Blizzard on the Ten Character per Account Limit

Formerly-active Diablo community member FriskyDingo, who hadn’t been seen in months until I dragged him back in with an admin invite to our Sunday midnight chat, (where he hated all the news and has since posted his /despairquit thread on our forums). He made a less dramatic exit from, but hit upon a different topic of woe. The ten character limit.

10 Character Limit? Worst thing to happen to Diablo3.

…Basically you don’t ever have to level a new character.
Bashiok: You knew that was the case with respecs. Funny enough, even with respecs, leveling characters is fun. There are plenty of games with respecs where people will level many, many characters of the same class, just for the fun of it. And without anything really ‘tied’ to a character, it’s easy enough to dump all items to the shared stash, delete the character, and start a new one.

I will say though it’s one area where we’re definitely open to expanding, it just seemed like a decent number to go with for now.

Please don’t make it a “pay dollars for more character slots” expansion. You guys SAID… that one account per cd key was no big thing, because you can create many more characters per account than you could with D2. And now this… ugh. : I get it. Path of least resistance. But now it just feels like playing with cheat codes. I mean sure, it’ll be fun. For a while. But why would I ever come back to the game when I know that there is no way to improve my character, no way to work to build something to try something new?

I liked it better where respecs when I thought D3 respecs were a very basic form of forgiveness – that you’d be able to experiment, and to fix things, but only to a point before it got more costly to respec than it did to just make a new guy. The sense of permanency creates replay value and uniqueness.
Bashiok: I still think it’s early, despite how close we may be, especially considering that we’re not going to stop with a box release. If we screwed up and people don’t want to keep playing the game, then we’ll have to find a way to fix that.

Earlier Blue mentions of the number of characters per account seemed to promise a much more generous allowance than 10, so this number is a little surprising. (Hell, D2 gave us 8, we could make all the accounts we wanted, and that was back in 2000 when server space cost actual money.) Perhaps Bliz doesn’t think we’ll need that many characters, what with DiabloWikifreespecs and the big shared DiabloWikistash removing the need for mules?

One related topic; do dead DiabloWikihardcore chars count towards that limit? Many HC players like to keep those ghosts of Xmas past on their accounts, to look upon and despair. Or to serve as a warning to their still-living characters. Will that be possible in D3? Will players have to delete their deeds to create room for fresh meat? Does Blizzard have something better in mind; some kind of in-game or account-displayed HC graveyard?

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  1. Has anyone seen real numbers in how big the shared stash is? I keep seeing “huge” or “large”, but that’s so subjective. Anything smaller than “unlimited” is too small for my wife and I. When I say real numbers I mean, holds 200 items. Not 5 pages, because I have no clue what 1 page amounts to.

    • Yeah, i’m skeptical that this “huge” stash will be enough for some of us packrat/hoarders.  I’ve also read that there’s no personal stash, just the one “huge” shared stash.  In which case i feel it’s almost certain to not be big enough.  And if there are personal stashes, then 10 characters of personal stash + 1 huge shared stash helps a little, but still likely wouldn’t be close to enough.  Since at least half of your slots would be taken up by playing 1 char of each class, not stashing.

    • Im pretty sure it will be huge and pretty inpossible to fill. Im also pretty sure that there is a personal stash aswell.
      Someone said that the shared stash is waay larger than the d2 stash and 5 pages long. Im sure they will increase the number of pages if they feel its nessesery. Jay Wilson seems to be a huge fan of invetory space aswell.

  2. Please don’t make it a “pay dollars for more character slots” expansion. – lol, they already tell about payments for stash increase, whats wrong to implement same for char slots? “Its hard for server infrastructure to support” and another blah-blah – are just excuses for taking money

  3. Really?  10 characters isn’t enough with the new spec system?  If I can deal with 10 char limit in WoW (6 races, 6+ classes per), I can certainly deal with a 10 char limit in D3 (only 5 chars with build respec).  Let’s hope /despairquit turns into /quitsforgood because the drama is over-the-top.

  4. I want 20. Then it would be totally awesome  8)

  5. I appreciate that you’re raising concerns of HC players over the recent developments that I haven’t seen voiced elsewhere. Maybe you should seek some clarification on these issues from Bashiok or something. I haven’t seen much discussion on possible repercussions to HC players anywhere…Guess we’re(literally) a dieing breed.

  6. I don’t know how you can come to the conclusion that 10 characters are not enough and that the stash won’t be big enough before you have even played the game. And do I really need to remind you that the game is not done yet ? We are not even in the open Beta stage, things can change, and character slots / inventory, stash space is the kind of thing that can be tweaked easily, if the devs feel it needs to be.

    Also, there is a performance hit on some requests when you have a lot of characters. So it’s better to start with an optimal number of chars slots (currently 10) where 99% of the players will have enough slots for their needs with a minimal impact on performance.

    Seriously, even after all these years reading the forums, I’m still amazed at how easily people get outraged by ridiculous details about the game before they even get their hands on the finished product…

    • “I don’t know how you can come to the conclusion that 10 characters are not enough and that the stash won’t be big enough before you have even played the game.”
      5 SC classes X 2 genders + HC toons > 10.

