Blizzard on Diablo 3 Beta Sweepstake Country Omissions

So I guess everyone dashed off to enter the sweepstakes last night? Well most did, but some found that their country could not take part. This of course pissed off a lot of EU fans who found themselves being left out in countries such as Denmark, Lithuania and Portugal. Blizzard has issued a few statements on this since the sweepstakes were announced so here’s some explanation from the EU team.

First of all, I would like to point out that there is no benefit to us to not offering these promotions in all European countries. We always try to reach out to all of our players and we definitely don’t want to keep countries out of the loop. Unfortunately, this isn’t always our call.

Every country has different legal restrictions, and this restrictions will determine if a particular offer or initiative will be available to a specific country.
I cannot go into details because there are just too many examples, it’s impossible to examine them on a case by case basis.

Long story short, some of our initiatives are classified as “gambling” in some countries, as “pyramid schemes” in others, and so on. Some laws just state that any promotion, deal, or offer that allows additional benefits to be gained as a result of bringing further people to the game would be classed as unacceptable.

We don’t care about the number of players we have in a specific country, we just want to involve as many people as possible.

As you can imagine, it’s a difficult situation, but we’re definitely aware of the fact that all of our players would like to have the opportunity of taking part in our initiatives.
My suggestion is to get in touch with our Legal department, to be honest.  I can assure you that we always try to include as many countries as possible, that’s for sure.

So there you go, if you were in any doubt blame the legal system in the country in which you live, and it’s more than likely fruitless trying to contact Blizzard’s legal team as they probably won’t respond. If they did, you’d get the same answer anyway.

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  1. This comes up every time, and every time it’s the same countries. Who are these people who don’t know enough about their local laws that they always blame Blizzard when this happens?

    • We don’t exclusively blame Blizzard, our laws are ridiculous and we know it. But, it’s not because Blizzard can’t make it happen in our regions, it’s because they do not take the necessary steps to make it available to us. Instead of complying to our laws and regulations, they simply add a clause in their rules excluding our regions. Simply put, Blizzard do not care at all.

      • Lawyers ain’t free, you know. Especially lawyers knowledgeable about foreign laws. I don’t think it’s fair to say they “don’t care at all.” It might be that they don’t care enough, but at all?

        • The question is, after seeing this, will they care enough to make the RMAH work in all these countries with different regulations ?

      • “Waaaaaah, Blizzard won’t jump through all the legal hoops we’ve erected for them just to give us free stuff!”

        Color me unconcerned.  If you want to be included, make it easy for people to include you.

      • If they didn’t care they most likely wouldn’t have made a comment… I’m surprised they even did. Let’s be fair, global legislation and it’s workings aren’t for everybody. Have you contacted your local rep to confirm the press release? Or just point fingers and keep saying how unfair Blizzard is being? Remember seeing the graphs they had posted back when the F& F beta started, the States were a very high percentage where everywhere outside the states were lower then 5%. Call me crazy, but if I was a company I would want to make that number BIGGER and penetrate those markets more, Closed beta starts, guess what? Legalities won’t let me! So I spend a ton of time to make it work, all the while customers are rattling my cage and calling me unfair…

  2. Players in the restricted countries can take comfort that those who are able have almost no chance of winning a key.

  3. Blame the Dutch law? In our country it is legal to buy weed and mushrooms and consume them. Even prostituses are legal here, but I can’t play the Diablo 3 Beta? I still blame Blizzard

    • Your laws don’t say that you can’t play the beta, they say that you can’t take place in a drawing to win a beta spot. you can probably still get picked the normal way.

      • I can take place in other drawings but not in this one. Still signed up though as a ‘German’.

      • If by “the normal way” you mean the Beta Opt-In Process, then my contention is that no, the Beta Opt-In Process is no different from the sweepstakes, legally speaking.

        Contests are regulated as games of chance if randomness is used AT ANY STAGE of the decision-making process, so while Blizzard will probably say things like “we need more Macs in the beta” or “we need more Europeans to test our servers there” they will still have many more Opt-In Process applicants than they need, so they’d be choosing between those eligible Opt-In Process applicants on a random basis.

        SO therefore, with the Sweepstakes we give Blizz some info and have a random chance at getting a beta key. With the Opt-In process, we give Blizz some info and have a random chance at getting a beta key.

        What’s the difference? Legally speaking, I mean, not “oh Blizz call one of them a contest and the other a process” because it doesn’t matter what Blizz calls them, what matters is if the processes differ under law, and I do not believe they do differ at all.

        In case you’re wondering, yes, I did e-mail Blizz Legal about this very point (saying, basically, that the contest has to be legal if the Opt-In Process is legal) as well as telling them that they didn’t need any permits to run this contest in Australia (currently excluded) because the “prizes” are worth $0.00 … but I do not expect a reply.

    • you have pot, shrooms, and whores. Why do you need video games?

  4. I’m From Brasi!! theres no illegal issue here. so what can u tell me now blizz ????

  5. I can’t participate from my country, so I just gave up a country name that could, SUCCESS!

  6. I remember when Blizzard contest use to be just in the US and FL and, I think, RI were always excluded.  Once they contests became international FL and RI could finally participate but suddenly ND, VT, CN and MD could no longer enter.
    Countries and States seem to have really weird laws pertaining to contests and sweepstakes.

  7. Blizzard can’t allow you to participate in the drawing for legal reasons, but nothing prevents you from lying your way in. If you provide false information to get in, it’s not blizzard’s responsibility anymore so it’s cool to them and your government certainly won’t bother trying to catch your fraud either :p
    TLDR : Stop complaining and just select a neighboring allowed country to participate.

