Blizzard on the Fowl Lair

Blue comment on a thread asking about one of the puntastic DiabloWikiEaster Egg levels in Diablo III. The DiabloWikiFowl Lair.

I think I’m close to 250 run, maybe 50 ancient device found and I never got the Fowl Lair. This seems to be the rarest of them all!
Grimiku: Just so you know, we did not change the chances for the Fowl Lair to appear in the Wheel of Misfortune. I have never found it either, but have only spent a fraction of the time searching for it that you have.

I didn’t even remember what level they were talking about, but a video reminded me that I’d seen pictures of it before, though I have never entered it. My only luck on the DiabloWikiWheel of Misfortune is bad. I did get DiabloWikiDevelopment Hell once, months ago, and just recently saw two short events that I’d never seen before, in Act One and Act Two, so clearly Diablo III retains semi-random mysteries many players have yet to encounter.

Are you guys still finding interesting new things you haven’t seen? Or do you just run the same few areas endlessly and know them by heart while regarding the rest of the game world as inefficient and irrelevant?

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14 thoughts on “Blizzard on the Fowl Lair

  1. I found it once. Wasn’t looking for it, just doing my normal MF routine in A2 inferno. It’s very short.

  2. I found that area to access it once completed Hell with my Monk but didn’t know what to do or how to access the portal thing. What do you do exactly? I clicked to light that fire thing and nothing happened…

  3. Yeah found something interesting recently. Some mini-event in Act III, in the crater. Some item is there, an anvil, and if you click it random monster appear. After a while Malthous spawns, a unique.

    Had never seen that, which is probably because I didn’t run Act III before 1.0.5 🙂

  4. Only recently found Development Hell, and only found the Crumbling Vault (is that the right name? The timed one in Act 2) just a short time before that. There’s still a few things I’m yet to see/kill, including this.

  5. I found the Foul Lair last week, and enjoyed a good laugh as I’d never heard of it before.

    I think Act 2 has the most random events, but everyone hates Act 2 because it was such a biatch pre-1.04

  6. I found this once. It stood out because there were two resplendent chests so close I could see them both on the screen at once.

  7. ive seen it many times months ago while trying to get the ancient device achievement. nothing new. nothing special. the pig is kinda weird tho.

  8. I’ve found the Ancient Device 3 times and 2 of them were the Fowl Lair. I clearly have a ways to go before I get the achievement…

  9. I found the lair awhile ago, but I needed to farm the location many, many times to get it. Not as many as the poster (maybe only 30-40 times) but still quite a bit.

    Still, the point of this kind of thing is not so much to farm the area to get the achievement, but to give you a bit of a bonus after you’ve been playing a long time.

  10. I ran into it once, thought it was reaaly cool. What I haven’t found, however, is the event involving Garhbad the Strong 🙁

    • Oh god, that one was my favorite! I found it once when D3 first came out, and I could not stop loling.

  11. I just frickin’ love this kind of thing, those little random dungeons that are poking fun at the game or just neat in general, one of the more charming things about D3.

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