Blizzard on Smarter Stashing and Character Limits

A couple of related Blue posts today from Kaviax. In the first a fan talked about using two Diablo 3 accounts for more storage space and asked if there was any convenient way to transfer items between two accounts. Dual boxing, auction house, etc. The blue reply didn’t help with that, but did offer a clever storage tip.

One trick that I discovered for myself was this: I made the limit of different characters on my account as soon as I could (so five characters in the first few minutes on Regular mode, and after I qualified for Hardcore, five Hardcore characters.)

I found that as I played, I put things in the shared stash that other characters would benefit from, and the stash got full immediately. By having the characters created and ready, I’m able to quickly log into them (keeping them all near the stash) and grab items that are intended for them to use someday.

Now when I look at a character selection screen and only see one or two characters, it feels wrong to me.

He’s saying that you should make one character of each class right away, so you can mule more easily. So even if you’re playing a Wizard to level 60 before you touch another character, you should still make a Barb, DH, WD, and Monk. Even if you leave them at level 1, when you find useful gear that your Wizard doesn’t need, you can put them into the stash, then log on with the Barb or WD or whoever and grab the twinks to help keep your stash from filling up.

Another blue reply popped up shortly afterwards, spurred by a fan who misunderstood the above post. Easily done as it wasn’t a real clear post, though this guy came up with a fairly novel and literal-minded interpretation.

According to a blue just now we get 5 normal characters and 5 hardcore slots ??

…I was under the impression we got 10 character slots and would be free to choose whether they were normal or hardcore. No offense to the HC crowd but i have no intention of ever playing that mode. Being forced to use half of my character slots for that is ridiculous. I should be able to choose what type of characters occupy MY 10 character slots.
You can have ten normal mode monks. You can have three normal demon hunters, three hardcore demon hunters, and one hardcore barb. You can have seven normal characters, two hardcore witch doctors, and room for another hardcore witch doctor.

So no, you don’t get 5 slots SC and 5 slots HC. You get 10 char slots to divide up as you see fit.

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    56 thoughts on “Blizzard on Smarter Stashing and Character Limits

    1. I know I am going to get downvoted for this but
      FIRST !!! 


      Regarding issue at hand, I was going to create five chars at the start anyway to reserve the names (I know there can be 10,000 identical names but one can never be too careful), so this is like an extra (albeit small) benefit.

    2. If only they decided to just give us a super large stash space like we always wanted, we wouldn’t have to resort in doing that.

      But nooooo, Blizzard….

      • There are server limitations to the shared stash or so they said somehwere, I think. It is quite complex.

        • Yes I am sure they are being honest about that, storage space and bandwidth is at a premium nowdays after all. Unlike in D2 times when you could open as many accounts as you wanted.

          • There are still practical limitations with regard to the speed the database can be queryed and updated. They could probably have come up with something that’s an order of magnitude more complicated that would handle it.. but it would likely make the game unviable financially and add 5 more years to the development time.

          • Database access speeds are the only concern I find believable.  I ran some rough approximations before and even with some fairly exaggerated estimates for the data required per item, the data required to store all the items for every character in the US could fit onto a standard HDD so I don’t buy that bandwidth or storage space is an issue.

            • I made a huge post ages ago on the forums about this. I wish I knew how to find it because it’s rather revealing.
              Basically, it came down to this: if Blizzard can’t afford to store my stash items, I would overnight them some disks because it would be that pathetic.

      • It doesn’t matter how many tabs the stash has, even when there were five you still had to pay to unlock them, so in the early going your space will be limited by how much gold you have.

      • If the stash is too big there’s no incentive to actually be careful with which items you save and which you get rid of. That decision is an important part of the game.

        The stash is still huge compared to what we had in D2, and the shared-stash functionality is a godsend. 

    3. It must be hell to work as a forum-jockey at Blizzard. Everything you say will get people to rage and most of those rages are by people who misread your post or are just plain stupid.

    4. A bit off-topic, but how does character naming work in D3? Does every character have to have a unique name on

      • No, you can name you characters whatever you want. As far as I know, even characters on one account can have the same name. Yes, that means that you can name all your characters Legolas. 🙂

      • I thought it was that your user name on, your “battle tag,” is what other people see, while the character name is a private thing only you see, meaning you can do whatever you want without having to deal with numbers after it. True?

    5. D2 allowed for practically unlimited inventory space. As many mules as we liked on bnet, now we are limited to 10 character slots. ATMA / GoMule for SP, online only took care of that. The game is about collecting items, but they provide very limited space for storing them. To get around that limitation we either have to use the AH or pay for another account.

