Blizzard on the Rampage?

Following some investigations at IncGamers it has come to light that Blizzard Entertainment (Blizzard Entertainment Holdings Inc. not Activision Blizzard) are now owners of the trademark for the Redneck Rampage titles. At first this doesn’t quite gel but apparently members of their design teams were involved in the development of the Redneck Rampage series. Blizzard are working on two unannounced titles, one of which is an MMO, leaving the other completely open to speculation. Certainly Redneck would give them plenty of scope to explore their wacky humour to the fullest.

For their full story head to IncGamers.

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1 thought on “Blizzard on the Rampage?

  1. While I don’t necessarily agree with that guy, I liked his observations and the thoroughness of his offerings.  Only people like him should be allowed to write editorials.  They don’t need to be right or wrong but they should at least sound like they put enough thought into the article for it to logically be worth people’s time to read.  lol

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