    • Read all previous posts before you post. you can not subscribe if ure from another country!! -_-

    • 8. Affidavit & Release. As a condition of being awarded any prize, potential winners may be required to execute and deliver to Sponsor within a specified time period an Affidavit of Eligibility, Release of Liability and, unless prohibited by law, Publicity.

      So if you select a different country, and you win, and you want to claim your prize, you will have to submit a false affidavit which – surprise! – is a criminal offence.

      I mean, it isn’t like Blizzard won’t know where you’re logging in from, once you activate that beta key and start playing. Beta keys are (of course) non-transferable so it is no good saying your friend in an eligible country won, and gave you the key.

  8. Nice double negative in the first sentence.  How about “It is Blizzard’s goal to offer contests to fans in every country around the world.  Unfortunately, the laws of certain countries prevent us from doing so.  We sincerely appolgize to anyone unable to participate.  PS- It’s not like the beta has that much content anyway, so you’re not really missing out.” 

  9. So how the fuk come Romania isn’t included?!?!? O_o

    oke this is the last fukin drop.  I will NOT buy this game.
     I fukin endured all your shiet untill now but this is too much. This is discrimination without any reason and a veeery wrong move on your part.

    Blizzard  > as of this moment you can shove your fukin Diablo in your fukin arses. Thank you good bye!

      • Link above states only conditions that Blizzard can provide for at any given time with no problem whatsoever for the sweepstake to be available for romanians too. So why haven’t they is the question? I doubt they would get  denied by tha law in my country.

    • how is it discrimination when it’s a legal battle over your country’s law vs a business in America? Rather than getting steamed over something neither you or Blizzard can do just wait and see if someone is selling a beta key and buy it. Then you don’t have to worry about gambling laws in your country. Sadly not everyone is above the law. I’ve applied to every beta Blizzard had to offer but never got in to any of them. I still pre-order the game and play when it comes out but I don’t hate Blizzard because they can’t provide keys to everyone due to legalities and other reasons. RELAX is the key word. I’m sure you’ll still get the game when it comes out.

      • Well there is thruth in that considering i like the game alot 🙁 But I could not restrain my frustration at the given moment anyway…

    • <newly erected sign reads:>

  10. I just selected Finland, which is one of the neighboring countries with Estonia. Success! =)

  11. remove rmah.
    it IS the same as GAMBLING.
    stop lying to yourselves and grow up, grow some social responsibilities. it is not in vain that countries ban gambling, because it disrupts economy and tend to destroy lives (of weak minded people).
    I can already see some types trying to make a life out of the rmah. does a video game item help a nation to develop itself, help a culture to develop itself, help produce anything that can be consumed? no, it only feeds your obssession.
    I seriously hope a vast number of countries ban d3 with rmah.

    • Totally agree. It is an ambitious move by blizzard to get into gambling business

    • Gambling is more of a sense of hoping to win something when you have nothing. As in a contest.
      Auctioning is selling something to a higher bidder. 

      The two are not the same but there is a fine line between the two.

      Will I use the auction house, probably not unless I’m using the gold option or if I find something to sell to make some money. I do have $1000+ spent on a WoW subscription that I would like to recover.

      • I think the ‘gambling’ part of the game is more that you run around and get loot randomly. You might get something valuable, you might not. You can then sell it for real money. I think that’s what they really mean by gambling.

        Imo, this would (should) only be considered gambling if it was subscription based, so you’d essentially be trading money for the potential payoff, based on random chance.

        Personally I couldn’t care less. One could argue that going into business is a gamble in many respects, so I think the lines can get a little blury if people wanted it to.

    • People don’t seem to grasp that NOTHING you DO OR SAY will remove the RMAH. It’s there to stay.
      Deal with it. You don’t have to use it, you don’t have to acknowledge it’s existence.
      Doesn’t really matter, you’re going to buy the game no matter how much you whine about always online or the RMAH.

      Also, I have NO IDEA why people are mad that they can’t play a 2 hour long demo. How many people play it all the way through with every character and then spend 40+ hours on it?

      If you don’t get a key, tough break. The game WILL come out with everything else included. Don’t you think being a little patient if you don’t get a key is better than arguing about it?

  12. It took until the 3rd paragraph before I got what you meant by RMAH. I still don’t see there being that big an impact on first world countries, and will only improve the security of transactions for those who choose to partake of such things.  Either prices on the real-money auction house will be high enough that few people will use it, or they will be low enough that there will be no real money in it, in terms of grinding for dollars.  I mean, how much time must you play in order to find an item worth $5 on the RMAH?  Given what seems to be available for ‘free’ in terms of the blacksmith, etc; I expect the only items that sell on the RMAH to be uniques and rares.  If they drop at the rate perceived in the beta, it’ll take awhile to get anything worth posting for real money.  At that point, you’re grinding through the game, so it’s not all that enjoyable; and not really making all that much money, unless I’m totally off on what people are willing to pay for a virtual Sword of Demon-Slaying.  You might as well go make $7/hr at a restaurant or highway crew. If you’re in China, or elsewhere in the Far East, then yeah, you might be able to generate a useful income that way; they already do, in many games, with gold-farming companies.

    • China will ban the RMAH and replace it with the “PMAH”.  Everything will be the same, except all the charges will go to China. 

      Side note:  I wonder if China is running its own contest on its fake facebook.

  13. It is true that people in Denmark are not allowed to participate. Luckily, though, Danish site just got hands on some beta keys from Blizzard so we Danes have a chance after all. 🙂

  14. I don’t live in a supported country so I just entered the US address of some relatives. Heavily doubt it makes any difference at all either way. This is just some PR stunt as always to protect against some sue-happy losers, I’m sure.
    Not sure if this works as a solution but I’m not expecting to win either way =(.

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