Blizzard on “Soon” and Trade Scams

At the end of this week the Blizzard CMs surfaced after a long break from posting. There was nothing really major to report as far as a new patch update is concerned but there are a few extra bits so here they are for reference. I think after the pre-release hype we are all a little burnt out on the “soon” reference. Perhaps we need to adopt a new phrase, suggestions are welcome 🙂

On trade scams…

That said, we are definitely aware of the scams you and other players have reported and are working on improvements to the Trade window that should help prevent those types of scams from occurring in the future. I’ve spoken with our developers about this issue, and I can assure you that they’re passionate about finding a resolution and making it so that players can feel safe and confident about trading with each other again. Unfortunately, the kinds of improvements we’re making cannot be implemented via hotfix and instead require a full client patch, so please don’t think that because we haven’t made any changes yet that we do not consider this is a priority. We’re hoping to get these improvements in as soon as possible (i.e. with 1.0.4), but keep in mind that sometimes schedules can change due to testing and implementation needs.

In the meantime, we encourage players to always be mindful of possible scams, and to use caution when trading with people they don’t know. Additionally, as we posted previously, if you have knowledge of a possible scam (or exploit, hack, or bot), the best way to inform us is by emailing [email protected] or by completing this web form. We also ask that you refrain from posting information on how to scam or exploit others in the forums.

Wouldn’t be nice if DiabloWikigems (laying on the ground) have their specific colour of highlight text? (like runes in latest patch in D2 LoD).

This is actually something we are planning on doing 🙂

The colour of the ground text on gems will be changed from white to light blue, which will make gems stand out more from gold drops and other common item drops. We also plan to change the ground text colour on potions, pages of training, and tomes.

What about legendary items? Certain zones almost make them invisible.

We have no immediate plans for changing the ground text colour of DiabloWikilegendary items, but that is not the same as it might not happen at all though. It is something we are keeping an eye on for sure 🙂

Blizzard is this some kind of a joke to you? You are so professional! Oh my god! You said “soon” and then get paid for “moderating”! Awesome!

No joke was intended, at least not in the sense you may think.

We often get asked about ETAs and dates of patches, and almost just as often we cannot give an answer because a date has yet to be set.
When we say “Soon™” it is because we are not entirely sure when the patch will actually be ready.
When we say “Soon™” it is because we prefer not to promise a date, which will then cause a lot of anger and frustration if we miss it.
When we say “Soon™” it is because we do not want to create false hopes and raise expectations we may not be able to meet.
When we say “Soon™” it is because Blizzard as a company is known to be using the word “soon” rather often, hence the play on the ”™”.

Until such a time when we are absolutely sure that the patch will be ready, only then will we provide an ETA or date.

Anyway I can understand most of the points. I assume there is also a certain level of secrecy at blizzard to prevent leaks, that will cause just the problems you have mentioned.

Sure, that goes for secrecy as well. People tend to get angry or frustrated if they are disappointed by announced content not being released on time (or not at all), so we tend to avoid promising things if we are not sure they will be ready and/or working as intended.

just give us some path notes or headsup for what’s going to change and instead of w8ting its will be soon

The changes planned for the upcoming patch are not fully set in stone yet, so it is very possible that there will be several changes until such a time when a date for the patch has been set and the patch notes can be finalised.

If we were to post patch notes now, and if it then turns out that some of the things in those notes doesn’t make it for the patch anyway, then people will get disappointed and frustrated and they’re gonna have a bad time.

I totally understand that the whole “soon” thing is frustrating, but it is not nearly as frustrating as when something you were expecting gets delayed, removed or changed to something completely different.

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52 thoughts on “Blizzard on “Soon” and Trade Scams

  1. Same old Blizzard excuse for why they can’t say ‘anything’ at all, when all the players really want is ‘something’.

    Eg, tell us “we are aiming 1.0.4 to be released within the next 3 months”, because I am sure they will have an internal development window that they are shooting for, so they can tell us that.

    They can also give us broad areas of things they are looking at, that they can be 95% sure there will be ‘something’ changed in that broad area, even if they can’t specify exactly what (for example, we now know they are intending to change the AH interface).

    They could even be more detailed, and give us a list of changes they are working on implementing (with a detail level somewhere between broad areas and specific items), but no promises as to which items will make it into 1.0.4 or not, but if they don’t make it into 1.0.4 we could reasonbly expect them in a future patch – like we were told the berserker’s in Act 2 with the overhead charging swing attack currently auto-target the player even if they move, but they’re going to change it so they swing and miss instead.