      • 5 SC classes X 2 genders + HC toons – 10 chars that you won’t really need = 10

        • It’s a game. We don’t “need” the game, let alone characters in it. However, if I want to have a toon of each class and gender and play with separate HC toons, I want more than 10 total. That is how I can come to the conclusion that 10 characters are not enough. Now, you don’t have to agree with that conclusion, and you don’t have to want to play the game the same way, but that’s how I come to my conclusion.

  7. I made several attempts to collect every unique and set item in D2, as did many others. Probably not going to be possible in D3.
    I made hundreds of characters in D2, at some point maxing every skill in the game. While the free skill switching is something that works great in Guild Wars, it kills the major source of longevity that kept me playing D2 for ~7 years.

    • agreed. i liked the idea of having multiple.. say sorcs and thinking ok well this is my orb/cl sorc, and this is my blizzard sorc. and when i’d encounter cold resistant enemies, i would think, oh crap, better stay away from these guys. now it’ll be like, here’s my.. wiz, and she can be whatever i want her to be. uh oh, i don’t have the right kind of skills for these monsters. TP. change change change. ok back in business.

    • and call me silly, but i LIKE the idea of naming say.. a sorc something like “Fire Starter” and imagining her being all about fire and knows all the ways of fire and calls down a mean meteor strike and her firewall rises 10 feet higher than any other sorc because she’s so awesome at fire.. and knowing that she is weak against enemies with fire resistance. you can clearly see her strengths, and that’s why it was important to choose another element when making a sorc so you can be more versatile. like ok Fire Start majored in Fire, but she minored in Cold too.

      Now it’s just.. Ok Fire starter, go up and be equally as awesome with lightning and Cold, even though i named you after Fire because that’s what i wanted you to be.

      • Agree. but apparently casuals don’t like making decisions that have any weight or permanence to them, so they’re out. You’ll still be able to stick to a build and make it work through thick and thin, but you’ll know that you’re gimping yourself the whole time. 🙁

  8. My concern is the free skills will lead to less replay value. I loved my Frost Sorc and my Summonmancer and they played completely different to my Meteor sorc or my bonemancer or even Shapeshifting druid vs wind druid so when I leveled them they played as a completely new character since their play styles were different. So essentially every build was a essentially a new class. Now I will hit 60 and my only choice will be to farm once I level one of each class. It could work out to be interesting and fun but going on what I know have kept me interested in my decades of playing RPGs leveling different flavors of character is one of the major keys to longevity to me.   I do plan on playing HC again so that should alleviate it a bit but capping at 60 shows little on how much time is invested vs my lvl80 summonmancer HC character. To say I am a bit disappointing is an understatement.  And I definitely consider myself HC and since blizzard now caters to casual only I am being left out in the cold.

    • exactly.

      maybe blizzard should make free respec in Normal difficulty, since Normal is catered toward the casual player, and make NO respec or very expensive respec in NM/Hell difficulty.

      This takes care of the fear that a new player will make a mistake in his/her build and totally screw themselves and have a bad character, and gives the HC players who will play over and over and over again satisfied. Then you can remove the 10 character limit.

      I feel like they make a move based on how NEW players will play the game, and that choice carries over to every aspect of the game and makes it less fun and interesting for more diehard fans.

    • After reading my post you can say autocomplete is fail but I hope you get the gist of it.

  9. Only 10? My all characters go up to 11…..

  10. unless the big stash can hold over 10000 items it will not be enough. nor will a low number of 10 characters be enough.
    heck i have made over 30 variants of one single amazon build i have made more then 250 characters over my play time with diablo 2. 10 characters is just lame

  11. Guys just remember. They don’t plan on waiting 10+ years to get Diablo 4 out I don’t think. That and they are planning on 2 expansions as well and those could change the game completely as well. So yeah something like a very long longevity Probably isn’t going to happen like with Diablo 2

  12. I have defended most of Blizzard’s choices as I think they are pretty good.  However, a 10 character limit on a locked account is a really “bad” decision.  Even WoW has a 50 character limit (10 per server limit which is also too low).  Since Diablo will be divided up by regions there will not be multiple servers, so a 10 character limit is completely unrealistic.  Many of us are character builders and we like to have multiple unique characters of the same class type, with completely unique gear and builds.

    From Bashiok’s responses I get the feeling that this is not set in stone, so I hope Blizzard rethinks this idea.  Jay Wilson’s statements early on made it sound like the number would be really hard to hit.  There is no way 10 characters will be really hard to hit.  I do not want to move all my stuff to the stash and delete my character and start over, I want to keep my existing character and all the memories that go with it, and create a new character within say a 50 character limit that will be truly hard to hit.  If this is a storage and management issue, well I would be happy to pay a small fee to unlock say 5-10 more character blocks up to an infinite number per account.  Let us not be so hasty as to lock in such a small figure as 10 characters, as we can negotiate to satisfactorily meet both our needs.

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