short remark:

    We actually removed that. It was hard to manage so we’re going for a more calculated way for how you want your pets to act.

    We’ve heard nothing of what that “more calculated way” might be, as of yet.

    The other new tweet is one of those tantalizing tidbits that Twitter specializes in:

    Updated waypoint design and UI implemented. Waypoints will function similar to Diablo II.

    This also is a “more info needed” topic, since no DiabloWikiwaypoints have yet been seen in Diablo III. We’ve seen plenty of DiabloWikicheckpoints, in the Blizzcon builds, but thus far no waypoints, or NPC-stocked towns, to which we might return via the as of yet unrevealed waypoints. Is anyone not in favor of attempting to implement a “pics or it didn’t happen!” rule for further info releases from the D3 team? Or is that just the “five months since a screenshot!” hunger talking?

    The closest thing we got is the pic to the right here, which is in fact just a teleporter to the first dungeon of the Howling Plateau from Act III.

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