With D2X v1.13 coming next week, the Patch Test Forum has run its course, and is now closed and locked. You can still browse it (at least for now) but no new posts or replies can be made. The official announcement came this afternoon, courtesy of Bashiok.

    As we near the release of 1.13 this forum is now locked and no further posting will be possible.

    We thank everyone for their participation and look forward to opening up the test realms and this forum for future Diablo II updates.

    Read the archives while you can, since the PTF will vanish next week, when v1.13 goes live. Bashiok confirmed that to me this afternoon.

    One change that’s still perplexing to some is the increased display resolution. Bashiok made a reply on that subject to someone without much experience downloading desktop wallpapers:

    So will this patch allow the game to fill the screen without leaving 2 black spots on each side of the game in short resolution.

    I have tried many alternatives that people have said, these do not work
    =/ the game would need 1280×800 reso at least to fit my monitors

    =/ but i just want D2 to fill the monitor at the reso’s it has

    Bashiok: I don’t think you really want to stretch the image to fit, do you? It’s going to make everything look fat and blurry.

    Finally, v1.13 is not planned to be the last patch we see for Diablo 2. Bashiok posted about that as well, in reply to someone who wanted the Secret Cow Level experience un-nerfed.

    That’s the ONLY thing we needed to fix? Gee… we sure screwed up.

    I think it’s widely recognized that some new content for end game is a desired addition. It’s not something we could include in this patch for many reasons, but we do have plans to continue full point release patches (ie 1.14). What those could contain is still up in the air, but we have plans. Diabolical plans! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA

    What I don’t think is a correct way to look at this though is that the experience curve is “wrong”, and that using unbalanced experience gains from an easter egg (cows) “fixed” a problem. We’re all aware of the extreme amount of time is takes to level to 99 but we can’t look at it from an angle of it being broken just because it takes a long time. Why does it take so long, what was the original intent, are there any ways (legit or not) to decrease the time, and does any of this still apply to the game as it is now?

    And it’s just not a very high priority. The game has been functional with its experience curve for a very long time. There are other, more pressing changes to be made.

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