Formerly-active Diablo community member FriskyDingo, who hadn’t been seen in months until I dragged him back in with an admin invite to our Sunday midnight chat, (where he hated all the news and has since posted his /despairquit thread on our forums). He made a less dramatic exit from Battle.net, but hit upon a different topic of woe. The ten character limit.

    10 Character Limit? Worst thing to happen to Diablo3.

    …Basically you don’t ever have to level a new character.
    Bashiok: You knew that was the case with respecs. Funny enough, even with respecs, leveling characters is fun. There are plenty of games with respecs where people will level many, many characters of the same class, just for the fun of it. And without anything really ‘tied’ to a character, it’s easy enough to dump all items to the shared stash, delete the character, and start a new one.

    I will say though it’s one area where we’re definitely open to expanding, it just seemed like a decent number to go with for now.

    Please don’t make it a “pay dollars for more character slots” expansion. You guys SAID… that one account per cd key was no big thing, because you can create many more characters per account than you could with D2. And now this… ugh. : I get it. Path of least resistance. But now it just feels like playing with cheat codes. I mean sure, it’ll be fun. For a while. But why would I ever come back to the game when I know that there is no way to improve my character, no way to work to build something to try something new?

    I liked it better where respecs when I thought D3 respecs were a very basic form of forgiveness – that you’d be able to experiment, and to fix things, but only to a point before it got more costly to respec than it did to just make a new guy. The sense of permanency creates replay value and uniqueness.
    Bashiok: I still think it’s early, despite how close we may be, especially considering that we’re not going to stop with a box release. If we screwed up and people don’t want to keep playing the game, then we’ll have to find a way to fix that.

    Earlier Blue mentions of the number of characters per account seemed to promise a much more generous allowance than 10, so this number is a little surprising. (Hell, D2 gave us 8, we could make all the accounts we wanted, and that was back in 2000 when server space cost actual money.) Perhaps Bliz doesn’t think we’ll need that many characters, what with DiabloWikifreespecs and the big shared DiabloWikistash removing the need for mules?

    One related topic; do dead DiabloWikihardcore chars count towards that limit? Many HC players like to keep those ghosts of Xmas past on their accounts, to look upon and despair. Or to serve as a warning to their still-living characters. Will that be possible in D3? Will players have to delete their deeds to create room for fresh meat? Does Blizzard have something better in mind; some kind of in-game or account-displayed HC graveyard?

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