      • The point of the game is hunting items, not necessarily collecting them. There’s a difference between “collecting” items and gearing a character. D3 seems to be built around getting effective gear, not just building collections.

        • Well you might not find any thrill in collecting items, but I sure as hell wasn’t the only one who enjoyed messing around in ATMA with my collection of several thousands of items. Personal preference, D2 indulged people who found it difficult to get rid of stuff.

          Having a limit on the number of items we can keep definitely adds intresting choices to the game, I just think they drew the line way too close. That “ridiculous” stash size Jay Wilson mentioned a couple of Blizzcons ago? A few pages for 1 character sounds ok-ish, a few pages for an entire account? Yeah, that is indeed ridiculous, just not in the sense he meant it. I mean look at the very article we are posting under.

          “I found that as I played, I put things in the shared stash that other characters would benefit from, and the stash got full immediately. By having the characters created and ready, I’m able to quickly log into them (keeping them all near the stash) and grab items that are intended for them to use someday.”

          The game isn’t out yet and storage space is already a topic. And we are half way through act 1 normal, 5% of game progression and that’s being generous. Imagine a few months in after release, in an economy without ladder resets…

          • I’m another of life’s great hoarders, can’t bring myself to throw anything away in D2.  But I’m pretty sure D3 will be different because of the addition of the auction house.  It will be much easier and more rewarding to sell stuff rather than leave it collecting dust in a vault.

            I suspect that storage in D3 will have a lot more in common with WoW than D2.  In WoW it’s usually better (and often more profitable) to sell stuff you don’t need immediately and then buy it back when you do.  I can easily see the same philosophy working well in D3.

    6. Sure, in D2 you could make literally hundreds of accounts…but all those accounts would be deleted within 3 months of inactivity thus storage never became a problem.  In D3, everything is permanent, thus the storage will continually grow throughout the lifespan of the game with very little deleting going on.  This is just my theory on why such a limited shared stash exists, but at the same time, I’m willing to admit, I could be talking straight out of my ass.

      • anyone that takes the time to set up multiple d2 accts and perms all the mules will make sure to log in to them periodically to keep them from being deleted.  seeing as my goal was to collect one of every unique and set item (plus maintaining trading mules), i needed quite a bit of space.

    7. If you could create unlimited characters it would be more difficult to keep yourself organized.

      10 is a manageable number and as there are only five classes and two modes you can have 1 of each and keep character-appropriate gear where it should be.

      • And of course none of use are capable of limiting ourselves to a number of characters we can keep organized, because we’re mouth-drooling idiots…

    8. If you do it his way, how the hell are you supposed to level your barb that has 0 inventory space cause you loaded him down with leveling and inferno gear?  This is NOT a long-term item storage solution.  This is further compounded by playing 1/2 normal and 1/2 harcore.  If you know you’re not playing hardcore then you can at least have 1 mule per class so you don’t swamp the characters you intend to play.

      I get that they only have so much space on their server and it costs a bunch of money and blah blah blah… but I still feel burned after seeing Jay Wilson at a Blizzcon say that the characters would have a shared stash and it would be HUGE.  Then have the stash tabs go from 5 to 3 in the beta? It really took them this long to crunch the numbers on server space?

      • Missed the news that tabs had been reduced. Someone must have fucked up somewhere and overestimated how well the queries into the db (I’m guessing) were going to scale if the beta testing determined that that was necessary.

        • No, actually the real reason stash was reduced is because skillrune is no longer an item, hence you need less storage space.

          Knowing that though, I suppose Blizz can manage it if they want the stash to be bigger 

          • If that is the case they should have just left it at 5 tabs. Good odds they try and sell it to us later. Or put them back in with the first expansion.

    9. This is how people become compulsive hoarders! Some people just can’t throw away things. I suggest everyone should do what they can with the space they have.

      I believe limited storage space is a part of the game! You make your decision on what to keep and what to scrap, sell, …etc. 

      • D2 had unlimited space yet nobody kept everything. Everyone drew the line somewhere but it was up to personal preference. This time around Blizzard pretty much made that choice for us and frankly I don’t like it.

        • Unlimited space is a half-truth, because like most folks, I didn’t play D2 atleast once every 90 days. I lost a whole year of item hunting! Later, I lost another…
          In D3, as far as I know, there is no expiry time on characters, though it seems the tradeoff is the 10 character limit. I’d prefer unlimited space, but since I can auction “junk” off, I’m rather happy with this compromise since true unlimited space with no expiry time is just not feasible.

