DiabloWikiBashiok took the time to reply to several points a fan raised about the game, today. Unfortunately his points were all from the WWI 2008 gameplay movie, which is nearly 2 years old. (that’s like, 12 in game design years). Thus most of the arguments are obsolete, but Bashiok did slip in a new tidbit or two. It’s quoted below; I’ve added wiki links to various things if you’d enjoy embracing additional current info.

    Bashiok: That video is rull old.


    Is it out of the realm of possibility that we will see lip sync and different movements based upon the scene itself? Wouldn’t it be kind of odd if DiabloWikiDeckard Cain was telling the DiabloWikiBarbarian that he was having a heart attack and yet he was standing there stroking his beard in thought? If the story is to be largely told via this method I think it would be great if there was more scripting involved here.

    Bashiok: We don’t use those dialogue windows any more. We sort of do a slight zoom now, but it’s all in the works still. You wouldn’t notice any lip syncing even if we had it.

    There’s also a much wider range of animations for characters now, and I suspect it will expand even further before release if the quest designers get their way.

    The DiabloWikimana orb looks so friggin sweet in the video but I am not equally impressed with the HP orb at all. So… Is it out of the realm of possibility that the HP orb gets another once over to make it look just as sweet? [ If you guys touch the mana orb even a little I am going to get nerdragous up in here. 
    Bashiok: Cue nerd rage – we don’t have mana orbs any more. Mana orbs would only apply to the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor anyway (since he’s the only one using DiabloWikimana) and he has other regen mechanics.

    We do have some pretty sweet new DiabloWikihealth globes though that nobody’s seen yet. They’re a bit less “here’s a hovering item” and a bit more ‘spell effecty’.

    I notice and love the fact that the menus, like the DiabloWikiinventory pane, are still panels that come from the sides. However, I always felt that this was a bit cumbersome at some points in play.
    Bashiok: Yeah, that’s something that some people don’t like. Especially as games move toward less and less UI. But we feel like it’s something that’s iconic to the game, and that changing it would mean changing how many of the other systems function.

    Also, I wouldn’t say it’s intentional, or maybe even something that the designers like, but *I* think that deciding when and where to open your UI is an interesting part of the game.

    Would it be out of the realm of possibility that we get the ability to pop out a bag from that inventory screen and have it displayable on screen at all times.
    Bashiok: If a monster wanders underneath a piece of floating inventory UI you wouldn’t be able to attack it. Doesn’t sound like a good idea.

    If I buy Starcraft 2 and use the editor to make Diablo “The Starcraft Edition” where players can play as a Ghost, a Hydralisk that summons Banelings, and a Zealot for Melee and add in a whole story/backstory for the game and make it last about 40 hours of gameplay, would that guarantee me a Diablo 3 beta key?

    Bashiok: Too late.

    Everything the OP said was reasonable (if outdated) except for mana globes being awesome, while health globes sucked. Wut? They looked exactly the same in that old movie, just one was red and the other blue!

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