    • If they give an estimate that’s too optimistic, they’re likely to disappoint people by missing it. If they give an estimate that’s too safe, people will freak out that the patch is going to take so long when it fact it probably won’t. There’s just nothing in it for them.

      My suspicion is that once they realized this patch was going to take a long time, they decided to cut all communication and let the game fade from the public eye a bit before coming back with a big exciting patch that fixes a ton of stuff. I don’t know if that’s a smart PR strategy or not, and I’m skeptical of how much to expect from the patch. But forgetting about D3 for a while and coming back to it later is probably the smartest thing to do in this situation either way.

    • “If we were to post patch notes now, and if it then turns out that some of the things in those notes doesn’t make it for the patch anyway, then people will get disappointed and frustrated and they’re gonna have a bad time.”

      Sort of like have panels and promising diversity and a fun end game and then releasing what we currently have.

  2. What I don’t understand is how they notify players that they PLAN to change colors of gems to light blue. Wouldn’t it take one guy literally 2 hours to make that change?

    Maybe that’s one reason people see Blizzard as slow, since super small things like this takes months to finish.

        • How do you know that?

          I actually do work in software development, and I agree that to change the text from white to light blue should be very very minor work, if we go by the design used in Diablo 2. I saw ‘faked’ item links in the chat with pink text on them; it should be very very straight forward.

          Likely the problem is testing and verifying that the change doesn’t break anyone’s system, but I think for text colours they should be able to feel pretty safe about that not breaking anyone’s system, as it is (or should be) a self-contained system that is used so frequently throughout the game that it would need to be bug free already.

          • I think it got nothing to do with anything apart from Blizzard wanting to do as few client side patches as possible.

    • It takes months to “finish” because they have other priorities. I’m sure it’s just a checklist like at any other job. Some jobs are more important than others. This isn’t really impacting the gameplay at all, just a convenience feature.

      As for how easy it is, well, it would be easy to code, but you have to test it. You also have to keep in mind people with vision impairments such as color blindness.

      • Yeah, they did that for the legendary items and now people who don’t have color blindness can barely see them, well done Blizzard…

  3. Guess all those grandmothers out there currently getting scammed will have to wait a little bit longer for a fix.

  4. I’ll return to play the game *soon.* Once it’s fun. Which apparently will be *soon.*

    • You will play? Who cares? We all paid, they will save it for an expan$$$ion, didn’t they? 😈

      • Hmm why u assume we all payed? I didnt buy the shit yet, and still waiting for the godpatch 1.0.4 to decide if I buy or not… there is more ppl like me out there

  5. This is the most incompetent customer-relations team in the gaming industry. I can’t think of any other gaming company, big or small, that doesn’t provide their fan-base with any information. Blizzard is no longer up to standards as far as quality and communication.

    • I don’t disagree with your conclusion, but “incompetent” makes it sound like an accident, or due to human error. Bliz PR, especially as represented by the CMs, are working exactly as they’re intended and directed by the higher ups. When there aren’t any blue CM posts for weeks, it’s not b/c Bashiok got stuck in his zipper and couldn’t type, it’s because the PR heads told them to stop posting.

      Bashiok or the others have a pretty good idea of what’s being worked on in the patch and they could vomit out a huge list of fixes and features and current issues. better yet, Bliz could have one of the D3 devs do it directly, or they could do monthly 10 questions with a fansite, or they could post regular dev blogs, etc.

      They choose not to do any of those things because they value control of the message and secrecy over fan interactions and public relations. We hardcore fans think this is stupid and a horrible way to run a business. Bliz doesn’t care what we think, and probably assumes we’re all whining haters anyway. They just don’t want possible patch fixes quoted on general gaming websites. They prefer fan abuse and impatience and anger and ragequits over the likelihood that some of their projected changes wouldn’t pan out. It’s a weird and foolish psychology they exhibit, IMHO.

      • Wow. First time I see you write this way. Wish you didn’t know what you are talking about.

  6. Seems like most of the player base is “frustrated” at this point and at least a very big chunk of the player base (those who have quit and those hanging tough like me) is “angry”. Yet their posts keep saying things like “we don’t want people to become “frustrated and angry”. HELLO MCFLY! *bonk* They need to get with the friggin program here sometime VERY “soon”

    Many of us don’t even want an exact release date. There are no consequences whatsoever to keeping us in the loop about specific future goals. HUNDREDS of fantastic suggestions have been posted in an organized fashion on the forums and all we ever get in return is meaningless fluff like “we love reading these constructive feedback topics” followed by deafening prolonged silence or statements that satisfy very few like “yeah we’ll fix gem drop color eventually”.

