At the end of this week the Blizzard CMs surfaced after a long break from posting. There was nothing really major to report as far as a new patch update is concerned but there are a few extra bits so here they are for reference. I think after the pre-release hype we are all a little burnt out on the “soon” reference. Perhaps we need to adopt a new phrase, suggestions are welcome 🙂

    On trade scams…

    That said, we are definitely aware of the scams you and other players have reported and are working on improvements to the Trade window that should help prevent those types of scams from occurring in the future. I’ve spoken with our developers about this issue, and I can assure you that they’re passionate about finding a resolution and making it so that players can feel safe and confident about trading with each other again. Unfortunately, the kinds of improvements we’re making cannot be implemented via hotfix and instead require a full client patch, so please don’t think that because we haven’t made any changes yet that we do not consider this is a priority. We’re hoping to get these improvements in as soon as possible (i.e. with 1.0.4), but keep in mind that sometimes schedules can change due to testing and implementation needs.

    In the meantime, we encourage players to always be mindful of possible scams, and to use caution when trading with people they don’t know. Additionally, as we posted previously, if you have knowledge of a possible scam (or exploit, hack, or bot), the best way to inform us is by emailing [email protected] or by completing this web form. We also ask that you refrain from posting information on how to scam or exploit others in the forums.

    Wouldn’t be nice if DiabloWikigems (laying on the ground) have their specific colour of highlight text? (like runes in latest patch in D2 LoD).

    This is actually something we are planning on doing 🙂

    The colour of the ground text on gems will be changed from white to light blue, which will make gems stand out more from gold drops and other common item drops. We also plan to change the ground text colour on potions, pages of training, and tomes.

    What about legendary items? Certain zones almost make them invisible.

    We have no immediate plans for changing the ground text colour of DiabloWikilegendary items, but that is not the same as it might not happen at all though. It is something we are keeping an eye on for sure 🙂

    Blizzard is this some kind of a joke to you? You are so professional! Oh my god! You said “soon” and then get paid for “moderating”! Awesome!

    No joke was intended, at least not in the sense you may think.

    We often get asked about ETAs and dates of patches, and almost just as often we cannot give an answer because a date has yet to be set.
    When we say “Soon™” it is because we are not entirely sure when the patch will actually be ready.
    When we say “Soon™” it is because we prefer not to promise a date, which will then cause a lot of anger and frustration if we miss it.
    When we say “Soon™” it is because we do not want to create false hopes and raise expectations we may not be able to meet.
    When we say “Soon™” it is because Blizzard as a company is known to be using the word “soon” rather often, hence the play on the ”™”.

    Until such a time when we are absolutely sure that the patch will be ready, only then will we provide an ETA or date.

    Anyway I can understand most of the points. I assume there is also a certain level of secrecy at blizzard to prevent leaks, that will cause just the problems you have mentioned.

    Sure, that goes for secrecy as well. People tend to get angry or frustrated if they are disappointed by announced content not being released on time (or not at all), so we tend to avoid promising things if we are not sure they will be ready and/or working as intended.

    just give us some path notes or headsup for what’s going to change and instead of w8ting its will be soon

    The changes planned for the upcoming patch are not fully set in stone yet, so it is very possible that there will be several changes until such a time when a date for the patch has been set and the patch notes can be finalised.

    If we were to post patch notes now, and if it then turns out that some of the things in those notes doesn’t make it for the patch anyway, then people will get disappointed and frustrated and they’re gonna have a bad time.

    I totally understand that the whole “soon” thing is frustrating, but it is not nearly as frustrating as when something you were expecting gets delayed, removed or changed to something completely different.

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