So I guess everyone dashed off to enter the sweepstakes last night? Well most did, but some found that their country could not take part. This of course pissed off a lot of EU fans who found themselves being left out in countries such as Denmark, Lithuania and Portugal. Blizzard has issued a few statements on this since the sweepstakes were announced so here’s some explanation from the EU team.

    First of all, I would like to point out that there is no benefit to us to not offering these promotions in all European countries. We always try to reach out to all of our players and we definitely don’t want to keep countries out of the loop. Unfortunately, this isn’t always our call.

    Every country has different legal restrictions, and this restrictions will determine if a particular offer or initiative will be available to a specific country.
    I cannot go into details because there are just too many examples, it’s impossible to examine them on a case by case basis.

    Long story short, some of our initiatives are classified as “gambling” in some countries, as “pyramid schemes” in others, and so on. Some laws just state that any promotion, deal, or offer that allows additional benefits to be gained as a result of bringing further people to the game would be classed as unacceptable.

    We don’t care about the number of players we have in a specific country, we just want to involve as many people as possible.

    As you can imagine, it’s a difficult situation, but we’re definitely aware of the fact that all of our players would like to have the opportunity of taking part in our initiatives.
    My suggestion is to get in touch with our Legal department, to be honest.  I can assure you that we always try to include as many countries as possible, that’s for sure.

    So there you go, if you were in any doubt blame the legal system in the country in which you live, and it’s more than likely fruitless trying to contact Blizzard’s legal team as they probably won’t respond. If they did, you’d get the same answer anyway.

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