    I want to see someone post a laundry list of future goals they have agreed to target. “Hey guys no promises on a date when these changes will be rolled out but we are currently working on the following things as a priority according to your feedback on the forums.” Then list like 20 specific things. SIMPLE! Hell if this was an ideal world they should let us vote on which of those goals should be the biggest priority.

    • Let some people who think they are “most of the players” decide the fate of the game? No way.

      I am not saying that “Blizzard will do everything all right”, but some professionals inside the company are better than forum goers. Fo sho.

      • Professionals? Yeah….

        Oh wait, those same “professionals” released a half ass Diablo game after working on it for 6+ years!!!


  7. While I completely understand why they keep things so “hush hush,” I think this is an example of a time when you need to break the rules.

    In the last post quoted, Vaneras says, “I totally understand that the whole “soon” thing is frustrating, but it is not nearly as frustrating as when something you were expecting gets delayed, removed or changed to something completely different.” I don’t believe that is entirely accurate.

    When you don’t give your fans/customers any information to go off of, you start to build frustration. Frustration in that the customer feels they are not being listened to, that their input has no value. Simply stating that you “appreciate the feedback and are forwarding it to the developers” doesn’t soothe anyone because it isn’t really saying anything. If you (the CMs) don’t have the information, or aren’t allowed to give it out, then someone else needs to do it or give you the ability to.

    You (Blizzard) have basically continued to say over and over that no information is better than information that ends up getting changed, removed, delayed, etc. There are some cases where that is definitely the case (you wouldn’t tell someone they won the lottery until you were 1000000% sure they did,) but this is NOT one of those cases. Not-knowing and doubt are two of the most frustrating, stressful things there are for people. I mean seriously, look at how popular Facebook is. It’s not popular because you can keep in touch with friends or talk to family; you can do that with a phone. It’s popular because people are NOSY. They want to know who’s doing what, who’s dating who, where you REALLY were last weekend, etc. People like to be “in the loop,” and it’s a lot more important to most people than they might think. Keeping people completely out of the loop can be a very VERY bad idea.

    I had more I was going to add, but I’m sure I (kinda) got my point across. Plus, I’m hungry. I need noms!

    • this ; plus i think that they largely exaggerate their capacity and “design-creativity”. the way he is phrasing it leads me to believe that they create and scrapp Raw diamonds of ideas on an hour to hour basis. when this is clearly not true. they have to have an overarching core-goal. and they have to have approaches as to how to attempt to fix them.

      but they are sharing none , not even with disclaimer.

  8. Yes, why have a thought-through skill system or interesting itemization when you can have gems drop in their respective colour?

    I never thought my interest in this game could be nil 3 months after release.

    • My poor thing… You sure feel bad to be obligated to read and write about something that doesn’t interest you?

      Believe a programmer, if you are here, then either someone makes you, or your interest is not “nil”.

      • It could be a secondary interest, for example interest in the series and it’s developement as a whole. Or teritary, simply by wanting to get the arpg you wanna play while beeing aware that if any company has a chance to deliver one his wishes, it’s Blizzard – and now that they botched and ditched coresystems in D3, the chance is there to get heard. Or the interest could be to regain the companyphilosophy back to it’s roots. Or…

        There are so many reasons thinkable that are not even near to “interest in the game”. But they are all wrong. As it’s always the reason “we know”(tm) it is. Isn’t it? Really?

        Edit – Or in short: So… You can look into other peoples heads?

    • I think you get a logic error in your statement as if your interest is really nil then you shouldn’t be on this site let alone posting.

      • Ok. My interest in *playing* this game is nil at the moment, if you want it accurately. I’m posting because I still hope it gets better and posting helps communicate the anger and disappointment. And I’m sure with this feelings, I belong to the majority of the potential D3 playerbase at the moment.

  9. I’ll freely admit that I am very \nosey\ when it comes to the future of this game. Despite being upset with it at this stage I still honestly do want some kind of miracle to occur and see the game rise from the ashes as I’m sure many upset fans who are in various stages of quitting that refuse to leave the forums do. I just can’t stomach watching the Diablo franchise fade into oblivion like this. So here I stand a disgruntled pirate on a ship that seemingly has no captain and is sailing in circles with no land in sight.

