Blue dog looks pretty tough.

    Blue dog looks pretty tough.

    Lots of comments and Blue replies about the new Season Journey feature. The SJ is a sort of guided series of achievements, which work as a “how you should be playing” tutorial. There are multiple pages of 8 or 9 achievements each, and when you earn them they ding real purty, and award new banners and profiles and even the Ice Dog pet.

    One thing about them is that unlike normal Achievements, you don’t see all the SJ Achievements at once. You only see the current page, or can look back over completed pages, and you will often ding new SJAs from the next page before you can actually see it, as you’ve not yet completed the current page. This hasn’t seemed a real handicap to me testing it on the PTR, and it was always sort of fun to complete one page and see that I was already 5/9 on the next page. This being the Internet, opinions differ, and there’s a Blue reply to a bevy of minor complaints. Blizzard on the new Season Journey:

    It does not feel good when we see an achievement pop up, look to see where it is, but can’t because it’s in hidden behind obfuscated chapter blocks.

    …I know it’s only kind of related, but I wish they would make the exclusive rewards more clear in game too. I’m pretty sure hitting 70 and getting 400 achievements points “completes” season 3, but it’d be great to be told so in game.

    …It’s very satisfying to have a giant list of achievements and slowly watch them all check off.

    …Unlocking a series of objectives to find out i have already filled the majority of them is a true bummer.
    Tyvalir: Thanks so much for sharing this feedback, guys. I love how each of you included not only what bothered you (not being able to see Achievements required to complete higher Chapters and Tiers), but also why it bothers you (the reasons quoted above).

    Gonna pass this on to the team. Again, I appreciate it!

    The SJ system would be largely unchanged by showing all pages (or at least the next page) before a player had actually completed the previous one. Maybe grey out the pages you haven’t actually enabled yet? It’s a pretty minor thing though, really, and most players who know what they’re doing will be up to Page 5 or 6 within the first few days, even without specifically targeting the SJAs. On the PTR the only one I hadn’t earned by Paragon 100, without going at all out of my way, was the “Transmog one item” box, and that’s because I don’t pay much attention to my char’s appearance until I’m mostly into my end game gear. Those of you with more in-game fashion sense will undoubtedly click that one off promptly.

    Click through for screens showing all the first six pages of the Season Journey, plus the shadowless Blue Dog pet.

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