A couple of related Blue posts today from Kaviax. In the first a fan talked about using two Diablo 3 accounts for more storage space and asked if there was any convenient way to transfer items between two accounts. Dual boxing, auction house, etc. The blue reply didn’t help with that, but did offer a clever storage tip.

    One trick that I discovered for myself was this: I made the limit of different characters on my account as soon as I could (so five characters in the first few minutes on Regular mode, and after I qualified for Hardcore, five Hardcore characters.)

    I found that as I played, I put things in the shared stash that other characters would benefit from, and the stash got full immediately. By having the characters created and ready, I’m able to quickly log into them (keeping them all near the stash) and grab items that are intended for them to use someday.

    Now when I look at a character selection screen and only see one or two characters, it feels wrong to me.

    He’s saying that you should make one character of each class right away, so you can mule more easily. So even if you’re playing a Wizard to level 60 before you touch another character, you should still make a Barb, DH, WD, and Monk. Even if you leave them at level 1, when you find useful gear that your Wizard doesn’t need, you can put them into the stash, then log on with the Barb or WD or whoever and grab the twinks to help keep your stash from filling up.

    Another blue reply popped up shortly afterwards, spurred by a fan who misunderstood the above post. Easily done as it wasn’t a real clear post, though this guy came up with a fairly novel and literal-minded interpretation.

    According to a blue just now we get 5 normal characters and 5 hardcore slots ??

    …I was under the impression we got 10 character slots and would be free to choose whether they were normal or hardcore. No offense to the HC crowd but i have no intention of ever playing that mode. Being forced to use half of my character slots for that is ridiculous. I should be able to choose what type of characters occupy MY 10 character slots.
    You can have ten normal mode monks. You can have three normal demon hunters, three hardcore demon hunters, and one hardcore barb. You can have seven normal characters, two hardcore witch doctors, and room for another hardcore witch doctor.

    So no, you don’t get 5 slots SC and 5 slots HC. You get 10 char slots to divide up as you see fit.

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