    So yes it would be quite a relief to read some details about what solutions they are (hopefully) discussing to address at least a handful of the major issues posed to them in the forums. I feel that the real fan base has done it’s part on the forums in identifying problems and suggesting truly amazing fixes. We’ve given our time and effort for nothing in return. I feel that giving us some solid hope for the future above and beyond vague promises of eventual fixes for small issues like gem drop color would be fair compensation for that.

    • I feel the same thing. I totally stopped playing weeks ago, but I still check incgamers every day, and sometimes the US forums to see what’s happening, hoping that Blizz just made some really cool announcement.
      Well, I guess they will do it eventually, Soon.

  10. Blizzard give rough estimates on content and dates >> they miss the dates and fail on delivering the content >> their customers grab the torches and pitchforks.

    Blizzard avoid giving out any specific info by employing secrecy and masking dates >> false expectations are raised, disappointment ensues >> their customers grab the torches and pitchforks.

    Hmmm… simple yet blasphemous as it may sound, but why don’t Blizzard just start giving their customers better, more accurate information regarding their releases? By all respect for the general freedom of creativity, after like 20 years in the business, you’d think a multi-million dollar company would have at least partially figured out a way to make that happen …

  11. When a fan was like “would be nice if gems highlighted their colour on the ground” and the Blizz employee was like “that’s something we’re planning” i was like “yeah because i was so like searching for gems i want to pick up from the ground, like totally not since they’re utterly worthless, but lets not ask Blizz why they can’t get anything right”.

  12. “I totally understand that the whole “soon” thing is frustrating, but it is not nearly as frustrating as when something you were expecting gets delayed, removed or changed to something completely different.”

    *waves fist hand*

    • Bring back? It was never implemented….

      It was only a lie, put into the intro video to get people hyped up about the game. They said themselves they never got it working. I’m guessing they didn’t spend a lick of development time on those….

      FU Blizzard 🙁

  13. I want some sort of challenge dungeon where you are pitted against2-3 others and it’s more rewarding for those who get to the center of a random map. Each person having to kill elite packs to get closer to the middle via doorways or something with a big chest at the end. that or maps with mobs that aren’t elite, yet you can kill the other player as you work towards a reward.

    Just throwing that out there.

  14. I get so aggravated by this game and Blizzard sometimes. I know they have other things on their plate, but I am sure they still have a decent amount of people dedicated to working on D3. With all the ideas that have been put out there, and they talk about changing the gem color from white to light blue? Maybe some of these ideas and changes are to much for them at this point, and will take a long time to implement.

    I have played everyday since launch; a whole lot of hours. I dont want to say how many hours, because I should have completed Inferno by now(I did beat Azmodan on my first attempt last night). There are alot of things in the game I am satisfied with. But, I just cant help to think what could be done to make it even better. I just hate the whole “soon” thing, its getting really old at this point.

  15. Its true about legendary items being invisible in parts of act 2.

    I was vendoring items last night and noticed i accidentally picked one up off the ground. I had no idea i had gotten a legendary until that point, I just got lucky to click on it by chance.

    • I know this is nitpicking but one would have thought whatever color they chose for legendaries (in this case they chose poop brown) would be an “omg wtf” super bright and obvious color. The brown they chose seems like the opposite of a rare or unique drop.

      But anyway, all of that would be completely moot if I was still enjoying the game :/ the item color of legendaries matters not — I just want other parts of the game “fixed”

      • One colour to rule them all…. GOLDEN. One choice that would leave all these comments/problems out of the game.
        ‘nough said.

  16. Bla..bla..bla…Soon…but people speak their game problems and possible solutions on forum and Blizzard do nothing (v1.0.0-v1.0.3b)…imo the main problem with the game is the end game mechanics, drops, AH, money, mechanics and mechanics. You can have fun farming…but D3 it’s not fun/worth to farm. Result: Very good game, but me and my friend list are almost not playing anymore, like some streamers who just quit D3.
    Will they solve the endgame? Or they will save it for an expan$ion?

    • Well, if MS managed to sell Win7, which was basically a Service Pack for their half-baked Vista OS release, at the full price of a completly new product and make their customers happy this way, why on earth would Blizzard fix D3 long-term gameplay for free instead of through an expansion pack?

  17. They probably use some shitty never ending development cycle without any planning and they have no idea when it will be ready.

  18. My anger and hate towards Blizzard stems from the fact that pre-launch there was daily coms to hype the game and now that they have released a half ass broken game they are mute! WTF!!!! Would be good to see an info graphic on this… Anyone???

  19. You people need to let it go. You’re all so angsty! Do what I and sane people have done. Move on and play something else.

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