    10. They keep telling us we’ll have enough space.
      I highly doubt it… still really ticked about this feature (or the lack of it).

    11. As a big time ATMA user, honestly, I would be OK with the limited storage space if they had an in game checklist, that listed all the legendaries and sets (or whatever the equivalent of set/uniques are, I haven’t seen much talk about sets or legendaries yet) that would mark them off as you found them, for those of us crazy people who like going for a grail.  That would be an acceptable tradeoff to me.  Even if I still had to keep the ones I wanted to keep, having the list marking things off would make me happier.

      • Just want to say that that was an awesome idea. Blizzard should get on with it.

        Perhaps go a step further and made it part of your journal or something, showing the looks and ingame model and the best stat you ever got for that legendary. 

    12. “I found that as I played, I put things in the shared stash that other characters would benefit from, and the stash got full immediately.”
      Then your game’s stash is way too damn small, you idiots!

    13. I have not kept up with all the beta changes.
      At one point I thought you started with a certain amount of storage space for a character, and then you could expand it by paying gold.
      Is that still the case?  And can a level 1 character with enough money do it?  If so, sounds like we’d want to mule some gold to each of the 10 characters as well to expand their space.

      • gold isn’t character specific…it’s account specific and resides in your shared stash.

        hardcore & softcore don’t share same account stash however

      • Moshzilla already addressed the shared gold, but yes, you can expand the shared stash by paying gold, and overall it’s far bigger than D2’s stash (especially when you consider that most items take up 2 squares, rather than the 6-8 that many D2 items occupied).

    14. I like how people are so damn dense they couldn’t differentiate the fact that him saying “five characters in the first few minutes on Regular mode, and after I qualified for Hardcore, five Hardcore characters” was just an example and get butt hurt over it. My god….

      • Yeah, it’s not like grammatically it could go both ways or anything… 
        CAPTCHA agrees: “if it fits”

    15. All your Diablo 2 characters had individual stashes that when you add them up is greater than the amount of storage space provided by the single shared stash in Diablo 3.
      Though the fact that no D3 item is bigger than two blocks mitigates that, it is still a far cry from what they originally promised (like a variety of other things).

      • I hope in the end that this is just a precautionary measure to stave off problems in the event that the game is far more successful than anticipated and that they’ll extend storage space once they’ve got a clear picture of how much they can really support once the game goes live.

        • For the low low price of $10 you can add a storage tab.  Don’t worry, we didn’t make the stash size as big as we could have so we can sell you more later…


    16. Yay to 10 character slot limit and muling.
      Nobody can be naive enough to actually think the limited amount of storage space and character slots is just to be on the safe side, right? Because if that would be really the case that Blizzard couldn’t even provide a little extra to give the more hardcore and longterm players suffice space, well then that would be just pathetic for a company the size of Blizzard.

    17. 10 Characters doesn’t seem like much to me, am I the only one thinking that? I mean, are we only going to play through the game 10 times then quit? If not then you’ll be deleting a lot of characters too not just gear. This will mean we will be juggling items around for 10 characters often which will consume storage space for that purpose. So you’ll always need to keep and certain amount of storage space clear. How much will depend on how many characters you like to run through at the same time and how many items need to be shared amongst them. Its still going to mean you can’t use up all the space in your stash. This limitation as I see it will be the biggest problem in terms of storage space limitation. Something to keep in mind when it comes to storage space limitations.

      • Try thinking outside D2 mentality. Reaching lvl 60 will be harder than lvl 99 D2, also with the way exp sharing works, you can’t simply be rushed with a high level and achieved level cap in 3 days. IMO reaching max cap with all 10 chars won’t be as easy as most people think.

        • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
          10 per account :\ The only reasoning I can give for this shrewd move is that the game is free to play online. Something has to give unfortunately. 🙁 Never heard of a successful business that doesn’t do something like this.

    18. Like people already said. Limited storage, means you have to decide what to keep and what not.
      Resulting in more items ending up in the RMAH. More profit for Bliz.
      Only 10 character slots. Buy another copy of the game for 10 more. More profit for Bliz.
      Server storage was never the issue. Dont ever believe that. This is about money.

    19. 10x Blizzard, i’m sure none of use where familiar with the concept of mulling at all…
      This is why i’d prefer to have a shared stash and a non shared one…

    20. This is nothing new, I did that already in beta with all my characters. Anyway good tip, for all people that didn’t know. 

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