Bashoik added another forum reply Wednesday evening, in response to a fan’s comments about why the unattuned DiabloWikirunestones system can’t work as previously described. Too many runes, too many options, no inventory space for all of them, no way to sort them in the Auction House, etc. And then he got Bashioked!

    We have no idea how the unattuned system is going to work. Or if it’ll end up working at all. We’re trying out some different options, but we’re not likely to reveal much until we’re more certain. Maybe it’ll be something we feel comfortable discussing at BlizzCon? … maybe not.

    On a slightly related (?) note we’re playing around with having skill swapping locked to being in-town only. We’re definitely not sold on it, but it could appear at some time in a beta patch, so FYI. Just be aware it’s only something we’re trying, and not a permanent solution.

    I certainly hope they have *some* idea how the runes system will work, or the several thousand of you guys who voted for January, February, or March 2012 on the current release date vote are going to be very wrong. And if they have no idea how, they’d better get one quick if they’re going to present the whole system in four weeks at their big convention.

    As for skill DiabloWikifreespecs… eh. It’s fun to do it every time you want in the beta/at early levels, but it feels like an exploit, and it starts to get boring quickly, like you’re using a trainer or playing in god mode.

    The assumption by most players has been that DiabloWikiskill swapping will be less instantaneous later in the game, or on higher difficulty levels. Or that removing the runestone, or putting in a new one, would be something of an obstacle to the quick switching exploit. But since we don’t know how runestones will work, especially in regard to them being attuned or not, that’s all up in the air.

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